Instagram is a must-visit market for the investors to invest as well as promote their product. Even with consumer traffic that drives billions of users to the platform, the Instagram page still relatively lags much behind the stalwart of social media, a.k.a. Facebook.

Even after decades-long fight, the media giants still show some conveniently significant disparity as the leading advertising site. But as they say to find a silver lining on the cloud; similarly, this might be a source of good news for those who are eyeing the platform as their launch base. Even though it may not be the go-to stop, it is a hot spot for marketers who want to get noticed. Since there is little competition, the more chances there are to gain success; the platform might be the best haven to start a business to the next level.

However, checking through the details and managing through the updates, and creating curated content for the platform might be a little overwhelming. But fret not, the platform has created some special incentives to make the life of the investors a little smooth sail. One among them the Instagram business page.

What is an Instagram business account?

The virtual platform provides users the benefit of switching the account between personal and business.
A personal account lets you follow other pages, notifies you about follow requests, and above all, gives you the privacy to make your account private anytime.

On the other hand, a business account can not be turned private and can be visited by anyone on the platform. Apart from this, it also gives you some additional benefits to make the operation of your business from the platform hassle free.

With analytical tools to help you monitor your growth, features to boost your posts, and options to add links and contacts leading them to you, a business account is a must-use tool, especially if you plan to use Instagram as your promotion center.

One feature that makes the above even better is the option to operate a business account by multiple users. Yes! No need to run a solo project when you can effectively split areas among co-workers.

The plus sides of using a team to run a business account!

Just like they say, the best work is teamwork; running a business account as a team helps you enjoy greater benefits without much exertion. Here are some benefits that can be listed as a direct impact of getting a team to manage your account.

  1. More efficient work:

    Having a team to manage different areas of the account helps you to bring out better content focusing on the target audience. An efficient Instagram account should include high-quality content promoting the business. The contents can be divided among posts, stories, reels…etc. It is not possible for a person to manage all the aspects to the best. Hence, bringing a team with a forte in each element can help you achieve your target end result without compromising the quality.

  2. Better engagements:

    The key to raise your growth is to engage with the users. The most straightforward way is to reply in the comments or engage via caption. Another way is to directly message potential users or investors.

    However, in either way, the workload escalates as the target audience range widens. It is challenging to manage your engagements if you are solely responsible for them. Having a team helps you set apart a dedicated workforce that can focus on this aspect. Replying positively to the best wishes and compliments or even requests helps your brand to forge a bond with the consumers.

  3. Splitting work = splitting responsibility:

    A team that can be trusted gives you the leisure to divide the labor. With each one only responsible for the area assigned, all are equally responsible for the growth of the company’s virtual page. Splitting responsibility helps you manage and at the same time focus on your work better.

  4. Better content:

    A brand that focuses on promotion via Instagram requires increased visibility. Visibility can only be gained with better engaging content. Thus, the baseline is you need to create an ample number of contents that highlight your business. But often, when quantity is a concern, quality suffers. To avoid this, a team will help you create better content. Contents can be fresh ideas, or you can repurpose older posts. A team to schedule a balance between the two will help you maintain the quality of the content.

Hence, managing an account as a team helps to reduce the work and at the same time create better work depending on one’s area of interest. However, even with the above benefits, a few areas of concern should be addressed to ensure that your hard work does not get siphoned off.

The negative which we can’t close our eyes to!

  1. Giving access to the official page of the business is a very sensitive issue. You never know when they might revolt against locking the page or posting content that may harm the company.

    To avoid this, the best way is to limit the core team. Cut down the people who can have access to the pages. Another way is to layer the access levied to them. Put them as advertisers, marketers, or admins to give them limited access to the account.

  2. To prevent any unwanted typos or accidental reveals, it is best to have one management head that looks at the posting of the finalized content.
  3. Differences in opinion are bound to prop up at several stages of discussions. However, going ahead without sorting may lead to several overlaps of promotional tactics yielding poor off-field results.


Heard the term “the more, the merrier”? Running a business account as a team helps you to have a wholesome approach among all dimensions. It also allows you to split the area of content creation according to your forte. However, it is also a must to remind yourself that “too many cooks spoil the broth.” Hence, it is important to limit the numbers in the core team to avoid confusion and have proper planning.