Instagram, being one of the most amazing social media platforms, is largely used by teens for entertainment. This article throws more light on it. Have a look.

What is so good about Instagram?

Instagram is a free and smooth social media platform for sharing videos and photos. Since it has been launched, Instagram has become a popular way to connect with celebrities, brands, thought leaders, family, friends, and more. From live streaming to short-form videos, Instagram has many features that adults and teens enjoy.

Why teens use Instagram?

Instagram is a digital platform app that enables users to create and share content and connect with others. It is the most used site by teens. Instagram is a way for teens to stay in contact or touch with their friends and family. Long before social media networks, teens are seen at the parks, playing and having to chat with their friends.

Nowadays, teenagers prefer to stay at home and keep updating their life incidents in their social media account, among which Instagram is their top priority. In the modern world, Instagram is an important part of connecting and socializing. Teenagers and Instagram use are increasing the main reason teenagers use Instagram include.

To extend their reach

Instagram allows teenagers to meet new people around the universe. Instagram users have access to millions of profiles from around the world. Various apps are available to reach people, but the features and popularity make teens attract more towards Instagram.

Teenage is the age where the child-like extends their reach and wants to get more people and stand in the crowd of people, which will easily offer by Instagram. That’s why teens prefer Instagram over other social networks.

To share their happy moments

Instagram is an app where most people share their happy moments. In the study, it is found that teenagers spend most of their time sharing their pictures having fun with their friends and family.

Teenagers are an age group where they feel more lonely and want friends to share each moment with their loved ones. Instagram helps them most by providing a place to post their happy moments with lots of privacy freely.

To encourage creativity

Instagram apps are all about various forms of content. From photos to written content and graphic, there are various ways to share his creativity.

Instagram helps most people to hone their skills and showcase their talents. For a teen who likes to create graphics or write, Instagram is ideal for sharing their content and getting feedback from experts. Teens can come up with innovative and fresh ideas and get feedback instantly.

To express themselves

The main cause of depression in teenagers is that they cannot express themselves to their families. An untold conversation gap between the parents and child is why a child cannot express himself. Instagram gives a platform to express their feeling to others by which the teenager feels light and can express himself freely.

To boost confidence

Instagram helps to boost self-confidence. It is seen that most teenagers are shy and introverted. To help them feel more confident and have the spark, Instagram allows them to share their thoughts, needs which also helps other people get closer and interact with them.

This social networking site also introduces them to different ways and different ideas of life. Like-minded people are the first choice of teens, Instagram allows them to find their areas of interest. It can carry over in their overall interaction to allow them to overcome and feel more confident.

Fun learning experience

In everyday life, social media has become one of the essential parts and among which Instagram is the most used app by all age groups. Instagram provides a learning experience in a fun and engaging way by providing unique ideas, skills, and concepts.

What are the benefits of Instagram for teenagers?

For the child’s psychological development, being socially connected is important. But these days, people are busy because they cannot give the child the environment they need, so it’s nice if the child gets this type of environment on the online form.

By connecting people on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook a teen can develop his psychological development. Instagram provides the right platform for teens to develop better social skills, creativity, real-world skills, learn about current affairs, events, new culture, societal ideas, issues, etc.

Teenagers feel more isolated in their homes. They get bored easily with their routine life to make some good and fun-loving environment. Instagram helps by providing different features like cat ear selfies, new filters, etc.

Instagram secrets teens know

There are things teens know about Instagram that adults have no idea of. Some of them include posting on Instagram, making sure to notify the group with an emoji. When anyone else shares the emoji, there and then like their latest picture and leave a good comment with at least five words.

Before sharing your own post, be sure you are caught up and have added comments and likes to the other member’s posts. People who post their own photos and don’t comment or like other members’ content are told to leave their pod.

What are the demerits of Instagram on teenagers?

The Instagram app has lots of benefits for teenagers, but at the same time, it has some disadvantages also. Instagram has lots of useful pages, but there are pages containing adult content which is not good for teenagers. There are several pages with unsuitable content.

It will develop unnecessary thoughts in teens’ minds, which is not good for their mental health. The second disadvantage is addiction. It is one of the biggest dangers that a teen has from Instagram. It has a variety of features that make anyone fall for it. To spend many hours without getting bore, Instagram has a variety of videos and photos.

And the location tag feature on Instagram allows people to tag the place wherever they go. It helps other people to get motivated to visit that place, but in some cases, it is seen that people kidnapped or a brawl from the place they posted and tagged. It also has a negative influence on the teen’s mind. Understanding teenagers’ psychology is very difficult.

They can feel like the luckiest person in the world or the saddest person. With millions of followers, the models, athletes, actors, or other famous figures show their luxury lifestyle on Instagram, which negatively influences the teens’ minds.

Safety measures

After reading this article on thing is sure that parents shouldn’t deny their kids from using Instagram. But full authority to use Instagram should also not be given to them. Teenagers also take care of the privacy policies of Instagram. It is advisable to keep the account private for teens so that only those followers who agree can see the post they shared.

The block and report option is also available for the privacy of accounts from the troublemaker people. Protect your stories by limiting who sees stories and also stop people from forwarding them even further. Like this, various safety policies are available to go and check out in Instagram privacy and security.


These days, teens are posting many reels and IGTV videos on Instagram. The trending ones include memes and turning things into inspirational quotes. You have to tread carefully on some issues surrounding Instagram and teenagers. However, there are various positives that teens can take away from Instagram. Teenagers use this app for their overall development.

It helps them to express themselves creatively, improves their communication skills, and boosts their confidence. As a parent, one should encourage the child to use Instagram as long as you are not seeing any negative impact on your teen.