While your 9 to 5 job may give you a guaranteed paycheck but does it give you the sense of freedom, space, and creativity? Can you roam around the world and work from any location? Have you ever thought of being your boss? I am sure many of you may have thought on these lines a couple of times. What if you have lucrative options that allow you more freedom, and yet you can generate handsome income online?

There are no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’; you can certainly make money through social media remotely.

How to Make Money Online

  1. Begin with Dropshipping

    Dropshipping is the most viable option to make money online. The data revealed by Google Trends reflects dropshipping’s increasing popularity. Dropshipping became a buzzword with a high-flier entrepreneur’s commendable success as he stole the limelight with his $6 667 earnings in 8 weeks.

    Another success story of a store owner surfaced where he sold just one product and earned money in six figures. Many such inspiring stories of dropshipping are evident enough of its being a real money-making platform.

    Those who haven’t heard of dropshipping: dropshipping is a virtual business model where you can sell and add various products to your store, and your supplier will parcel and ship the products directly to your customers. You can add as many varieties of products as you wish. Hand-pick your product photos, add your touch to them by writing intriguing product descriptions, and people will be tempted to buy from you.

    Most business owners practice a few online marketing strategies like sending direct messages to potential leads, promoting social media influencers, using trending hashtags, and running Facebook ads. So, what are you waiting for? Build your dropshipping store today!

  2. Try Print on Demand

    Print on demand is another emerging tool where people are making decent money. Best suitable for graphic designers. Many designers pick up well on this model and sell their clothing line and other stuff to encash their best designs. You can also establish your brand with innovative and unique ideas if you have a creative bent of mind.

    This platform is quite similar to dropshipping.

    You don’t need to stock up on inventory or get your hands into packaging and shipping to your end customers. However, it is slightly different from dropshipping in terms of packaging and cost. Firstly, you can put branded labels on the products you ship, and secondly, shipping cost is on a higher side. In a nutshell, to make money on Print on Demand, you either need to supply in bulk or charge more to maintain a sustainable business model.

    Target free marketing channels, and run promotional campaigns on Insta, Pinterest. You can use IG influencers as well for converting your followers into real customers.

  3. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing is one of the most trending ways of making money for digital nomads and tech-savvy people. The most compelling thing about it is that you can choose to become an affiliate to any business, from FabFitFun, Uber, to Shopify or Amazon.

    Affiliate marketing enables you to earn your brand through reviewing products. You can be an affiliate to many brands and earn a commission on promoting each brand. You can write blogs and earn per blog. Additionally, you can add affiliate links in a single blog post.

    If you are serious about earning money through this channel, then you should consider content marketing. By developing high-quality content through blogs or YouTube videos on product reviews, you can make well.

  4. Start a YouTube Channel

    If you want to make money, then consider starting your YouTube channel. A 7 years old high-earning YouTuber back in 2018 earned $22million through his reviews of toys on his YouTube Channel. Another high-earning YouTuber Jeffree Star made news for earning more than $18 million on YouTube; he promoted cosmetics brands and gained about $100million yearly.

    You can also make money through YouTube channels. You should focus on developing your unique selling point, which will help you build a strong clientele.

    For instance, you can pick up product reviews, cooking tutorials, golf tutorials, academic tutorials, stream video games, coding videos, or anything that you are good at.

    People are mostly drawn towards educational videos or entertaining videos. You can create videos on topics that are high in demand and earn money on YouTube. You should use a captivating title to get people intrigued, and they will be compelled to watch your video, or you can use keywords optimized for video search and ranking on YouTube. As you reach 1,000 subscribers for your video and channel, you will be able to make money officially with YouTube ads for your channel.

    Sportsperson, singers, and reality stars are big shot influencers. Once in a while, you can invite such influencers on your channel to boost your views. Small influencers can also make money; YouTube is unbiased for all.

    Build a strong base of followers to become an influencer. YouTube and Instagram are known as the easiest podium for outpouring your creativity and yet earn from it. You might want to explore options like buy YouTube likes, YouTube views, buy Instagram followers, buy Instagram likes, or Buy Instagram comments to boost your brand visibility.

    As an influencer, you can promote brands, include affiliate links in your post, create your product line, sell ads on your podcast, get paid to appear on talk-shows, and charge as a company’s brand ambassador. You can explore more such lucrative ways of earning online.

  5. Share Your Knowledge Online/ Create Courses

    If you have expertise in a subject or have a certification, let’s say in cognitive behavioral therapy, neuro-linguistic program or languages, IELTS. You can create your courseware and sell it on platforms like Udemy. Professionals earn around $5 000 monthly with the courses developed by them. You could also sell your content directly on your website. For Instance, IELTS trainers Chris Pell and Liz create their short free lessons and promote on FB YouTube, and Gmail, and you can buy their detailed lessons directly from their respective website. They’ve earned a lot of fame, respect, and money through their IELTS training lessons which they propelled using social media. Many counselors, life coaches like Darius and Mindvalley are also earning handsome money exploring these online giants.

    You can place your bet on other famous content developer’s courses, study them well and create your blueprint first. Also, please read the reviews of their followers. Make a note of the things people love about their course and what are the things they dislike. Here’s an opportunity for you. How can you do better than them and come up with something which projects that are high -in-demand and yet emulates what you are best at?

    How much money you will make by selling your content depends on the platform you choose to sell. If you go with Udemi, you don’t have to spend your energy promoting it; you can rely on them and sit back. However, if you post it on your website, you’ll drive the promotional campaigns and push it through other social media sites yourself. You could also run ads on FB to increase the visibility of your course. You can also create a group -email your target audience and share your course’s synopsis with them.

