Instagram outgrew its first impression as just a fun app that is now a serious networking, content marketing, audience building, and selling tool for brands and individuals. This is one of the most successful social networking sites globally, with more than 200 million active users monthly sharing millions of images and billions of likes every day.

Engagement rates for brands on most of the social networks are very much less, but Instagram just blows them all off. For brands, the average Instagram engagement rate in a study conducted in 2014 was an historic 58 times more than what was recorded on Facebook. When you have just started an online business, it will be exciting to imagine how you successfully sell the product through Instagram once you have got a following.

But to be true, Instagram followers are very hard to reach. Because no one can identify who you are. You have still got to establish yourself as a successful influencer and brand. But this does not mean it is not possible. Just take a look at this guide on the best ways to get followers on Instagram; you could hit a good number of Instagram followers in a considerable span of time. No tricks or jokes!

Create a branded hashtag

A branded, dedicated, or custom hashtag will allow you to create a collection of the best content essentially. Then, when a possible follower discovers you through a different highly targeted tag, they will be more inclined to follow after seeing the top posts.

One can also consider building a branded tag for your every Instagram marketing campaign. This will be a better option in many cases as it usually sounds less promotional than working on something more specific to the business, like your company title. In addition, campaign hashtags are usually used by followers, which will then capture the attention of all the connections. If their interests are the same, they too will start following you.

Cross-promote dedicated hashtags

Make sure that the hashtag that you made for your company is in the profile. But take the play offline and have it printed on the receipts, in signage, print ads, or at relevant events and in your store.

If you are on TV and radio, suggest people to use the hashtag. Integrate offline and online campaigns by ensuring that it is listed on the other social profiles, website, and email. Don’t hope people will notice it.

Use industry-specific hashtags

You need followers who are involved in what you do and offer. Therefore, primarily using terms not explicit to the industry would end in gaining just a few followers. And in that case, you should use hashtags in the posts that your target audience would be browsing particularly.

The more specific you will be, the more engaged the people you attract and the higher the chances that they will be your followers. Additionally, applying more precise tags might cut down on the quantity of competitors competing for the follows of the related people you are targeting. As a result, the accounts will be easier to spot and, thus, easier to follow.

Don’t be boring

When it is about Instagram caption ideas, you have to look beyond the one-word, evident hashtags. Ofcourse, you might want to use those, but mix those up and apply hashtags to tell part of the story. Be ironic, outrageous, or funny, and just don’t be dull.

Use event-related hashtags

Event-related hashtags include events taking place in the industry like annual workshops, conventions, and seminars. They can also be well-known events in the country, local area, or the world that are on the minds of the people at a particular time. Those are often best suited for the more casual, lighthearted posts.

For instance, if you have snapped a picture of your team enjoying the World Cup during a break, post that, and do not forget to add #worldcup. As this might not get you many followers since it is a very popular and general term, it will boost awareness of the business, which will then support your efforts to get more followers.

Participate in popular conversations

With every post, use a blend of topically related hashtags like #woodworks for a carpentry company, for instance, and also super-popular, trending hashtags wherever needed.

The specific hashtags are similar to long-tail keywords in that they give more intent and help you in finding the right users. Still, the globally trending hashtags are good for getting the business in front of people in general. This includes:

#summer (or any season)
#tbt or #throwbackthursday
#bestoftheday or #picoftheday or #photooftheday
#waybackwednesday or #wbw

Or just a plain old #fun will get you noticed front of many people in general. Just know that famous hashtags must not make up the big part of the strategy.

They attract a general audience, but they have the rightful place in social media marketing success. They may increase the exposure and create engagement, probably endearing fresh followers to you. However, when it is about general vs. specific hashtags, you need to achieve growth on a network as noisy and big as Instagram.

Make the most of your bio URL

It’s top real estate on any Instagram profile. Would you really want the bio to only link to the website homepage, forever? Instead, change it up at least twice a week and use the clickable link in the bio to drive traffic to the most popular or newest content.

Get descriptive with the captions

A picture is worth words, but you should not skip the words completely. National Geographic is wonderful at using storytelling beside their Instagram posts to generate sharing and engagement. As the traditional media brands have dropped, NatGeo has flourished across digital and is one of the top brands on this platform, with more than 50 million followers.

Just like different Instagram hacks included here, this is also something you will wish to commit to working into the strategy with time, so do not worry if it is weird at the start. Your writing will get improved as you find your brand’s Instagram voice.

Promote your Instagram presence beyond Instagram

Getting more and more Instagram followers implies promoting outside of this platform. Suppose that your Instagram presence is not that great, but you have a fair amount of web traffic, email subscribers, or a following on different networks. If so, you have to leverage the followers elsewhere and discover ways to funnel them towards your Instagram.


Figuring out how to gain followers on Instagram is very tough in the beginning. Once you have passed the first 10,000 followers, you will have to continue using all or some of these strategies to keep growing the account towards a huge followers base. Do not forget to update the profile regularly, particularly your Instagram bio, including interesting news or CTAs. You will have to put yourself out there more than you have ever before.

Perhaps posting on Instagram a few times a day each day of the week is difficult to fit into the schedule, But eventually, all the effort will pay off. And you will have achieved an Instagram following you will be proud of.