It is no secret that YouTube single-handedly changed the way the world consumes content. Hundreds of hours of content are uploaded on YouTube daily and billions of hours of content are consumed by viewers across the world every month making YouTube the world’s second-largest search engine. There have been other video platforms that have tried to follow suit but none of those could come close to what YouTube has achieved.

YouTube has provided many with the option of creating successful careers off it. Justin Bieber was discovered at the age of 13 via YouTube, content creators such as Lilly Singh, PewDiePie, Jeffree Star, James Charles no YouTube user needs an introduction to. These creators along with many others owe their success to their hard work, smart work oh and also to the existence of YouTube.

Another reason behind the success of YouTubers is consumer behavior. The Internet has changed the ways of the world. Back in 2005 when YouTube was launched the growth of the platform was good but ever since the world became more digitized concerning connectivity the growth has been massive. Now since most of the internet-using world is using YouTube advertisers to focus on putting their messages on the platform giving influencers (even the micro-ones) the chance to make money.

Some may however say that the golden days of making money off of YouTube have somewhat passed, the opportunity of being successful concerning marketing on the platform is still very real. This is why to date many newcomers are still trying to make it to the YouTube world.

Between 2017 and 2019 the number of YouTube channels nearly doubled from 15 million to over 30 million in just 2 years. The number may make you somewhat optimistic but almost all new vloggers find their content buried under the thousands of contents that are uploaded every day. Only some can figure out how to break free. This may be due to two reasons:

  1. Creating engaging video content is simply not your cup of tea.
  2. There is something wrong with your channel setup.

For the first, there is not much we can do to help however with the second reason this article will be able to help you quite a lot. So, keep on reading to understand more about YouTube. How to make videos, how to optimize your channel, how to share your content, and where to share so that you to can make your mark on the channel.

Channel setup seems quite simple but there is so much you can do wrong which will, later on, affect your YouTube presence.

Here is how any new-to-scene YouTuber who wants to make it will do to set up his/her channel.

Before you begin

Trusting your Instincts is good but before you leap into the YouTube world to set up your channel make sure you do strategic research. It is highly recommended that you first test out the waters before going in this will save you from drowning later.

Start by answering what is the purpose of your channel? What kind of content do you want to create? If the objective is for individual promotion what is your main focus?

  • Is it educate kids on YouTube?
  • Or to make millions?

If it is for business, your channel’s focus should be to create engaging content and to attract viewers to your brand. Once you figure out the purpose of your YouTube channel you can then start working on strategy.

Video keyword research

What is video keyword research? It is the task of finding the words and keywords that people use to search for videos online. This will help your video to be displayed when keywords related to your video content are typed into the search bar.

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. This means that millions of people are using YouTube to search for videos related to various topics such as sports, fashion, politics, and more.

In other words: it is most likely that someone from your target audience is searching for one of your videos right now. So how do you ensure that when the person presses enter on the search bar your video pops up? By doing search engine optimization.

If you can identify the keywords that the person would use and optimize your video accordingly your video can show up at the top of the search bar. Remember with YouTube most people do not scroll down to look for videos they trust the site to give them the best at the very top. So, if the goal is to catch your viewer’s eye make sure you understand “Keyword Optimization”.

When you learn the art of optimizing your videos around the right keyword you will then improve the chances of your video getting significantly higher likes, views, comments, and subscribers. You can also use tools such as vidIQ to help you with keyword research. Although you would require a premium subscription to access the full results within the tool.

Competitive research

Let’s say that you got a hang of keyword research the next step would be to type in those keywords and queries into the YouTube search panel and see which one of your competitors rank for these. At times you will notice that the same competitors keep showing up in the result panel where you would like your videos to be.

The reason why you are doing this is to study these channels, observe what they have done with their content, take tips, and aim to make a video that is not only better but more engaging than your competitors. Figure the aspects of the video that could have been better or something that does not sit right in the video. Learn from the mistakes of your competition. This way the chances of you making a rookie mistake will be lessened.

Content development

Now that the research part is done you can now come to the fun step and that is creating your video. The topic you want to focus on must be pretty clear by now, you would also have some idea about what you want your video to be like. Once you have some strong hints about making a successful video you can dive straight into the filming process.

Try to collect a few weeks of content before you post your first video. This way you can consistently post content without having to take breaks. This will also keep you from making videos in a rush. When you have a deadline to meet chances are you will not pay the right amount of attention needed since all your focus is on completing and posting the video on time. This can affect the quality of your content which is not the goal. This will also keep your audience engaged while you focus on creating new content.

How to set up a YouTube channel

Making a YouTube channel is not tough. All you need is a Gmail account and you are good to go. Without a Gmail account, you can only view YouTube videos but you cannot react to them, nor can you post anything.

First and foremost, if you do not have a Gmail id, create one. Next, go on to the YouTube website or app and sign in. You will have to enter information such as your name, age, a valid phone number that can, later on, be verified. Fill in all the other information that may be required.

You will also have to select the type of account you wish to have whether a business account or an individual account. The difference with both these accounts is that business accounts allow you to create a channel name and also allows you to share management with other Gmail users.

Once all the information has been entered you will then be asked to verify the account using the code sent on the number entered by you. verifying your account is crucial as it enables you to access otherwise unavailable features. For instance, without a verified account, you will be unable to use custom thumbnails.

Once all of this has been done you can now get down to business and start with the basics of channel optimization. When you click on your YouTube profile you will be able to see an “about” section. This option allows you to give your viewers a little introduction/description of your channel. Keep the description brief yet informative and captivating. You can also add in your location, website, social media links, and anything else that you might see fit.

