One of the biggest platforms on social media is youtube. It is a platform that helps you grow in your content and let people know and appreciate your hard work. Many creators and YouTubers start their journey from the base, and today, they’re well-known YouTubers and are earning more than a normal individual could ever earn.

It’s all about knowing your ability and interest, and by targeting the best audience that loves and supports your content, you can easily make lots of money from youtube. Many programs are there which might help you to earn money from youtube. They will go through your channel and check all your content, whether it is worth it or not, and then after they have reviewed your channel, you can earn money once your account meets all the policies and standards.

There are some features of the program which will help you earn money from youtube-
Let’s have a look,

Advertising revenue

you can earn money by displaying ads, video ads, overlays. Etc.

  1. Super chat and stickers- some of your crazy fans actually pay to get highlighted in your comment section.
  2. Channel membership is for the member’s recurring payments that you receive in exchange for the perks you offer.
  3. Youtube premium revenue- there are youtube subscribers who are premium users on youtube. And you can get paid through them when they watch your content.
  4. Merch shelf- you can showcase your merchandise, fan your video or below it so that your fans can buy it and you can make money out of it.

There are certain requirements that you need to fulfill. Every feature has its own set of eligibility criteria. If your channel does not meet any of the features requirements, that particular feature may not be accessible. You make sure that you meet all the requirements in every possible way to make the feature available to you. If you want to stand out, make sure you have strong and relevant content so that youtube could award you. So keep looking for the best content so that your subscribers do not get bored.

Youtube is constantly reviewing your channel, and all your content should be aligned with your policies and set of rules of youtube.

Effective strategies to earn money

The most effective way to make money on youtube is by generating ad revenues. But the growth can be limited or not satisfactory, so you need to look at all the strategies on how you can earn money through youtube.

Most of the internet users are on youtube. Users are logging in every month, and there are more than 1 billion people in this category. Youtubers are uploading videos every 5 minutes. So it is easy to earn money from ad revenue.

Become a youtube partner

As mentioned above, there are features that YouTubers get accessed to, which is called the youtube partner program. You need to set up an ad sense account and promote it for getting views, and if you get partnered with someone, it’ll make it a lot easier. There are multiple income sources of a YouTuber. They earn by ads and merchandise, by being members of the channel, by premium subscriptions, etc.

Look at the steps-


You need to start a channel, and for that, there are guides available on how to start a channel’?


Your channel should be meeting all the partner program requirements. To get successful, your channel must meet the requirements. You need to have 1000 subscribers, and your watch hour should be more than 4 hours in 12 months. You can also get more youtube views, and for that, you must create a video playlist, respond to viewers’ comments, and design attention by grabbing the best thumbnail ideas.

Step 3

Adsense account is a must-
If you want to earn from youtube, then you must have an ad sense account. Your account must get approved to the partner program if you want to earn money and get paid from youtube.

Step 4

Know your monetization features

  • You must know that you need to go through certain eligibility requirements criteria for your account.
  • You need to be at least above 18 to start a youtube channel, and your content must be user-friendly. Make less controversial videos, and more ads run on your video, the more money you make.
  • If any youtube member who has a premium subscription watches your video, you can get the extra amount from it, and this is automated, which is nice and easy.
  • You need to have more than 30000 subscribers for selling the channel membership.
  • You can sell merch from your youtube channel, and you must be above 18 and have 10000 subscribers.
  • Some fans follow you and will be happy to spend their money to get recognized. This is a super chat feature, and this allows your fans to pay.

Step 5

There are higher standards set, and your channel must meet them according to youtube. It would be best if you abide by the community guidelines and the program policies of youtube. There should not be any copyright issue on your video.

Sell your own merchandise

You can sell your own designer merchandise on youtube, and for that, you need to be productive, and maybe you are a content creator first, then an entrepreneur. Drake has his own merchandise, and he sells his shirts.

For selling the merchandise, you need to be an entrepreneur in the first place and then a vlogger. It would be best if you panned youtube marketing strategies to sell your products. Merchandize is a straightforward way to sell and earn money from youtube.

How you need to go about it is mentioned below-

  1. Be the designer of your own products

    To grow your connection with the audience, you need to have both merchandise and the mechanism on how you are going to advertise it to your people. That means you need to have a unique merchandise selling strategy. There are popular stars like Ryan Higa who launched his energy drink, namely ‘ninja melk,’ to make his comedy known. And also, he sells his designer shirts and has his own websites.

    There are many more ideas you can think of. So start with something easy and you can think of. Make sure you engage your audience and communicate with them, and ask them what they want. And you can offer some products to your subscribers when you hit milestones.

  2. Build your product

    You also need to be the designer of your product, manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler and till where you can think if you need to do it. Few suppliers can do it, but some won’t, and they will spare you the headache of the stock, then shipping, and the returns by handling it on their own.

    You need to start by thinking about what you really love to make your dream into a reality.

  3. Make your store and landing page

    Create your website where you can handle all the purchases. For better promotion, you can link the website in your channel description, and youtube will refer to the merchandise site.

  4. Feature your merchandise shelf

    Youtube will feature your channel’s merchandise if you fulfill all the requirements. Then you have to follow the criteria of youtube to enable it.

  5. Don’t forget to promote your merchandise in your video

    This is one of the important steps. You will be featuring the product, wear your merchandise, or use your product in your videos. Then your subscribers will notice, and they will buy it. This is a way of earning solid gold from youtube, as this helps to promote and grow your business.

