With the increasing popularity of various social media platforms, businesses and individuals have started focusing on building a strong online presence. Whether it be an influencer or interpreter, one can be highly admired and recognized by creating a strong social media presence. And while talking about various social media platforms, Instagram has topped the chart for growing business and individual credibility.

Why Do People Buy Instagram Followers

A few years back, gaining any desired amount of followers and maintaining a healthy engagement rate was simpler on all the social media platforms, but now it has become quite challenging as the number of accounts has increased. Thus, forcing many businesses and individuals to look for alternatives or tricks for building an online presence, like purchasing Instagram followers, likes, and comments.

There are various reasons why an individual would want to buy more Instagram followers rather than settling for organic methods. Instagram creators, for instance, are often paid a good amount of money for collaborating with small businesses when they have a desirable number of followers. Small businesses, brands, and even though leaders seem to gain recognition by maintaining a good Instagram following. Some individuals solely want at least 10k followers to gain the swipe-up Instagram feature.

How to identify real and fake followers

Many savvy tech users can easily find out if any Instagram account has fake followers. However, even small businesses and brands make sure that the influencer or creator has a real following before collaborating, and some users might also see if any particulate brand is highly legitimating. There are many different methods to find out if any website or account has any fake followings or not.

For the first step, one must check their engagement rate. If any account has more than 1,00,000 followers with an average of only 100 likes per post, it has surely purchased a good amount of fake followers to be seen by Instagram algorithm or brands. We have already mentioned in the above paragraphs, how fake or bit followers can harm your engagement rate and reputation among brands, businesses, and thought learners.

After checking on the average engagement rate, you must scroll through the posts and take a good look and the like and comment section. Check whether the comments are irrelevant, Do they make any sense? If they don’t, then that’s another indicating that the particular account has purchased fake followers. Lastly, one can also check the quality of these followers by clicking through some of the follower’s accounts and check if they have a certain number of posts or following to look like a real account.

8 Reasons Why People Purchase Instagram Follower instead of organic ones

Meaning influences and creators are not still not fully convinced about this method, but we have listed several reasons why people purchase Instagram followers instead of using organic methods:

  1. Drives traffic to various social media platforms:

    One of the essential advantages of gaining a good amount of followers on Instagram is that it can drive high traffic from various other social media platforms such as Facebook or even from business websites. As social media platforms can even reach out to audiences, whereas a business website can help generate your business, especially e-commerce websites.

    You can gain these benefits by purchasing genuine and real followers from the trustable website that guarantees the link of real users and are completely aware of what will work on these platforms.

  2. Kickstart your account:
    Many start-ups and small businesses or start-ups who lack the necessary brand visibility and growth need to start performing various marketing activities that can ensure immediate replication from the target market. Listed below are some of the major statics that will tell you why inorganic methods are required.

    • The daily active follower’s number is up to 500 million+ as of 2020.
    • 500 million+ stories are daily uploaded through various Instagram accounts.
    • 25 million+ start-ups and businesses are on Instagram.
    • 200 million+ Instagram users visit at least one business account daily.

    With vast users, yet crowded, there is no surprise that a start-up or a business will be lost. On such platforms, where numerous potential markets are growing daily and offering a huge opportunity to their customers, the only way a new business can be noticed is through purchasing likes and followers.

  3. Generate Revenue:

    Along with various other strategies and ideas that can help gain followers and monetize your Instagram account, the main issue is that those procedures are very slow in targeting a large audience. The ultimate objective of every business is to grow on various social media platforms by developing their brand’s image and revenue.

    This particular objective can only be achieved if the influencer and company have followers to be converted into customers. To increase sales, one must reach out to their target market as quickly as possible, and that can be done by purchasing likes and followers.

  4. Pushes Brand Development:

    Purchasing real views and likes from reliable sources can ensure recognition for small businesses and start-ups. As the number of followers and likes increases, online visibility becomes prominent, and your brand will gain more recognition. Influence and reputation we’ll walk hand in hand as the brand visibility rises. This will also help in improving your brand image, and eventually, your followers will be converted into customers.

  5. The Power of Instagram:

    One of the hardest and most difficult tasks on Instagram, be it for influencers or businesses, is to get the desired number of followers. Purchasing likes from professional and reputed service websites can assure real and genuine likes and also helps in receiving the desired result. Gaining popularity on Instagram is a powerful tool that can be used to generate high revenues.

    Many businesses and startups prefer to focus and spend more time on core business activities and less time on online marketing. Hiring a digital marketer seems like the best option for framing internet strategies, but one of the effective and cheap options is to purchase likes.

  6. Multiply Followers:

    There is no limit on the number of one can have on their Instagram account. Such freedom helps the users in purchasing as many followers, likes, and other such services to improve their social network. Such acts will also create a chain effect when the number of likes on the post increases and will reach out to the target audience or followers. This is very important for new and small businesses that are looking forward to reaching their target audience.

  7. Engagement Statistics:

    According to the latest Instagram statics, the engagement rate has become highly important than before.

    • Every Instagram account with 1k followers has an 8% rate of engagement.
    • Instagram accounts with 1k to 10k followers have 4% rate of engagement.
    • Instagram accounts with 10k to 100k followers have a 2.4% rate of engagement.
    • Instagram accounts with 1 million followers have 1.7% rate of engagement.

    The above-listed figures will help set a benchmark around the “followers” parameters. Through these rates, one can easily calculate the benefits of purchasing likes. One can also identify the real and fake deals. However, one must be careful regarding the engagement rate as it is also detrimental.

  8. Trust among other social networks:

    With the help of a large number of followers on Instagram, one can make a major impact on other social media platforms. By forming a strong network of trust among your Instagram followers can establish an easy road for you on other social platforms. Purchasing genuine and real likes and followers is an ideal way of managing your Instagram account.

For maintaining an effective Instagram market, one must maintain a balance between inorganic and organic followers. This approach can differ based on the objective that an influencer or business carries while purchasing likes and followers. Another major factor is many service providers who sell likes and followers at a given price, also provide their customers with performance metrics.

One must always start by purchasing a cheap package with minimum likes, later depending upon the performance and who much help did the account receive over time, one can purchase a higher number of likes, followers, and comments. You gain the above-mentioned benefit by simply purchasing real and genuine likes from a trusted source.


If any individual all brands want to save their precious time in growing followers for their Instagram account, then purchasing followers through trusted websites would be an easy and preferable option. One can grow through organic methods, but that can consume lots of time and effort.

For example, if you have invested a good amount of time and money in opening a store and are willing to promote it on various social media platforms to attract customers, then it can be highly challenging and time-consuming for you to wait for years to grow via organic methods. Thus, one must consider purchasing your time on focusing on various important tasks.