Facebook has been a popular and growing social media platform for more than a decade now. But, you as a user may wish to get famous through it as well. Several people wonder if investment in followers is worth it. We are here to throw some clear light on it. Give a read below.

Why Facebook?

Facebook is among the most recognized and largest social media network, making it an excellent entry point for all businesses looking to develop their peculiar social media strategy and those who wish to go out of the league.

Facebook offers the most comprehensive set of tools and perfectly exposes your business to the widest audience compared to other social media apps and networks.

The many business and professional tools offered by Facebook allow you to create meaningful connections, build your online brand with potential employees and customers, and increase overall productivity.

Through Facebook, much like Linkedin, you can find perfect candidates and employees for your company or business. And while it is argued over that social media distracts, it is great for your employees.

Facebook will increase their productivity. Apart from that, this social media site is amazing in promoting the interaction of students with teachers. So, you see, Facebook is tremendously useful.

What are Facebook followers?

Back in the day, around 2011, you either were “friends” with someone on Facebook, or you were not. If you were not friends with them, their Facebook posts, videos would never appear in your timeline.

That all changed sometime later when Facebook introduced the “subscribe” feature. It is available on their platform, allowing users to subscribe to anyone else’s posts without being “friends” with them. In 2013, soon after, Facebook changed the terminology of this feature so that “subscribers” turned “followers.”

Well, Facebook followers are users of this social media app who have opted-in to “follow” your page or profile, meaning that they wish to receive your updates in their timeline, and they will.

How do you gather followers on Facebook? The most common way is when people like your profile or page, according to the default settings at Facebook, they will become followers as well. The same is very true for personal pages. It is when people become friends, and they automatically begin to follow each other.

What’s the difference between Facebook friends, page likes, and followers?

Well, users can surely become friends with other Facebook users. That was, less or more, the original premise of Facebook. It facilitated all personal relationships online. Plus, it’s free!

Pages introduced an impersonal aspect to this site, Facebook. It makes sense; places, businesses, and other establishments are not people. But, it is amazing and helpful to have them included on your Facebook page. Because pages are not real people (or people at all), users can only “like” a Facebook page – they cannot become friends with it. So you cannot, for instance, become friends with the page of Wall Street Journal – but you sure can like their page.

Finally, as mentioned, followers are people who have deliberately chosen to receive updates from a page or person. An important distinction is that “following” is a completely different action from the other two kinds of relationships.

So, you can follow a page you have not “liked,” and you can choose to “like” a profile or page and not follow its updates. The same goes for Facebook friends. The next time you visit, notice how Facebook’s “Following” and “Friends” buttons are separate.

Why more followers?

With so much amazing content competing for the attention of several internet users, it can be quite tricky to get started to have a brand presence on social media, particularly Facebook. Add to that the algorithm preferences (very frustrating), and it might seem impossible to gain any organic engagement without stress. However, do not worry, because it is hopeless.

Facebook’s algorithm prefers content that performs the highest on its platform to provide the greatest value to its users. That means posts with a very large number of comments and likes and pages with many Facebook followers.

So, it’s important to invest in authentic Facebook followers. You may encourage new visitors to your Facebook page with metrics that reflect a high value is a sure trick to building a strong foundation and gaining organic engagement for your brand.

What if the follower count is less?

If you are a general Facebook user who does not aim at generating dollars through this platform, you can chat with your dear friends and loved ones and post as much as you want. But, we are here for users who wish to expand their online business through Facebook or even start something brand-new here.

More followers imply more popularity. And so, fewer followers mean your page hasn’t been exposed to a larger audience. The key to growing an online business fast is to let people know you exist. As said above, the world is competitive now more than ever. If you need to have the spotlight over you, followers, likes, and comments are essential.

These followers are the people who are likely to take your business to another paradigm over time. They would also attract more and more people, and this chain is never-ending, which exactly is what a perfect business aims at.

If I have a page on Facebook, is it important to have followers?