    Mention the store link on your youtube video and include all the cards and the details which a customer needs to know.

    Finally, be polite and greet everyone with a good gesture as you’re reminding people to go and check out your products.

Create sponsored content

It is not necessary to be on Instagram to promote a product and be an influencer. There’s an advantage that you earn from the youtube strategy that you don’t have to cut your youtube earnings. You can deal with the brand directly and negotiate with them, and they will pay you directly. It’s a popular way to make money from youtube. If you are a great influencer, then you can engage an audience that will offer a large market as they will hear from you. Alpha M is a men’s lifestyle space of YouTuber Aaron Marino, and there are big partnership deals that will help you earn money on youtube.

  1. Search for the brand to partner with

    The name of the brand that you work for is significant when it comes to quality. You want to work with many dream brands that will help you grow, so make sure you’re perfect with your brand styles. You can build your brand from the grassroots level to a high level. Also, make sure that you sign up for a platform for marketing your product. These websites will help you promote your product, and they will find a good influencer for you to work with. Famebit is the one that focuses on YouTubers.

  2. The deal is perfect

    The video you create is one of the most expensive influencer marketing platforms. The influencers can charge more for their videos as videos are more expensive to produce. The audience’s size will tell you the cost and the potential of the influence, and it will show your worth before you sign a contract.

  3. Keep transparent

    The content which is sponsored means advertising. Make sure you need to abide by google policies. There are guidelines that you should be aware of. Being transparent is good, and it’s legal, and your relationship with the audience also matters. Youtube features are visible and help you make sure that your audience feels and aware that that is your advertisement.

Fans pay to you directly

Youtube has different income streams, but here one basic thing is your fans show their love to you by highlighting their comments. This can only be done if your subscriber is a youtube premium user. And they pay you directly through their debit card.

  1. Conduct live chats with your fans

    As a good influencer, you must host live sessions where your fans will get to know you. There is a super fun feature that helps you get paid, and that is the super chat feature of youtube, and it is only active when you have the subscription or your member of the youtube partner. The fans who love you and your work will make their comments or chats visible by highlighting them with this feature’s help. They pay to pin their comments and for a set amount which will be public.

  2. Encourage your fans

    Channel membership is important for your channel to grow. Viewers who are members of your channel offer you payment. So it is your job to encourage them. And in return, they will get the custom emoji, badges, and access to the exclusive live members chat for your session. There is a brand called Wintergatan which features the marble machines in their youtube videos. And they are very polite in thanking the members who watch their videos. They do this in every single video.

    And they openly talk about the members that support them and pay them. To convince people, you need to have a promotion strategy and encourage people to become a member of your channel, which may not include several membership levels. For example, the super chat feature is only available to the premium members on youtube.

  3. Encourage your fans to get the premium membership

    This step will benefit your channel in an indirect way. Youtube premium members pay you from their subscription when they watch your video. This is valid for all the other channels they watch.

Build ongoing revenues from the crowdfunding account

You can earn from a pool of monthly donations or fund a personal. This is one more strategy that is used by many YouTubers to earn money. For this, you need to keep the following steps in mind.

  1. Create a crowdfunding account

    Youtube has several lists of crowdfunding accounts you can choose from. For the current funding, the best option is Patreon. Some of the other best campaigns like kickstart, GoFundMe, offer you get a new mic, laptop, and other youtube equipment. Veronica Mars has also used Patreon for funding her own projects to support her feature-length film and music videos.

  2. Feature your campaign in your youtube videos

    Set goals and keep them clear so that your audience can know what to expect from you when you are successful. Offer them exciting perks and benefits and let the fans choose what they want and how much they want to donate.

  3. Think beyond youtube

    There are multiple- platform affairs to get a successful campaign. You can promote your youtube channel to increase your views and improve the promotion strategy. Start by choosing some of the famous keywords to give a great SEO start. Remember, people don’t just type the video or look for them. They even search on google. Google now is prioritizing the youtube videos according to the searches. The keywords help the people search, and google rates them from the most-watched to the least-watched. So the set of keywords helps them to rank your video. Reverse-campaign can also go a long way.

    How to go about it-

    • Find possible keywords and use a tool like the google ads keyword planner to help you use the finest keywords.
    • Google is only the option that will rank your videos, so use the google keywords only.
    • First, scan the Search engine results and see the top-ranking videos using which keywords and how.
    • Recheck your keywords and add words like ‘how to’ or ‘tutorials’ to get better search results.
    • Pick one of the best keywords that suit your video and your content.
  4. Use descriptive titles

    Use titles that are short and sweet, and yes, don’t forget to include keywords. You can come up using your own creative title. Youtube has an auto-complete feature that helps you get the best and popular keywords. So start by searching for the themes and topics and the titles that youtube suggests the best.

  5. Create your own thumbnail

    Thumbnails play an important part in your youtube videos as those who will search your videos will get attracted by your thumbnails as brains notice the visuals first and then the other minute’s details. So they keep the thumbnails attractive and funky while pleasing to the eye of the subscribers.


Youtube is a platform that pushes your efforts and helps you to grow by your own hard work. These are some of the strategies that will surely help you earn money from youtube. Advertise your content using the above strategies and deepen your relationship with your subscribers and get plenty of views and likes on your video.