With the commercialization of platforms in the virtual world, success is the one word everyone seeks to achieve. There is no way to belittle the soils you need to toil in order to reap the harvest, but when you have an alternative that helps you steer clear of the toiling, it is hard to resist the temptation.

And the most alluring part is that they come with a promising future at a very nominal price, making you fall into their scheme or at the very least regretting not buying them by attributing your failure to make it big to not using their services.

But even if it is one way or the other, scaling is apt only if you pitch in the advantages and disadvantages against each other. Hence, here is compiled a list of what you might expect and what you receive when you turn to these services.

The glittering promises

The party sources that provide the services make the advantage of buying the subscribers so obvious that they are hard to ignore. Well, straight up…there is no denying the fact that there does lie some truth in it since many are successfully availing the facilities and the websites are making a profit out of it.

But the extent of the promises that are successfully delivered to you in the future varies considerably, where it all comes down to the dynamics of the content you create. Nevertheless, the promises that are shout out loud are:

  1. Start the algorithms

    Each virtual platform, be it YouTube, or other social giants like Facebook and Instagram, have an internal algorithm that ranks and categorizes the contents on the pages of its search results.

    Though the optimization of your content decides the search topics under which your content features, it is the sole authority of the algorithm to decide the order where you appear. Now, it may not sound much, but it is…especially when you have to compete against thousands of search results at a time.

    There is no way a content can be rated by the algorithms, but it can always check up the responses it receives. Better a content engages: better your content is. Hence, the algorithms promote your content on the platform pushing content that receives more feedback to the top.

    Subscriber numbers are one of the ways to measure the response your content is receiving. Hence, with organic subscribers who engage with your content, you are catapulting your content to the spotlight on the platform.

  2. Push the viewers

    Searching for your keywords….
    Clicking on your content…..
    Watching them…..

    But when it comes to turning them into likes and eventually subscribers requires more than just engaging content. They need the number magic. Many a time, it is seen that many viewers, even after liking your content, fail to reciprocate their feeling into the numbers. A way to persuade them into subscribing to the channel might be the large numbers that have already subscribed.

    The number induces a psychological effect making the audience trust your works and prompting them to click subscribe to stay up-to-date with the content.

  3. Turn numbers into your success

    Now that you have gained subscribers naturally, it is time to see the magic of the numbers that escalate into a snowball effect. Your few hundred subscribers bring in hundreds. Together, a thousand subscribers bring in thousands. And the good news, all of them are a natural effect of a few paid subscribers that made the numbers start rolling.

    The added numbers cumulatively show both the above effects. Increased engagements tick the algorithms promoting your content more on the platform by featuring in the trending section or by getting ranked higher in the search results. Increased numbers make the viewers check out your content. A content that resonates with them makes them engage with you, hence, starting the cycle all over again, but at a greater magnitude.

  4. Cut short the pains

    Ask anyone, the time frame that decides your success is directly proportional to your hard work. But sometimes, even with hard work, there is no chart to dictate you will get benefits in the near future. Successful YouTubers can share years of struggle that they had to go through before the lady luck shined on them.

    Sure, the fruits of success are sweet, and enjoying the same success by your smart work rather than hard work is sweeter. Buying subscribers does not mean you are buying success; it simply means you are taking a shorter path to reach your success as, in the end, your content is what creates waves.

  5. Enjoy the glory

    With the sure success rate, you can sit back and focus on creating engaging content rather than worrying about promotion and the other facets.

The botched-up reality

True to the quote ‘all that glitters is not gold, the reality is slightly deviated from the promised future. Here is what the experience tells us about the effects:

  1. Negative effect on algorithms

    Though numbers play an important role in guiding the algorithms, engagement rates play a far higher role in the resultant success.

    If your content has few hundreds of subscribers, and they actually do watch your content, then your engagement is 100%. But when the numbers are thousands with only hundreds watching them, your engagement decreases to 10%. These numbers have a far greater effect on the algorithm that deduces that your content is not even viewed by your subscribers.

  2. Nominal effect for the nominal price

    The subscribers you buy might just cist you a few dollars that might not pinch your pockets. But just like the nominal price, their effect is also nominal.

    Sure, large numbers influence the viewers to subscribe, but they might still do so if your content is good enough, irrespective of the numbers. Moreover, the numbers you gain in this way never exceed more than your investment.

  3. Number cycle gone wrong

    What you bargained for was a cycle that increases proportionally with each successive cycle. But what you get is a cycle that decreases exponentially and dies down without timely investment. Thus, you are trapped in a cycle of continuous investment for subscribers and also engagements.

    And the worse part is, you unintentionally become a part of all this, investing more money to reap benefits when the net effect is not much at the end of the day.

  4. You get trapped in the cycle

    Instead of cutting short the period of hard work, what you end up in is in an unending loop of investments. You have to now put in twice as much investment and hard work.

    Investment because without adding your initial investment fails and hard work because all the little benefit you are getting is sole because of the content. Thus, you are trapped by both sides without getting many options to choose from.

  5. Worry about the future

    With investments not showing the result you aimed for, you end up worrying about the same instead of enjoying the glory.

    Adding to it, the policy of YouTube does not provide inflation of success using third-party sources. Hence, at any point in time, if the algorithms sense your dubious ways, there are high chances for your account to get suspended or terminated.

    Along with termination, what you face is the question of authenticity that can be raised to other aspects of the channel like the contents..etc. If you have faked the numbers, there are high chances that you might have rigged other numbers too (a.k.a. the likes and shares your content receives)

Working your way up the viewer’s ladder

None of the fields were easy, to begin with. Especially when you are talking about social giants where you are competing against millions at the same time.

The easiest way to climb up the viewer’s ladder is to polish up your content. Polishing includes two dimensions: one along the creativity aspect and the other pertaining to the promotion aspect.

If you strike gold in these areas, you can gain the benefits of buying subscribers naturally without any of the drawbacks. But yes, one thing for sure, your success rate will be snail-paced. Since the snowballing effect is only valid when you become viral. Nevertheless, success can be achieved with time, a lot of hard work, and a lot more patience.


So, if you ask whether it is worth taking the risk, a simple answer would be NO!

Unlike other platforms, where the bought followers are just deleted, YouTube takes stricter action regarding the number manipulation. Thus, it would be a great price to pay for the nominal effect seen, until and unless the factors worth taking risk exceeds more than the consequences.