Yes, it is. A Facebook page is mainly not for personal relations. So, it is created to let people know about a particular business or talent you want the online world of Facebook users to know about. A follower count would mean many people are interested in getting updates about whatever you are posting to showcase or products or services to sell.

It also paves the way for more users on this site to check out your page because your Facebook page already has several thousand or million followers. High follower count (authentic count) sure does indicate a remarkable growth in your business among your nice.

How essential is it to have Facebook accounts to follow you?

Facebook fans are incredible and “warm” leads. These are people who genuinely admire, appreciate, and like your company. They might have bought from you some years ago in the past, or they are thinking about purchasing from your brand in the near future, or they like the message that you are putting out there into the endless online universe.

The point is, they have already crossed the threshold and now are standing in your home. Always remember that they like you. These are the accounts and folks who are most likely to grab and take advantage of a promotion or sale you have going on on your Facebook page.

A lesser concern is the true yet [unfortunate] fact that Facebook’s vanity metrics still matter. If you have a heavy following, it surely adds credibility to your online business. That matters to prospects, customers, and partners, and even your other employees. It certainly feels good when you are on the virtual stage, and there are actually Facebook users or people in the room supporting and motivating your brand and you!

Which are more important: Facebook likes or followers?

It is a marketing agency. And Facebook followers are valued more than Facebook likes. It is because Facebook is considered a platform for engagement.

So, the only way people will engage and comment on your content is if and when they see it. So, if you have fifty thousand likes on your Facebook page but only five hundred followers, you would not be able to reach anyone with your Facebook content.

Ways to increase Facebook followers

Since by now you know the importance of having more people to engage with your brand on Facebook, you must also know how to enhance them. Here we will give some tips to increase them for free. In the next section, this article shall tell you how to boost Facebook followers through the paid way.

  1. Create content around trending topics

    An easy way to increase your page’s engagement on Facebook is to publish blogs, posts, videos, and all other types of content that discuss popular and relevant topics. There are plenty of amazing and free tools that you can use to find hot and trending topics: BuzzFeed Trending, Facebook Trending, and BuzzSumo. You must also monitor these platforms regularly and move as fast as you can since what is trending today can easily turn boring and outdated tomorrow.

  2. Use many hashtags

    Think of hashtags as the important and connective tissue that holds the whole body of your social media conversations on Facebook together. When you use them, you are essentially connecting your blogs and posts to other relevant posts to create an easy and clear pathway to your Facebook page. Do not go crazy with using hashtags. Please choose a limit for each post. Try tools like Hashtagify, Hashatit, and Keyhole.

  3. By downloading the Facebook follow button

    You can make it comfortable, easy for Facebook users to connect with your amazing page by downloading, installing the Facebook Follow Button. It will take the guesswork out of connecting to your social media page and show them upfront that you have a great presence on Facebook and eliminate the user’s need to search for your Facebook brand on his/her own. So, when Facebook users want to follow your brand, all they need to do is click on this easily available Facebook Follow Button.

What is the paid way?

If need be, paying to buy Facebook followers is also an option. There are several relevant and authentic sites on the web like buylikesservices.com and many more. You may visit them, choose your follower slot, make a quick payment, and have your genuine followers on your Facebook page within 24 to 48 hours. But, with this, please do not forget to keep your content awesome!

How to make the Facebook page strong?

Before you even consider or think about investing in Facebook SMM tools, please ensure to set up a strong and impactful Facebook business page for your amazing brand. Facebook will draw organic audiences to your page based on the page name and follower count, but they will stick around depending on the quality of your page’s content and the fantastic value that you can carry to them.

The first thing to remember and take into consideration is the name of your Facebook page, as well as the page handle. Kindly try to keep things sweet and short; stick to your brand name if you have. You may also use your name if you are maintaining a page for any personal brand. Also, keep your username as close and similar to the page title possible to avoid any confusion. If your username is one across all other social media platforms, it is a bonus!

Filling out the About page is the key. You may use this space to provide all the possible details about your share your message, brand, and finally, convince your audience of the value you and your products can bring. The bio section of Facebook allows for more characters or words than Instagram does. So, we suggest you take advantage of this feature.

