Instagram as a platform has grown beyond the ‘socializing’ app. Instead, it has evolved as the go-to app, be it for marketing or promotion. With billion active users who clock close to half an hour daily on average, there is a lot of room for everyone in the pond. The only visible drawback is the saturation that the media already faces.

Saturation both in terms of content and competition. Scroll through the feed, and you will find, every topic under the sky funds a match on the platform. This makes breaking into the spotlight a tedious and time taking process. Although it was never easy before, with added time, the content and competition have also risen to a whole new level, making the process more engaging.

But, even under difficult situations, you might not have come across any blog suggesting you buy the ‘numbers.’ Be it for any platform or in any form. So, even with tons of sites providing the service, the analyst beware of being cautious of their promises and paving your path yourself without entrusting third-party services.

However, many buyers still vouch for these services as the turning point in their growth on the platform. So what is the truth, and what lines separate the benefit and turn it into a drawback?

The facts

None of the social networking sites follow a particular set of thumb rules. Adding to the fact that the sites continuously evolve over the years to cater to the demands of both the investors and consumers. But here are some facts that have been tested against times.

  1. The number matters

    The numbers are the ones that drive traffic to your account. The numbers determine how the platform perceives you, measures your growth, and consequently promotes your account further on the platform.

    The numbers prominence has risen so much that people focus more on gaining numbers creating number toxicity. To give away with people who inflate likes using third-party sources, Instagram is trying and testing ways to minimize the focus on numbers.

  2. The competition is no joke

    There are almost 25 million brands, both big and small pushing around in the market. With a large consumer base, every business endeavor wants to expand its presence virtually.

    The ease of handling and carrying out business added with the platform’s market exposure makes it an ideal setup for small businesses. That is, the platform is thriving with many businesses. If you are starting new, you have to reinvent yourself to stand apart from the crowd to make people take notice of you.

  3. Your visibility influences the traffic you get

    Say for yourself, if the users do not see your brand, how can your brand garner new customers. The whole point of being on the social platform is to increase your influence beyond your acquaintance list. Hence, focus on marketing that increases visibility. One way is to increase the numbers.

  4. People measure worth using numbers

    People need a little push to click that follow button. It is not as easy as gaining likes and comments. For this, people actually need to visit your page and click the follow button. The numbers play a very important role here. An account with a large following gives the momentum, making the user quickly hit the button. However, if your account does not have followers even with quality content, your account is not highlighted in a positive light.

All this directly give inference to the weight that the followers number carry. This makes buying followers an ideal start to give momentum to your stagnant account until you realize that numbers are just the tip of the iceberg, you are about to scratch.

Things that happen

The number of followers is important, but few other numbers hold larger importance. These have a greater say in evaluating the growth of your account by the algorithms. In general, they are the engagement that your account gets.


    The likes your post receives are a direct indicator of the love that it receives from the users on the platform. The more accepted by the people, the higher the chance it has to be received by the others. This makes the algorithms promote the post on its own accord.


    How much the users share your content. Sharing can be done by directly messaging the content or tagging a person in the comment section. Shares make your content increase in value as people share quality content.


    Comments are a direct indicator of how an audience reacts to your content. They account for the engagement you receive from the users and the only way for your consumers to interact with you. They also help you build interaction with the users by replying accordingly.

Hence, the engagement that your account receives should match with the followers you have amassed. This is called the engagement ratio. This is where fake followers drag you behind. Fake followers don’t engage with you in any of the aspects mentioned above. This increases the disparity in the ratio. Speaking with respect to the algorithm, the more ratio you have. Better your account content. Thus, even with a few thousand followers, but better engagement proportions make your account better than an account with ten thousand followers but less engagement.

Other things that you need to be wary of

Delivering the promises is the one thing that comes under the scanner. Most of the time, the followers that the service providers provide are fake. The probability increases when you purchase the followers in a large amount.

The fake followers don’t engage with your content. Thus, decreasing the overall engagement ratio, your account garners. This decreases your account value in the eyes of the algorithms.

Instagram’s algorithms constantly strive to eliminate fake accounts from the site. Thus, even from the followers you receive, there is no absolute guarantee that they will remain safe from the algorithms.

In short, what you end up in is no growth with a significant investment of money.

But still, why?

Even after all these, many find buying followers as their haven. If you can somehow overcome the fake followers aspect, you can gain from the increasing numbers. The only way to do so is by trusting a service provider that doesn’t trade fake followers.

Another step to avoid fake followers is to avoid buying in bulk to make sure you receive quality followers each time around that can actually contribute to your growth.

Service providers like buylikesservices guarantee you authentic followers that become your advertisers in their network. Hence, the result is that you can enjoy the success that the numbers bring with them without worrying about the consequences.

But there is a catch! If success could be brought by money, no one would ever need to work for it. Just like the service is available for you, so it is for the other millions on the site. So then why does not everyone enjoy the same benefit? The answer lies in the content. The followers you buy can only act as a tiny push to start the ripple on the platform. But it all depends on your content to determine how far the ripples are carried forward.


Buying from trusted service providers makes sure you are not swept off in the negative publicity. Even with constantly reviving content, most often, the competition decreases buries your content. To let the spotlight shine on you, you need the magic of numbers. Buying followers help you rise over the state of stagnancy and carry on ahead with your growth. Though it might not be a snowball effect, you do see an upward curve.