Targeting your audience is an integral part of your efficient marketing strategy. The audience is the individual who is going to buy your services or products. Identifying the target audience is a big point, to begin with. The right questions help to segregate the target audience and identify the right customer.

The right people know and appreciate your brands to go ahead and buy from you. Hence defining your target audience is a very significant and sometimes overlooked element of your marketing policy.

Thoroughly researching the potential consumers will help you make the audience pay for the products willingly and help unravel the hardships and create a prosperous business connection. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ad managers allow you to get incredibly meticulous with their targeting audience. You must know that if you are targeting the right audience or not.

Therefore some essential questions need to be asked to narrow down potential consumers for targeting using Instagram ads. Choosing a target audience will make you even more efficient with your marketing techniques and you will experience a boost in your business.

Question: 1 What is the geographical location of your audience?

Consider your audience’s geographical location first. If you can tap into the place where most of your targeted customers live in the closer vicinity, nothing is more strategic and resourceful than this. For instance, if you are a dog groomer and you have a grooming shop in the area where most of your users live, then they would end up visiting you, often forgetting their dogs groomed rather than going anywhere else.

Local businesses can draw maximum benefits from Instagram ads, targeting local audiences. Dog groomer Darick O’Brien got four bookings for $4600 through targeted advertising worth $250. Nohohon Tea achieved the highest sales in a single day by targeting an audience who loved Tea and lived closer to their store. Local Tours and Travels also experienced an increase in their earnings.

But if you have an online business, then targeting a local audience could be effective but targeting the areas where your product will get a good response is a better strategy.

Analyze your sales trend for the last year. Where do the bulk orders come from? Where do your Instagram followers live? To check the location of your live followers, scroll up your mouse to FB Page Insights and hit the ” people” tab. You will notice the location of most of your follower’s life is live and also the location of the ones who are engaged more on your Instagram page.

You can also see gender-specific specific data. Based on this information, you can formulate a better strategy to target a highly relevant and active audience.

Question: 2 How old are they?

Have you understood your target audience where they are located? Now the next significant question is, your audience falls in what age category. Instagram insight is a fantastic tool to know the audience’s average age. If you already know, then it is good, but if you don’t know, then using instagram Insights can be a great help.

You can get to know specific age and other features using the Instagram Ads Manager, which allows you to get precise with age. It is beneficial when you sell a particular product like T-shirts having the slogan “It’s cool to be 40!!!!” Then your target audience is limited and specific to this age group only. A little bit of research always helps in selling products with a broader range. For example, in The US, the average age for getting engaged is in the late 20s.

You may require to narrow down your target age to 26-29-year young persons who are in a relationship to ensure that you are on the right track and hitting the relevant audience.

However, for some businesses, age doesn’t matter much. For example, cooking is such an activity which every age about. In such cases, it’s good to leave a broader age range and focus on different ways of targeting such enterprises.

Question: 3 What are they?

It matters a lot whether your audience is male or female or a combination of both. You can approach people easily with the help of an ads manager. They are recognized as which gender they are. This looks like a simple question, but your target can be the opposite of your idea, depending on the objective of your campaign.

Therefore it is good to be confident about who can be the buyer. Is this the same person who is using your product or the person who is buying your product to give someone? Whatever be the case, make sure your advertisement is clear in conveying your brand’s right message for the targeted audience.

Question 4: which language do they communicate?

When you go to your Instagram account, you will find a large population of various languages. One more thing about the fact that many people involved in the same content belong to multiple languages. In such conditions, what is your opinion to invest money in the advertisement of different languages?

You have to be attentive when you are aiming at people who belong to a different language. See, your shared messages and videos should be matched and close to the language you are seeking for. In addition, you can post extra information in that language on whatever website you may link. It would be great prevention from a confusing situation, and your message will be secure during the translation.

Question 5: Do your customers fall into a specific demographic?

Consumers’ demographics are a significant factor.

You will be surprised to find out that a huge portion of the population engaged with your content speaks a different language while analyzing your Instagram insights.

You can find the consumer’s demographics under detailed targeting in the Instagram ads manager. It implies everything from financial factors to education such as earnings and net wealth, whether or not they possess a home when they were born when they were married, whether they are in a marriage, their family status, politics, where do they work, and what they do at their job.

Instagram enables marketers to get extremely fine with their targeting. It is significant to note that if you get too fine, it can reduce your reach, which will modify as you arrange your ad in the ads manager.


Here some important questions are shared in the writeup to ensure that you target the right people for your business, such as potential customers’ demography, age group, likes and preferences, gender, language, etc. These are the essential key factors that differentiate them from each other.

It is imperative to hit the right kind of audience for your business to expand and flourish. Considering these aspects of a consumer’s life, many things can be disclosed and makes it easier to zero down the target audience.

Therefore you need to figure out every question diligently, and once you are done with the questions, you can specify your potential audience and develop a successful marketing plan.