Be sure to link your Facebook page back to all your other social media profiles and your website if you have it. In addition, a call to action button appears beneath your page’s cover photo to link directly to your professional website for a better and enhanced click-through rate!

You can now focus on your cover image and profile picture. Choose a relevant image or brand’s logo for a professional brand or a portrait or a logo of yourself for a brand. Whatever you decide to choose, please ensure it’s unique, eye-catching, and welcoming.

Your Facebook cover photo should not only serve as aesthetically pleasing to your page but a very informative one. You can include:
Your social media handle.

  • Announcements about all the free items or services or that your brand offers.
  • The logos to all the vital platforms your brand is on.

If your online shop has a twenty percent off holiday sale, this is the time to make it widespread and known to everyone on Facebook!

What do I do to increase Facebook followers?

You may work on consistently growing your online Facebook audience but do not make it the only and top priority. Please know that organic reach on Facebook, Instagram, and other apps is in the single digits. It would mean when you post, many people who like your Facebook page would not even see it. If you focus all your money, time, & energy on growing an audience for social media platforms, you are not going to see the return on the sufficient investment that you and your brand really need. So, here are some useful tips:

  1. You can focus on sharing good quality content that is relevant to your Facebook brand.
  2. Also, boost those Facebook posts and use targeting to ensure and specify your ideal customer as the best audience.
  3. Finally, you can invite anyone who engages with your social media post to “like” and be a follower of your page.

It is that easy, believe us. You do not need to take stress over figuring out a plan to grow your Facebook audience. Focus on serving the content on a silver platter, and the rest will follow.

Creating brilliant and high-quality content for your Facebook page

Even with your profile perfectly set up with a cover page and impactful bio, things might be looking a little or very empty on your Facebook brand page before you invest in authentic or bought Facebook followers; please note that it is important to create a foundation of very good quality content for newer followers to engage with.

It will also ensure that organic audiences visit your page and for the first time will have no doubts at all about the good quality of your brand’s content and the amazing value that you and your great brand can bring in exchange for their precious time – not to mention their likes, follows, and comments!

Aim to have at least three or more strong posts on your Facebook page before you begin to invest in SMM tools. Also, try to ensure that not all of these first posts are brand advertisements or similar promotions. Use your platform to entertain, engage, and inform as well as advertise your services and goods.

Thus, it will ensure that your Facebook audience is committing to keeping up with all the hot and latest brand news, rather than dreading the marketing pitch about the course you are offering.

Be sure to engage back with your Facebook audience! If you are receiving comments, it is very important to respond in return. Whether it is criticisms, feedback, or just encouragement from your engaged audience, showing your page’s followers that you are a real person behind the scenes or your brand is key to maintaining long-term commitment and loyalty.

It is time to get started!

With an amazing and fabulous Facebook page set up, and a foundation of your brand’s high-quality content, it is time to get started and invest in authentic Facebook followers for your page. No matter what type of service, goods you choose, please be sure to keep things natural.

You may start slowly in relation to the number of posts you have, and that’s perfectly fine. The post engagement you are receiving is important. With that in mind, you are already on your way! Just one small first step in the journey to going viral in no time!

Having a large following on Facebook has several benefits, and you know it all by now. The average organic reach is about five-point two%, according to Hootsuite.

If you grow a larger audience, you have more followers and people who will see your Facebook posts organically (ex. hundred followers/five people see your posts. Thousand followers/fifty people see your posts.)

You also enjoy having a large group of online people who know you, your Facebook brand and have taken the first step to engage with your company or brand. It surely means you can strategically and efficiently “boost” posts reach them for things like your new offers or events, and they will be more likely to make a purchase or attend.


You may also continue to grow your Facebook audience on the platform, but do not make it the top priority. Spend your time leveraging trends and creating shareable content.

Then boost those contents and posts to reach a wider and more useful audience. You will attract the most important and right Facebook people to grow your following. You would also generate a return for your online business.