Instagram: the hub of global connectivity

Instagram is one of the emerging social platforms that connect billions at once. With multiple features that allow you to explore different dimensions of connecting and interacting with a global audience, the platform is gaining prominence as one of the forerunning platforms for the same. The feature rose to a whole new level of prominence with the introduction of the live-streaming option that helps you to reach out in real-time.

An obvious hurdle along the way

However, there is only one problem. Instagram was created with smartphones in mind. Its multiple features work best when done from the PCs giving an optimum resolution to your contents along with enjoying several other features. That is, there are several features that might not run at their best when logged in via a desktop, and some do not even work.

One of them is the live streaming option. The official desktop app for the platform does not support live streaming, making you depend on other third-party sources to skip over this technical hurdle.

Live-streaming: why should you not ignore?

Live streaming is one of the most efficient ways to increase engagement rates on social platforms. Going live may not mean much if you are a regular user, as it is a bonus for you to connect with your followers in real-time. But the story changes when you are on the other side of the coin, i.e., brands and marketers.

Videos are an efficient way to share all the details at once. However, there is a limit set by the platform that runs in seconds (until you upload to IGTV). With live streaming, you now no longer have to worry about time or leaving out information.

Thus, live streaming is an important way to drive traffic to your site without much investment. Live streaming brings in the sense of reality to the product, helps you build a two-way communication between the brand and the users and, keeps them well connected on the further updates. With the consumer market that is increasing day by day, live streaming is a platform that is driving in dollars.

Better engagement is a boost to your business and the channel image. Hence, exploring the advantages of live streaming is at a high point across all media platforms.

Sources to your rescue!
There are different ways to overcome the problems and start live streaming through your computers.

Alternative#1: Android emulators

The idea is to create a virtual copy of your phones and thus run all the functioning of the phone on the desktops through this virtual alternative. Mostly used for the purpose of playing games using better controls from the desktop than smart screens, emulators are the best way to enjoy the features of mobile on a desktop. Thus, solving your problem regarding Instagram, be it uploading photos or going live.

The emulators are fairly safe to use without many concerns. Safety concern props when the source of download have malicious origins. Otherwise, it is an inexpensive way of running mobile applications. Barring the requirement of large space to set up and potential slow downing of the device, you face no problems once you get the hang of the ways to go about.

Step 1: Download and install the emulator from a trusted source (like google..etc.)

Step 2: Download the Instagram app (i.e., android packaged file one).

Step 3: Open the emulator and chose the location for the database.

Step 4. Add the application to the emulator.

Step 5. Adjust the orientation for running the application and sync it to the requirements of Instagram. After completing the required details, click on the launch button.

Step 6. Log into the virtual copy of your Instagram and scroll past the posts. You can make use of all the features, including webcam, go live from the PC..etc., without any glitches.

Emulators to choose from:

There are many emulators to choose from depending on your use and the application you want to run. If it is solely for running Instagram, it is ideal to install an emulator that does not engage much of the resources.

However, if you are also considering other options like gaming or testing apps functionality, a high-performing emulator may be your go-to stop. Some emulators to consider are Bluestacks, ARC welder, MuMu Player, Android Studio’s Emulators.

Alternative#2: Third-party apps

Speaking on the emulators, the slow speed of operation is a concerning factor. Especially when you use it to make a virtual copy of the latest software; moreover, if you are not cautious enough and download it from malicious sites, your data might be at a higher risk. Thus an alternative to this is to use live-streaming platforms that helps you stream live with little technical guidance. Given below is the streaming using the OBS software.

Step 1. Download the software. One is the OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) studio which is responsible for streaming. The other one is a software that allows streaming to Instagram from OBS.

Step 2. Set a new profile for Instagram on the OBS.

Step 3. Configure the setting to match with Instagram.

Step 4. Add audio and video source.

Step 5. Go to the other software and log in with your Instagram credentials. You will receive a generated URL and key.

Step 6. Copy the URL and the key and paste them onto the settings in the OBS studio.

Step 7. Click start streaming.

Advantage of streaming from desktops

Streaming using the desktop is all about the comfort and ease of controls that it gives against the phones. Since going live serves multiple purposes like interaction via chat, pinning comments…etc., all at the same time while carrying out the live streaming.

Having a desktop helps you have uninterrupted access to the chat section. You can use the webcam or connect another camera for higher definition by listing the video source.


Though there are mixed views on running Instagram on PC, there is no denying the advantage of live streaming from the desktops. Using one alternative helps you efficiently overcome the hurdle that the desktop version of the app experiences.