The term SEO, i.e., Search Engine Optimisation, is not new for those who are internet netizens. It is an important marketing tool very complicated and multifaceted. Hence it’s very tough to understand what it demands, even if you have the basic knowledge.

SEO is important because it helps you gain visibility; drives traffic towards your site,and gives you a chance on how to convert your viewers into reliable customers.

Apart from this it enhances your brand popularity, helps build contacts with your clients and improves your ranking in the form of a trustworthy and powerful net user.

SEO Elements

In the present digital world, SEO has become very vital because it has some crucial elements that are listed below:-

  1. Keywords:-

    The days are gone when keywords were the only search engine optimization technique that was popular, but somehow they’re still important. The only difference is that the recent keywords need to get searched, picked, and used wisely for creating an effective and influential content.

    To me, keywords are just phrases or words that are used by the clients to search any content online, and these are also used by the brands to build connections with their customers, who are hunting for their services.

    Researching keywords:

    It is very vital to choose keywords for your content that has a very low competition and high rate of search.

    They should be precise so that you can use them to maximize your titles, other online SEO elements, and URLs.

  2. Content:-

    As one of the most important/crucial elements of SEO, your content helps you reach and engage a huge number of viewers. It can be created in various forms like

    1. Blogs
    2. Videos
    3. Podcasts
    4. Social media post
    5. E-books
    6. Web-page
    7. Infographics
    8. Local listing

    Your content should always be informative, relevant, interesting, engaging, and moreover shareable, so that whenever a customer wants to know about a brand, your blog should be the first one to attract him. This is how you’ll be able to gain a good reputation among your end-users. They’ll be able to build a relationship with you through your content.

  3. Local SEO:-

    This is an upcoming element because many people use their mobile phones for search. They use either smartphones or tablets for getting the required information. Apart from using local SEO and local keywords, some best practices like creating pages for your business on sites i.e., Google My Business, Google Maps, and Google +, creating local pages for your site and directory listing, have gained pace.

  4. Off-page Search Engine Optimization:-

    Another important element of SEO is external optimization practices away from your site. Backlink building is the technique used here as the external site of backlinks tell that your content is valuable, worth watching, and authoritative to the search engine.

    Among the various backlink building tactics, guest blogging infographics for more sharing and acknowledging influence in your content are the latest and the best.

  5. SEM-Search Engine Marketing:-

    This element includes native ads, social media ads, Google AdWords, display ads, Google Shopping, and pay-per-click like things. It directly refers to the marketing strategies that are paid. SEM can’t be taken as a vital part of SEO efforts, but it definitely helps you reach your new and targeted audience.

Significance of SEO in today’s business world

  1. Business growth:-

    SEO becomes essential because it helps you reach your goals. Through SEO, you can improve your business relationship with your viewers, divert more traffic to your page/site, gain customer experience, have better interactions, and enhance your authority to face competition. This all ultimately will result in more sales, more reliable customers and skyrocket business growth.

  2. Failing Search Engine:-

    As an important factor to mention is that the search engines are failing or they’re not perfect. Your website will have to suffer if preventive steps are not taken to encounter this issue. The search engine cannot gain popularity unless your site has a proper link structure. Your site can lose ranking or the search engine can be entirely blocked, if there are some coding errors in it.

    There are some more problems that can fail your search engine like:-

    1. forms
    2. Language and Semantics
    3. Duplicacy
    4. Non-textual matter, images, videos, audio files, and flash.
  3. Ranking And Visibility:-

    SEO’s main purpose is to increase your visibility to help your customers find you easily when they’re hunting for something you wish to offer them. Moreover it means the higher the ranking on SERP, the more audiences will see your content and try to connect. It all depends on the SEO efforts you make to increase your ranking, further affecting your visibility.

  4. Positive Customer Experience:-

    SEO is also important because the time and effort you put into creating appealing content make your site popular. SEO enhances your site’s usability and develops a kind of better visitor’s experience.

    For e.g.:- when you make efforts to enhance your interaction on your site, it becomes accessible to all mobile, laptop, and desktop visitors. They spend more time on your page as the bounce rate reduces and the page load speed increases. This is how you’re able to create a seamlessly positive experience for customers.

  5. Increased Traffic:-

    Among the main goals of SEO, increased online traffic is very crucial. And it grows with visibility and ranking. You need SEO practices to promote your website through search engines, improve your ranking and be among the five top positions or even number one.

  6. Trustworthiness:-

    It eventually means authority, relevance, and high quality. Through its, a new term is gaining popularity in SEO and has become an important factor to increase web users and search engines. It’s based on a simple equation that says higher authority + high ranking = more trustworthy traffic for your product.

Cost of SEO Services

When it comes to SEO Services, the cost differs from agency to agency. The amount actually depends on how big your business is and the extent of services you need. You should remember that in SEO Services, you get what you have paid for exactly.

