when building their brand. Reaching this tier shows that you have the potential to become a serious online influencer in the industry.

Nevertheless, with influencer marketing continuously growing, Instagram users purchase lists of potential followers, hoping that they will get a portion of these people to get their attention to the account. Specifically, in a B2B business setting, purchasing a list might lead to bad quality traffic to the website – along with unintended outcomes such as bad-fit leads, a higher bounce rate, and less time spent on pages.

This is a safer and much more rewarding route to grow social following naturally. Engagement with the brand will be higher. Members of the target audience will share the content, and you will get more opportunities to nurture or convert qualified leads that are interested in what you are there for.

  1. Experiment to find your voice

    If you have been posting on Instagram for a long time and are not getting the social traction you have been looking for, switch that up. Change the content type that you are posting, and strike some different tone in your captions. Then look at the analytics, and look at what content people are relating with.

    You may also explore brands that you would like to emulate on social media and build a few fresh ideas. Once you have identified the voice and content that resonates with the viewers, publish more posts like those.

  2. Take Great Photos

    This first tip is the most important. Nothing in the rest of the post will help if you are starting with mediocre images. You don’t have to have a fancy camera to get results on Instagram; it is absolutely possible to take amazing Instagram photos with the iPhone. Nevertheless, if you are planning to use the same photos in different parts of the marketing, you might want to consider updating to a more advanced camera at a particular point.

    The important thing to remember whenever shooting for Instagram is to spend some time studying that frame and slow down. Consider each element inside the click. The consideration of the styling of the image will be what sets the pictures apart from an old Instagram feed.

  3. Be active

    If you are active on Instagram, like, comment on them other people’s photos, and engage with the content frequently. This is an excellent way to start getting noticed, particularly if people closely follow the posts in the target market. That being said, if you are very active, you can look like a spam bot to Instagram’s algorithms, and they will delete you.

    There are many obnoxious people who automate casual comments to show up on influencer channels with URLs, etc. It is also seen on a blog and quickly deleted. Therefore, the essential key here is to keep a constant and socially acceptable interaction level.

  4. Don’t follow for follow

    It is very tempting, but you should not do it. If you see someone with 7,350 followers, but they follow 7,400 people, that normally indicates that their content is not high-quality—and if they are trying to expand the follower count by clicking every follow button they come across.

    Building an intended audience does take patience and time. If you have a social media strategy for the B2B brand, following different users for the sake of following you back will not bring you the results you desire.

  5. Be honest and real

    When things begin to look fake on Instagram, is their life that perfect? Don’t be hesitant to be authentic and make content that people will relate to. Highlight the quirks of the business that can win people. As it will be curated to a certain degree, posting third-party content, user-generated content, or employee quotes will put light on what the brand prioritizes and values.

    Utilizing the Instagram Stories tool is actually an excellent way to showcase your individual personality and the company culture; if you’re okay with video, give that a try!

  6. Don’t brag too much

    Let’s say that you have won a prize. That’s awesome, and you must post about it. And avoid making reviews, accolades, and certifications the only type of stuff you post. With similar lines, do not spend a lot of time talking about the service or product and why it is good. Spend just a little time doing this. Users are not following that Instagram account for only promotional content. They wish to see a side of your organization and also you that makes you look human. They need to get inspired creatively, and they have a laugh.

  7. Publish timely content

    Being on top of pop culture, current events, and industry news will definitely help you boost interactions with the account. Always look for what is up and trending and ways through which you can leverage it on the page. If there’s any new meme that is going viral, figure out how you can personalize it to fit the specialty or brand.

    If something has happened in the media that impacts the industry, write something on the blog in your own way and promote it on social channels, including Instagram. Capitalize on online trends and current affairs, it will help get more eyes on the content, especially if you use appropriate hashtags.

  8. Identify influencers and interact with them

    Find the best influencers in the respective niche, and start following them. Look for what they are posting and what people say in the captions. And then join the conversation. The users interacting and following are most likely in the target audience as well, and when you respond to something they say, you might get a new follower from it.

  9. Get a birds-eye view of your Instagram

    Step back and take a quick look at Instagram as a whole. Ensure that all of the images look on-brand and good, that Instagram highlights have been set up, that all of the bio info is updated with hashtags as well as a current link to either the relevant content or website.

  10. Cross-promote on other channels

    If you have a decent following already on a different social platform, just make sure the followers there hear about the Instagram account also. You must also drive people to Instagram by promoting that channel on the website. Some ways to cross-promote include:

    • Linking Instagram to your Facebook and Twitter so that it posts on all the sites.
    • Adding Instagram handle to the bio of different social media sites.
    • Embedding Instagram images from the page in the newsletter.
    • Adding a link to Instagram in the email signature of your brand.
    • Embedding Instagram images from the page in blog posts.

    There is surprisingly limited fanfare when you have hit a certain follower mark, but by considering these tips and putting them top of mind, you will be on the way to genuine Instagram growth.


So people, there you have it, ten easy and quick tips to increase Instagram followers. Always keep in mind that there is no quick scheme when it is about Instagram followers. Purchasing fake followers will harm the engagement, in the long run, unavoidably filling the account with spam and building a poor user experience for all the real followers. And now, as Instagram is moving towards an algorithmic feed, only genuine likes will grow the influence.