The Instagram algorithm can help you with the views and the audience engagement. Some of the best IG content best practices are as follows.

In 2016, Instagram started showing feeds in chronological order. It was all due to the help of the Instagram algorithm, as it ranks the best posts at number one. Things are changing in the world of the digital market, and here is where the story begins…

We will be taking you on tour, showing you how the Instagram algorithm works and some of the best practices of the IG content.

Thinking of the beginners, we will first find out how the algorithm works for normal reels, posts, and feeds because, as you know, Instagram is the most rewarding app and the ones who invest in creating good content for them in a good way.

How does the Instagram algorithm work for normal feeds and posts?

Six key factors were shared back in 2018 publically, so following those, you can also determine that how the Instagram algorithm works-

  1. Recency
  2. Interest
  3. Relationship
  4. Frequency
  5. Following
  6. usage
  1. Recency

    Instagram cares about your posts. And with time, it ranks your position according to the past behavior and the time of upload. Analyzing actual content is the work of the Instagram algorithm. Prioritize your time to post regularly so that you can be in touch with your audience.

  2. Interest

    The algorithm can predict how much you care about your post. What is your ranking among the other videos on IG? This is all determined by the past behavior of your seat and activity. Post the content which interests the audience as well as you.

  3. Relationship

    How you communicate to your audience is also an important thing to consider. If someone has liked your videos or post, the way you communicate is also noted by the Instagram algorithm. The higher you react to people’s feeds, the higher is your chance to increase your followers count. Interaction also matters to improve your followings. Raking is based on exchange in the past, such as commenting on the posts and being tagged together.

  4. Frequency

    Being frequent while posting on Instagram is also important as it determines how active you are on Instagram. The Instagram algorithm tries to show you the best and the latest posts since you last visited it.

  5. Following

    Instagram has this feature that if you’re following many people, automatically it sorts the accounts with whom you interact a lot, and that is when the algorithm works. It works by sorting the ones posted so that you see fewer unnecessary posts.

  6. Usage

    The time you spend on Instagram also matters. How long have you been scrolling and using Instagram and seeing the best posts and liking it? The Instagram algorithm checks whether you are just scrolling or digging up into the posts to find more about it and the total time browsing something.

There is one more interesting thing for you to know about how the algorithm works. One piece of advice was given to an artist, Rachel Reichenbach, who has grown her Instagram followers from a small number. The Instagram algorithm considers the good time you’re signing in into your account and the geolocation tagging and stories button and other factors to put your account into the highest rankings.

This means that the Instagram algorithm uses everything, posts, stories, tagging, location, and whatnot.

Use it consistently and frequently, even if the content shown to you seems unrealistic.

The followers will rise when you post each day, from Monday to straight sunny till the peak hours, and the follower’s count starts to grow. Practicing will help you understand the way the algorithm works.

How does the Instagram algorithm work for the IGTV content videos?

Instagram has launched a new feature, called the IGTC, where you can post your videos, and this feature intends to compete against YouTube. Normally, you can upload videos from about one to fifteen minutes long, which will help you reach a larger audience.

The algorithm of the IGTV is similar and works the same way as the algorithm of the feeds. Instagram feeds that appear first in your account are the ones whom you liked the most and with whom you have interacted with it the most. People want to see more new updates when they scroll the feeds and the same works with the IGTV content.

The algorithm brings the best content at the top and shows it to more people when missed in the first round. Igtv asks you to post about two to three videos a week, and also the algorithm rewards you for the same. The more you upload, the more chances to grow your account.


Nobody can ever get bored of Instagram. This platform helps you be famous, but you can earn money with the help of this platform. It is all about following the right strategy and knowing the accuracy of the post, and gradually you’ll see your account grow with a huge number of followers.