Social Media has become increasingly popular lately among all age groups, especially amongst the late Millennial generation and the early Gen Z, and the various popular social media platforms keep competing with each other for gaining more users and increasing their popularity, but trends keep changing over the generations, and so does the popularity of these social media platforms, in this article, we list down some of the most popular social media platforms amongst the gen z.

1) Instagram

Over a billion active users worldwide and over $100 billion net worth, Instagram is no doubt one of the most popular social media platforms across all age groups, and it tops the list for the most popular social media platform amongst the gen z, the platform allows you to share photos, videos, stories and many more, you can get a closer look and updates of the life of people you know, your friends, your family, and also your favorite celebrities and that’s one of the reasons why Instagram has become so much popular amongst everyone in just a short period of time.

Gen z social media platforms 2021

2) Tiktok

The online karaoke-like platform which started in 2016 soon raised to popularity throughout the world in a few years time; the video-sharing platform is very popular among the youth, especially gen z, the fact that some of the very common people have raised to fame and earned huge sum of money through Tiktok, gives us an idea of its popularity, people make creative music videos and post it on the platform which is liked by many, the platform gives everyone a chance to be creative and flaunt their creative-side on their stage for free.

Gen Z social media 2021

3) YouTube

The old player in the game has still managed to keep up amongst the top five, and not just managed it is doing pretty great, with the younger lot of the gen z preferring Youtube over Tiktok, the video-sharing platform has its roots placed deep in the world of social media, with videos on a vast array of topics such as educational, entertainment, politics and many more, unlike Tiktok which is just pure entertainment based this social media biggie is sure to stay for long even though others end up weak.


This platform used to be quite popular before Instagram and TikTok took over, but still quite popular amongst the gen z; the picture and video sharing platform are available for a short period of time, and the reason for its decline is because other social media biggies have incorporated the same concept of stories in them, for example, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram stories, anyway Snapchat is still evolving and making changes and adding features to stay in the big league.

Gen z social media trends

5) Facebook

Facebook is losing its popularity over the years. With the arrival of Instagram and Tiktok, the app is more popular among the millennials, although it has quite a considerable number of gen z users too due to its name; nevertheless, like others, it’s also making changes to do fair amongst the others by adding features like Facebook stories and many more.

Are Gen Z using Facebook

6) WhatsApp

The app no doubt has quite a high number of regular users and is one of the very important apps in the world of the internet but amongst the fancy gen z it doesn’t fair that well compared to others but still with new features like WhatsApp stories and Whatsapp voice messages, phone calls, and video calls, it has managed to make its presence known amongst the gen z as well.

Most popular social media for gen z 2021


Gen Z is quite a dynamic group whose preferences change drastically, the younger lot of gen z is too young to use apps like Instagram and Facebook; hence they are more involved with YouTube, the older lot, on the other hand, is more engaged in fancy apps like Instagram and Tiktok, but in the end, it’s about which app has better features to offer to attract this fancy lot, for now, Instagram, Tiktok and Snapchat are amongst the top.