Therefore, never compromise with cheap SEO Services, choose an agency that offers quality services. Due to the wide range of marketing campaigns, it is really tough to estimate its cost.

Generally, SEO projects range between $400 to $10,000 per month depending on the extent of services offered.

For a small business, the price is on the lower end but an e-commerce store that has 50000+ products needs a large budget planning for SEO. However, it should be determined precisely. Larger website means an extensive SEO project. Moreover, SEO is an ongoing process, so instead of a one-time investment, you should focus on a monthly plan to keep your site active and fresh. And make efforts to reach the top ranking of search results continuously.

SEO Services in 2021

The spectrum becomes winder as marketing channels continue to grow online.

When we talk of 2021 SEO plans, it includes elements like content marketing, social media usage, conversion avenues, and many other online analysis. Therefore, it is very essential to choose well-versed SEO companies that offer multiple internet marketing services. Pick the best company for your marketing campaigns that can influence SEO results. Make sure that the company you’re working with has a variety of services in their SEO packages as a professional full-service provider.

The 2021 SEO cost depends on many factors, some companies have broken down the cost into a three-layered process for their customer’s convenience, but its marketing cost is related to us. There is no agency that has set a standard against SEO charges. It becomes your duty to compare the price of packages with others as a necessary part of the buying process and choose the most appropriate SEO expert for your niche.

Things to look for when hunting the price of SEO:-

The price of SEO depends on the extent of your plan. There are a few things that can help you make the right choice:-

  1. The agency should be authorized and qualified; it should be able to educate/inform you about what is the fare rate of SEO or what to look for when comparing agencies, firms, or vendors.
  2. The rate varies; hence it’s very challenging to learn what impact will they have on your business or what actually they reflect.
  3. The agency you choose is ready to adopt the search engine frequent changes and take steps to meet refined algorithm updates. Moreover, they’re approachable to the best SEO strategies.
  4. Be vigilant to partner companies that have packages like one-size-fits-all, and also beware of agencies that have high rates of SEOs. But instead, you look forward to join hands with the company that have varied plans and packages to satisfy your unique needs and are fit for your SEO plans.
  5. Choose a reputable and experienced company in the field of Internet marketers. They have a systematic SEO cost approach. It has the potential to help you know the value of effort in making a successful SEO campaign/strategy.

However, the cost of SEO projects in 2021 lies between $750 – $2000 per month, depending on the size of your business. A one-time project cost ranges between $5000 to $30,000 along with hourly consultant rates that are somewhere between $80-$200 per hour.

Is the 2021 SEO worth it?

Some of the old SEO techniques and strategies are no more active. They’re almost dead. To begin with, Google’s algorithm updates can only help removing poor quality content that cannot achieve ranking on the # 1st page of search engine result page (SERP).

So, Google’s new design is used now to gain organic ranking with more elements and get more opportunities for high-quality images, videos, and content.

Google has become sophisticated and smarter than before. There has been a lot of difference in its quality content spam.

The spam practice that was dominating before is no longer in use. Moreover, the old tactics that were hindering your site’s ranking are dead.

All malpractices like-

  1. Content copying
  2. Spammy backlinks
  3. Keyword stuffing
  4. Clickbait headlines
  5. Slow and fake sites

that are penalized by Google are no more in existence.

The blog updates and tweaks have taken over the ill practices through SEO experts scrambling. Therefore, SEO is worth it, still today. The only thing is how to do it correctly in order to get maximum benefits and reduce the penalty or splashing.

Procedure to conduct SEO 2021 to rank 1 in Google:-

There is no better time to begin with, the newly designed SEO than now, as it’s still active and doing better than before. It’s cost-free, and you can perform a few things right now with advanced SEO tactics. Just check quickly whether your site and the pages are indexed by Google or not using a linked “”

This type of check will help you know about the list of pages existing on Google, another tool called Google Search Console can also be used for the same purpose. If you don’t find any result, this means that your site is in great trouble and has not been indexed by Google.

Hence to supercharge your SEO, there are some ways provided by the Google Search Console:-

For more information, you need to check your website’s speed of page loading. It plays a crucial role in SEO, and if you want to improve your Google ranking, then it’s necessary to have a site that is responsive and fast.

There is another tool available for free called the Page Speed Insights to check your site’s speed.

By putting your page URL, you can know about the performance of your site through the desktop or mobile phones, laptops, or tablets.

Another ranking factor is to see whether your site is mobile-friendly or not. Hence, a mobile friendly test like a free tool presented by Google can be used.

And lastly to measure your natural traffic, you can log in to Google Analytics and take a look into how much traffic volume you’re getting. If it’s up to your expectation, then don’t bother, but if you find some improvement, then analyze and see what could be done.

