Online marketing is in trend, and people are using social media platforms to reach their targeted audience for business growth. The conventional method of gaining popularity and promoting a certain brand seems to be expensive. You need a lot of money for promotion through TV and newspapers. And moreover, there is no guarantee that you reach the targeted audience. Basically, it requires a huge budget.

But when it comes to online marketing, it is cheaper and a very easy way to choose your audience. It provides you affordable services to grow your business. Even if you’re not able to reach your audience, you can buy them through various sites available.

Among the different social media platforms, Facebook is the most effective source to grow your content. You can reach a large number of people as it has billions of users. This platform has several packages to offer. The services are quite cheap and affordable.

You can buy Facebook followers if you fail to reach your target. There is one more benefit that you can unfriend someone if you feel that your friend or relatives are not worth adding to your account. Sometimes it happens that you start a business and want to promote your brand and grow your followers on Facebook. In order to reach more and more people, you keep accepting friend requests. A lot of traffic is driven towards your channel, and at the end of the day, you realize that some of your followers are not worth it.

And you want to unfriend/ remove them for some reason. But adding such requests and then unfriending can lead to many problems or future consequences. There are people who are not very close, and you don’t want to share your posts with them. So you remove it from your account. But have you ever thought about what happens when you do so? The simple answer is either they feel insulted or unwanted. They develop a kind of enmity against you. Some of them may even question you, why?

It’s a simple equation that when you unfriend someone, you also get removed from that person’s account. And that particular person will not be able to see your posts.

Technically it all depends on the privacy settings. If you have a mutual friend in common, then you can see each other’s messages and comments. But when it comes to sociological/psychological sense, it’s between both of you. Unfriending can make some people angry, upset, and offended. They declare it publically and even lash out. They may also speak ill about you. On the other hand, there might be few who won’t even care to notice.

Frankly speaking, I take unfriending as an awful option. There are other ways to consider. You can either “ unfollow” them or block them instead of unfriending them. This will help you avoid real-life issues. This practice can even hurt your close friends or your family members. So you need to be very careful. The only thing that will matter is that their posts will not be shown on your feed.

Consequences of Unfriending:

It is very important to consider the potential consequences before removing anymore from your account; you should be ready to face their reaction. It may also happen that in real life, they’ll also avoid you. Scholars have found that 40% of the people wanted to avoid the person who unfriended them on Facebook, 10% of them were confused, and 50 % had a point of view that they would never avoid a person who unfriended them.

According to a research scholar at the University of Colorado, people believe that social media platform are just for fun but, actually how you use these sites paves way for real consequences such as

  1. People lose control after being removed/ blocked.
  2. Their self-esteem is affected
  3. They feel unwanted.
  4. Their mood worsens after a breakup.
  5. The real-world relationship is hurt.

There is a vast difference in maintaining relationships in real life and online. In the real world, the cost is much higher because you need to face people personally. Talk to them face to face to maintain a relationship, but this does not work with online relations. You realize that such relationships are unreal though they have real-life consequences.

Hence there are efforts being made to overcome this issue. Moreover, unfriending has some psychological effects on the person to whom it is done. So it is good to unfriend someone on Facebook without knowing them.

Demerits of Unfriending:

  1. After the breakup, your friend, the ex, will not be able to see your posts; hence you won’t be able to tell him/her how happy and relaxed you’re after unfriending.
  2. The person who has been unfriended can become offensive and might think that you have been rude to them. But in the future, if you’re able to convince them about the reason why you did so, as mature friends, they’ll understand your intention.
  3. If you are obsessive over your ex, you can go to Facebook and know about their activities, but after unfriending, you’re left alone with your emotions and obsession.

But sometimes, for self-care and peace of mind, you need to unfriend someone on Facebook just because your friend has turned toxic, or the posts shared by him are irritating, his frequently posted message and comments are hurting. In the beginning, you may experience some emotional effects, but after some time you’ll feel that you are doing better without them.

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Social media is a place to interact with like-minded people. It should be used as a source of fun and entertainment. But having lots of Facebook friends might be dangerous, especially when it comes to privacy and self esteem. It may have opposite effects when you unfriend someone due to some unwanted reasons. Your image and popularity may get blemished, and the one who has been unfriended can defame you o social media.
Hence it’s better to know about the real-life consequences before doing so. Use the social media platforms for growing your niche, and if it becomes essential to unfriend someone, do it in a better way, either block or unfollow them so that you don’t hurt their feelings and bring disaster to your business.