The subscriber count next to the channel name is not there just for vanity’s sake; having more subscribers on your channel is the best possible way to expand your reach to the maximum number of users you can on the second most popular search engine in the world.

If you wish to earn money through YouTube, reaching subscriber milestones is necessary to unlock numerous monetization features. Such as, you need to have at least 1k subscribers in order to become a YouTube Partner and to start earning with ad revenue. The bigger your subscriber base is, the more benefits you can unlock on YouTube’s benefit level ladder, such as production aid, awards, managers.

As for those users who are aiming to support their brand’s digital strategy with a long-form video, subscribers are still crucial here.

The number of subscribers helps YouTube’s algorithm decide what video to recommend to users and ranks higher in search results; 70% of videos watched by users when they browse YouTube are determined by YouTube’s algorithm. This translates to better chances of exposure to a new and bigger audience who will help you raise your watch time, engagement on content, and play count.

In addition, posting videos on YouTube is an effective way to market an event, a product, or even yourself; if luck is on your side, maybe your video can even go viral and gain as many as a million views. But garnering views on your content is one challenge and converting those views into subscribers is another. The former can mean viewers found your content worth watching, and the latter means that users liked your content enough for them to follow you and wait for more content, and between the two of those, the latter is more important in gauging the influence a content creator has.

This is also one of the reasons why the content creators on YouTube have begun to buy YouTube subscribers, and here are some other reasons.

It makes your channel appear famous

If you have just created an account on YouTube, you are more than likely to get a low number of subscribers and views on your content. This is due to the mindset that if a particular clip has a low number of views on it, then it is assumed that the video is boring or uninteresting, and the same goes with subscribers. If the number of subscribers on a channel is low, people are less likely to follow you.

As users see a lower number of views and subscribers, they move on to look for content with more views. You can avoid this by buying subscribers, which will make your channel appear popular to organic viewers.

It helps you gain organic subscribers

It is possible to get things easily without putting in some effort in life, and the same goes for your YouTube channel. In your first few uploads, you won’t be getting as many views as you might have expected, and this is because you are just starting on the platform, and as you garner more and more viewers on your uploads, your subscriber’s count will rise simultaneously.

Easy to buy subscribers

A quick search on Google will show you thousands of websites providing the service of YouTube subscribers. Some websites even offer 10,000 subscribers for $10, which sounds like a good deal.

Services such as these utilize bots to raise your subscriber count. Google is against such bots and has found a way to remove such bots circulating online. This might not occur immediately but will happen in due time, no matter what.

If you buy subscribers from such services, even your account can at risk of suspension; purchasing subscribers from services that provide through genuine user account is what you should look out for, investing services that use bots and provide high subscribers count at a low price might seem enticing at first, but will eventually turn into a losing investment in the long run.

Genuine Services that offer real subscribers rather than bots will help you increase your subscriber counter and help you raise views and likes on your content.

It helps in promoting your video to your target audience

Millions of internet users go on to YouTube to view videos, but not all the videos on the platform can be relevant or fit their preference obviously. For instance, content that you might post interests some users and not others.

You need to target an audience who will find your content appealing. Buying subscribers for your YouTube channel can help you. Although it may come at a high cost, sponsoring content or ads on YouTube can also do the job for you. You would want to reach out to users who or an audience you believe will like your content and identify the content as something relevant to them while they watch it. If the content uploaded does strike with the viewers, they will share it with their own connections, allowing you to reach a bigger audience than before. In time, you will realize that users interested in a similar field are following you without requiring you to spend some additional money for it.

Make engaging and interesting content

Although purchasing subscribers, sponsorships are a great help in promoting your channel, event, product. Still, you must make engaging videos, or at the minimum, give your best in making your content informative or engaging. All such solutions will not help your channel grow in the long run; with purchased subscribers, likes, and even comments, you might successfully convince a user in believing that you have a huge following, but if the content does not strike with them, they will move on to other videos or channels.

Additionally, you also should be responsible as a content creator towards your audience; you must ensure that your viewers get information out of the content you post on your channel. At least, they feel entertained after viewing your videos.

Do your own research

Watch content posted by your competitors as well as by others in the same industry, and take note of what you can use in your own videos. Instead of simply copying your competitors’ strategy, find and devise a better way to reach a bigger audience and engage with them.

Script ahead

Instead of speaking without any preparation in front of your camera, you should plant out a script, do a re-read, rewrite parts where you can improve, and re-read it again. Carrying out this process helps you better your script to make it take on a story you’re conveying to your audience most effectively and powerfully. In many cases, businesses underutilize the power of scripting. However, mastering this art can help you elevate the quality of your videos to another level.

Purchase adequate equipment for an in-house studio

What equipment do you need to make engaging content, and can you afford it, are a common set of questions that anyone starting as a content creator asks themselves. Surprisingly enough, the camera is probably not the most important piece of equipment that you should be worried about, as the camera on an iPhone offers video quality that is close enough to a much more expensive alternative.

If you are shooting indoors in a studio, other important equipment you should get yourself are studio, tripod, and green screen. There can be other things, too, depending on the video you’re shooting, such as audio equipment and props, but getting the basic equipment and building a solid studio can lead to better content creation.

Make the initial 10sec of your video catchy

Did you know that a massive 20 percent of viewers drop a video within the initial 10 seconds of any video, which is why you have to make the beginning of a video engaging and interesting for the viewers to continue watching the rest of the video.

To make a great first impression, don’t begin the video with a dull introduction, but instead, go for the most climactic part of your video. If you begin the video with something engaging, viewers will want to view the rest of it too.

Ensure that all your videos are under the 5-minute mark

Do you make an hour-long or half an hour-long video because your engineering topics are too complex, or maybe you are in the law industry and believe the only way to gain the user’s trust is through a long testimonial on your YouTube channel.

Although testimonials are great, YouTube and long videos don’t exactly go well together. Regardless of how complex the product you’re marketing, or the topic is, your video should not cross the 5-minute mark.

You might be wondering why studies after studies have proven that viewers have a short attention span, but if you remember the fact that 20% of the users drop a video in the first 10 secs, then this should not shock you.


Purchasing YouTube subscribers can be a viable solution for your YouTube channel faster, but you have to ensure that you buy from the right ones. Only by buying subscribers from a service that offers real YouTube subscribers can you bring long-term benefits to your channel.