As far as SCO is concerned, it’s an iterative process that becomes important during SEO audit at regular intervals. So you need intervals to improve your performance and measure results.

*Pros and cons of SEO:-

SEO is an important marketing channel that has a variety of ways to provide different results. Hence it becomes very essential to know about the pros and cons of SEO for choosing the right tool for your business.


  1. The right SEO rewards you with long-term results. Once you hit high ranking in Google, you’re sure to get long-term benefits.
  2. As the initial investment in SEO lasts for an extended period of time, it seems quite cheaper.

Moreover, for targeting keyword-based information SEO is an essential element.


  1. To generate a good amount of organic traffic, SEO takes nearly 3 to 6 months for a new website. So it’s time-consuming and very slow at showing results
  2. SEO needs high-quality content for optimization and technical tweaks with no promises.
  3. In the case of disruptive new business, where people are unaware of your product, SEO doesn’t fit well.
  4. The penalties and changes keep you always on your toes, and sometimes the business gets demoted.

2021-SEO strategies

Search Engine Optimization had plenty of chances for marketers in 2020. To avoid Google featured misinformation updates and conducting search results during the pandemic, this year has been great. For SEO the year 2020 had mild effects on algorithm updates, and the SEO tactics need no adjustments. But a slight growth in the value of existing ranking factors has been noticed.

There are some SEO priorities to review for 2021:-

  1. Core web vital:-

    The concept of Core Web Vital has been recently launched by Google. This is a three-user metric that will soon be registered as an important ranking factor. All the metrics have different page speed aspects to deal with. The pages that do well on metrics will get the same benefits of ranking as other pages.

    Page Speed Insight or Search Console can be used to check the vitals of your site. Google will determine your maximum score and offer some recommendations to improve your site specifically. In order to get a good Core Web Vital Score, here are some tips and practice to follow.

    1. The (LCP) Largest Contentful Paint should be loaded within 2.5 seconds for the maximum visual part of the screen.
    2. The (FID) First Input Delay should be kept under 100m to make the page interactive.
    3. The (CLS) Cumulative Layout Shift should be kept under 10% during loading. To optimize your CLS, you need to consider your video and image size attributes and also that your content covers the whole page from top to bottom.
  2. Use schema markup:-

    It is a group of HTML tags that introduce your content to search engines. These tags can be implemented easily in the form of product prices, cooking recipes, phone numbers to the author’s name, or working hours.

    Once the tags are added, your content will be shown to the users through google more confidently.
    Google will create gorgeous snippets using data to enhance search results.
    Secondly, schema markup is very helpful in developing healthy entity links apart from local SEO.

    You can Schema Markup either using a google helper or through the plugin CMS platform- Schema website.

  3. Resolve Technical issues:-

    Technical audit plays an important role in search optimization. Despite maximum backlinks and good content, if your page is not accessed by Google, then you should go for a website audit to find technical issues that need to be resolved. Here are some practices to follow-

    1. Make your page accessible to the search engines.
    2. Install an SSL certificate as a secured protocol before switching from HTTP to HTTPS. Also, make sure that the images are taken from reliable sites.
    3. Create a user-friendly website structure so that users can easily navigate your site with three clicks only.
    4. Create short, clean, and readable URLs
    5. Use a mobile-friendly website for an optimized search engine.
  4. Proper content structure:-

    If we see in terms of SEO, it simply means creating quality content with proper length and keywords stuff. In order to maximize content search engine, there are certain tips to follow-

    1. Use keywords in a natural way, as a pronoun, with associated words and variations.
    2. The content length preferred by search engines has no standard, but when used as a benchmark, it needs to be informative. If it’s less than the top-ranking page length, then you must have missed the right scope.
    3. To create a content structure for a good user experience using HTML tags, with a heading, split-up content, and a valuable outline.
  5. Build high-quality backlinks:-

    Use relevant sites to build high-quality links through reliable partners. Place those links in the content for making it more clickable/valuable. Also, ensure that the backlinks are do-follow from SEO’s perspective. Prioritize editorial links that look more organic from websites.

  6. Look for SERP features:-

    Google uses many SERP features today for text formatting, Schema, alt tags, and markup that are attainable. There are numerous SERP features, and it becomes difficult to know which ones are the best. Therefore it is better to apply some filters. Firstly the filters will isolate SERP’s features that are acquired by your competitors. Secondly, they’ll isolate the search results for those you have been ranking high, and lastly, these filters will isolate queries that have high search volumes.


To compete in this hi-tech world, every business owner needs a robust SEO plan. The latest tools and strategies of digital marketing can help speed up your SEO. If you want to reach the top of the ranking page, implement the SEO basics – techniques and tricks and go beyond search engine optimization.