Insta is the go-to social media platform for becoming an online entrepreneur or influencer. Perhaps, it is the most prominent place to promote your brand and business. So, it is time for you to carefully investigate which social media strategies you should optimize to grow your Instagram account and garner more followers.

But, with the heaps of content available on Insta and given its popularity, there’s more competition, and it is challenging to get your content noticed. Many get demotivated with this, and their content is lost in this dump. So, it’s good to have a strategy that will help you push through this madness.

It is a well-known fact that having more followers can not just increase your Instagram reputation, but it will also help you gain more genuine followers. This is why you shouldn’t hesitate to buy Instagram followers even in 2021.

However, it is challenging to find an authentic service provider as many indulge in spammy and shady practices. But, the good news is some are indeed very resourceful and genuine.

This article will walk you through the valid reasons to buy Instagram followers and the right strategies for the organic growth of your Instagram account.

So, let’s dig in:

Why You Need Real Instagram Followers

Instagram’s ever-evolving algorithm is smart enough to detect a bunch of fake followers sitting there inactive on your account. Don’t be fooled by that. These fake followers don’t go unnoticed. They’re cleared from time to time.

Instagram realized it is vital to have real and active users who engage in your threads and posts rather than have many fake and inactive followers.

Fake followers hurt your reputation and put you in a spot where you may lose your credibility. Besides, that inactive followers bring no growth to your business.

So, suppose you want to grow your business and establish yourself as a prominent business owner on social media. In that case, you are advised to research thoroughly and invest in buying only real accounts that too through known and reliable sources.

The primary objective behind buying real Insta followers is to have your brand noticed. So, never lose objectivity.

What’s more critical is to have genuine followers who actively engage in your feeds and show genuine interest. This will naturally draw more people towards your social media handle. A high engagement will be fruitful as the Instagram algorithm takes into account followers to engagement ratio. If this ratio is higher, you will climb up the ladder soon.

By now, you may have understood why it is imperative to buy real followers.

The Best Way to Get Instagram Followers Quickly

Take a safe route and buy real Instagram followers to fasten your process of building a solid subscribers’ base.

These are legit accounts owned by real people, unlike bots. They are actively involved and engage with your content through likes and comments.

It is apparent the account with fake followers will have significantly lower engagement than the one with real followers. So, which account would you rather prefer?

Although it is challenging to get active and real followers on Instagram and it is pretty time-consuming.


The other thing is it takes a lot of effort to understand who your relevant audience is? Engage with your existing follower is not just your feeds but comment on their post too. Invite others to collaborate with you and adopt other strategies as well to grow your Instagram organically. Technically speaking, if you spend 40+ hours a week, then expect a minimal return.


The other strategy is to pay for Instagram Ads. But let’s understand the calculations behind it. Instagram Ads will cost you around $5-6, the average cost per thousand impressions. Now let’s consider you have an engagement rate of 2%, which would mean you pay approximately $0.25 per follower, and that’s when you get a fair price; otherwise, it may cost you around $0.50 per follower.

This implies you spend around $500+ to get 1000 followers on Instagram, which quickly accelerates your growth but hurts your pocket.

But the good news is, you can buy active Instagram followers.

How to Buy Active Instagram Followers Safely

The risks related to purchasing fake Instagram followers are described here. Money gets wasted when you avail of buying services, and at the same time, your account can be at risk.

Buying robust Instagram followers helps you in meeting your goals. The main difficulty is that many websites claim to negotiate substantial Instagram followers, but they are selling you bots in reality.

Therefore, before buying Instagram followers, you need to take care of a few things to ensure you are not being cheated.

  1. Purchase targeted Instagram followers

    The main thing to figure out as you buy authentic Instagram followers is the accounts that are following you in reality. A genuine seller will invariably have queries regarding your target audience, and you’re most utilized for innovative hashtags or about your competitors. They can generate a list of targeted accounts according to demographics, interests, and locations.

    Positively the outcome is not a count of random followers but a dedicated and enthusiastic audience you can create and develop.

    For example, the Beyond Meat brand creates vegan choices for animal products. You can see many vegan-specific and health-conscious accounts when you glance at the Instagram followers, displaying that their audience is targeted greatly and quite relevant to the business. Some kinds of people turn into your customers, these are;

    If the seller company you are purchasing followers from is only concerned about your account name, typically it’s a symptom of the service not being interactive; you may not be getting interactive Instagram followers.

  2. Be Suspicious of Cheap Instagram Followers

    Buying great quality Instagram followers is certainly quite cheaper than running promotional ads. Sometimes you may find a very good deal, and the price can be too good to be true, the possibility is there.

    There is a sea difference between being affordable and cheap. For example, a cheap service that promises active, real followers, some services are selling followers as minimum as less than per follower $0.01. It sounds like a fantastic deal, but the chances are high that you won’t get high-quality followers as you want them to be.

    The followers may gradually get banned or deleted by Instagram for not being genuine. It is good to invest a little more money to get high-quality Instagram followers.

  3. Work With Transparent Sellers

    Being cautious is good, for the whole concept of buying followers is shady, and a single wrong move can hurt your reputation. However, look for service providers who sell real followers thoroughly. Please seek advice from known sources who have taken their services before so that you have first-hand information and feedback on them.

    Ask relevant questions to retrieve information from the service providers; if they don’t have clear answers about how they will procure your requirement, then that’s an alarming sign.

    They are not required to tell you the step-by-step approach. However, the least they can do is they should be able to share an outline of their overall strategy to boost your Instagram account. For example, will they do the follow/unfollow tactic? Will they engage with the relevant audience? Are any bigger establishments referring to them?

    If they are unable to give you satisfactory answers, they are most likely to sell you bots. So be warned.

  4. Look For Engagement Growth

    Buying active Instagram followers shoots up your number of followers count, and additionally, you witness your engagement rate increasing too.

    Always bear in mind that the primary purpose of buying organic Insta followers is to actively engage in your feeds to get more visibility and higher brand awareness.

    There was a time when having a higher number of followers accounted for one’s success on social media, but not anymore. These days the Instagram algorithm considers the quality of followers over quantity.

    So you should focus on other strategies to establish your brand on Instagram and other social media handles.

  5. Don’t Just Buy Followers; Buy a Strategy

    The legit providers sell you real followers, but that’s not all. You should buy the whole concept. They should help you monetize your account, recommend trending hashtags, equip you with other resources and strategies to keep your account growing.

    While you may already know that utilizing popular hashtags can work wonderfully, you may not know which ones are trending and yet relevant to your business. This is where service providers play a significant role.

    Once your account grows, they should help you maintain that and keep the followers engaged.

    Also, consider buying Instagram likes and views in proportion to your number of followers and in small batches to make the growth look organic.

The Best Place to Buy Instagram Followers

This is the most significant part as you can’t count on any Tom, Dick, and Harry with your brand. You should research thoroughly about the best service providers in the industry. You can consider buying real Instagram followers from,,,

Final Words

With this awareness that you have just gained concerning the fake followers, concentrate on buying real and active Instagram followers to expedite your growth on Instagram. Use the trending hashtags to boost your brand and visibility. This is the most robust strategy and attracts more relevant followers for sure. Apply other strategies as well for best results.