Nest step is to change the background banner of your channel that is visible when using a desktop device. Go to your channel profile, click on the icon displayed at the top right-hand corner. You will then be asked to upload a picture from your gallery/files. If you have a brand logo you can always choose that or you can choose something that you think sits well with your content.

If you wish to add any links to, the channels you can go back to the “About” section click on the “Customize Channel” button. You will then see an expandable “links” section which allows you to add up to 5 links.

Channel structure

Once you have dealt with the basics of your channel you can then focus on uploading content. When you upload videos, they will automatically be displayed under “Videos” unless you organize them. Like all other things you always want to start with your best foot forward same goes with YouTube that means making sure that the best of your videos is listed first. If you cannot figure out which video is the best you can wait for a while and based on the video’s performance list them accordingly.

Videos that have targeted the keywords well and also have the best production value are most likely to perform the best. Make sure you organize your content based on the themes of the videos and sort them into playlists.
To create a playlist sign into your account and head over to the YouTube Studio option, you will see the option next to the “Customize Channel” option. Next, click on the “Playlists” on the left-hand side menu.

Once you have followed all these steps you will now see a window where you can create a new playlist. Select the videos that you wish to add to this playlist and arrange them accordingly. You also have the option of making your playlist public or private. Since you have a business account make sure you turn it public. Next, add an appropriate title to your playlist, and voila! You have successfully created a playlist.

Optimizing your YouTube channel

It’s the content that makes the channel. So, for the channel to be successful the content needs to be well received. To ensure that a video catches the eyes of your target audience you need to ensure that your channel setup is well-optimized. Optimization is pretty simple you start with optimizing your uploads, then comes the playlists, and then your overall channel.

Lights, Camera, Upload

Do you know why most channels on YouTube are not successful? It is due to the lack of prior knowledge. Most people think that YouTube is easy money but they fail to understand the hard work that goes into it creating a successful channel. The hours of the editing process, coming up with new content, new ideas, filming the entire video, and even when all these criteria have been checked you can yet not be sure if the video will do well.

Video content is not something you should enter into lightly. You need lots of commitment and patience to make it. Processes such as video production require time, equipment and at most times are pretty costly. So do not put in your time and energy into making a YouTube account if you do not have what it takes to be a successful vlogger.

With this, we have come to an end with the basics of creating and operating a YouTube channel from scratch. So, let us say that you have understood the workings of a YouTube channel so what comes next? Well, the next step that follows content uploads is, sharing your content.

Where to share your content

How will your video get views? Since this is a blog for beginners on YouTube it is safe to say that you will have to work to attract viewers to your channel. So apart from optimizing your channel and videos to attract viewers what more can you do outside of YouTube to gain exposure? Below is a list of tips you can follow to share your content outside the platform that will help you gain viewers organically.

Tips to share YouTube videos

  1. Start with family and friends –

    Sharing your content, your videos are very important. Let us get one fact clear – you are new to the YouTube world so you cannot expect to get views without working for it. Even the most popular creators had to self-promote their videos at the very beginning. Now the method to do this is pretty simple. You start with something called the chain process.

    So, before you start worrying about getting your video across thousands of viewers, start with your close circle, that is your family, friends, and colleagues. Once your close circle likes your content, they are sure to share it with their circle, and this way the chain carries on.

    Also, you can trust your family and friends to subscribe to your channel, this way you will have gained the starting numbers that will help you grow further. In summary start with your family, your close circle, and continue forward.

  2. Post links to your videos on your social media profiles

    Want more traffic to your videos why not make use of your social media handles? Cross-platform promotion especially in regards to YouTube works magic in driving users to view your content. You can add posts, stories, etc on your Instagram channel to inform your followers about your YouTube video this way you funnel the traffic on your social media profile to your YouTube this will also help you gain favor with the YouTube algorithms.

    You can also add the links to your videos on your Instagram bio and in the description of your other social media profiles to boost your views and subscribers

  3. Reach out to influencers to promote your video

    Influencer marketing is the fastest-growing marketing concept. Even big brands that are well-established now rely on influencer marketing to reach the audience and to surge in humongous numbers of views. You too can do the same. Tools such as Unamo Social Media to search for influencers with similar spheres of interest and reach out to them to promote your video on their channel or social media handles. Since the target audience will pretty much be the same this will be a great opportunity to attract a new crowd.

  4. Bribe a little

    Every person walking the earth likes free stuff. So why not channel this admiration of free stuff by providing giveaways to coax users to view your videos. One way to do this by asking users to check out your video and tag a friend or two and the person who tags the highest number of friends has the chance of winning a prize. You can also add the link to your YouTube video in the video description on social media and ask your followers to register for the free giveaway through the link. When users click on the link, they will be redirected to your video thus increasing your views.

  5. Remember, be patient!

    Growing a loyal following base, gaining views, growing your channel, and understanding your audience all take time. Do not expect miracles because let’s face they are pretty rare. To get results you need to do your part and the platform will ensure the rest. Make sure that the content quality, as well as the video quality, is given the utmost care.

    And slowly but surely you will see the results. Also, try adopting new advertising techniques, try collaborating with other vloggers, come up with fun new ideas, and also make sure you try to involve your followers as much as you can.

In summary

With this, we come to an end with this blog. YouTube is a world on its own and like our very own world it too has its highs and lows so be positive and stay patient and things will start falling in place.