  6. Publish an Ebook

    Publishing an ebook with Amazon KDP is another option you might want to explore. Although, it may not be as easy as you think it to be. You can either write an ebook, design its cover page, edit, publish and promote yourself or hire a writer to write, a graphic designer to design the cover page, a social media freelancer to edit and promote the book. It would be good to create your content using the keyword tool and popular keyword searches on Amazon.

    You can give away your ebook for free to promote it initially, which would help you secure a place in the top search results and garner considerable reviews, which also implies ranking good in paid listings. Based on the reviews, you can push it for sale. You can drive the sales campaigns through Pinterest by creating customized graphics for your ebook that match the Pinterest format, helping you garner some more clicks on Pinterest.

  7. Start a Blog

    Who doesn’t know about blogging, which is probably the archaic and yet most popular way of earning money online?
    People who have a flair for writing can take up creating their blogs based on their niche. For instance, if you are a travel freak, you can write blogs on travel destinations and share your itinerary with people. So this is how you narrow down your content and find your niche.

    For instance, you start writing your blogs on multiple platforms at a time, Shopify to WordPress. You should begin with keyword-based write-ups and build upon them further without deviating from the keywords and focus on areas relevant to your industry. As you mature in your writing, you can explore new spaces and expand your forte. Don’t forget to keep an attractive blog design for a good impression on readers. You may seek a professional’s help with that.

    You can add affiliate links in your blogs to promote the products you are endorsing and monetize through it. You could also earn money by putting ads on your web page.

  8. Freelancing

    You can take your skills like writing, graphic designing, teaching, marketing, website development to the next level online. You can sell your skills to clients on a digital platform. This will allow you to work for multiple people, and you will not be restricted to one company only. This way you can earn more.

    You can check out websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc., to look for freelancing jobs that match your credentials and skills. To start afresh as a freelancer, you need to create a solid profile. That might mean working with reputable brands for free to gain experience and build on your resume. Once you achieve significant exposure and build an impressive portfolio, you can try getting work from your industry’s bigwigs to make money on a digital platform.

    Freelancing is a gambit; the more you reach out to people and write appealing emails, the more work you will get.

  9. Create an App

    If you are not an app developer and feeling clueless about earning money online, then drop all your worries. The good news is you can have an app of your own without knowing the ABCs of programming.

    You’ll find many freelancers ready to design an app for you within your budget. Once your app is created, you can get it added to Google Play and the App Store. You can keep it free and add a premium feature to monetize from it; simultaneously, the free feature will fetch you more clients resulting in higher sales.

  10. Become a Writer

    Content writing is catching up well these days. With the outbreak of social media platforms and online marketing, there is an emerging need for content writers to develop intriguing, compelling, and creative content for promoting websites, enterprises, brands, products, and services. Finding your niche is the key to success in this field. Once you make your space in the digital world, you expand your range and write different articles from product reviews to life-transforming techniques.

    You may have to provide a couple of free services and send sample articles, but all these efforts pay off well in the long run. You can write for the web sites listed below to earn money online:

    • Craigslist
    • Freelance Writing
    • Problogger
    • Media Bistro
    • Blogging Pro
    • Be a Freelancer Blogger
    • Flex Jobs
  11. Create Side Gigs

    Side hustles can help you make money online without leaving your current 9-5 conventional job if you are willing to put in extra efforts after office hours to generate additional income. Use platforms like Fiverr and Flax jobs to create side gigs. Keep your prices low initially to sell your content on Fiverr. The more side gigs you make, the more your work will be visible.

    Flex jobs allow you to explore contractual jobs like telecommute. The best part about these jobs is you can apply from any part of the world and work remotely. It has a plethora of career options like business, accounting, content writing, design, and many more.

  12. Do Translation Work

    If you’re bilingual, then the translation is your forte, and you should certainly get your hands into it. You may require certifications to prove your proficiency in the languages and do a few assignment-based work for free. Make sure to incorporate a few of your samples into your portfolio. You may also have to appear for a translation test as part of the selection process. It is a demanding job that requires a higher proficiency level in both languages, and you can’t use any translation software.

    Given below is a list of sites where you can find translation work:

    • SDL
    • People Per Hour
    • Upwork
    • Translators Base
    • Gengo
    • Pro translating
  13. Sell Your Stuff

    When you are in dire need of money, then you should consider selling some of your prized possessions online, like tv, laptop, furniture, smartphones, etc., to make fast and easy money. You can even go to a pawn shop to sell your stuff. However, don’t jump into selling junk like books, DVDs, old stereo; that won’t fetch you substantial money. You might try selling on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media handles so that you can reach out to the masses in no time. Be sure to click outstanding pictures from all the angles, with a white backdrop, and write a compelling description of the products you want to sell out. You can make use of Shopify to sell your products and become an online retailer from home.

  14. Become an Online Tutor

    Choose your working hours and pricing. Be your boss with online tutoring. If you have the expertise, degrees in languages, maths or science, and relevant experience, you have brighter chances of getting many opportunities for online teaching. English is a language high in demand in international audiences, so that you can encash that. You can build on your client base with word of mouth, sharing testimonials of those who benefited from your teaching methodologies, great pricing, and visibility.

    Try these options for online tutoring:

    • Wyzant
    • Chegg Tutors
    • Etutorworld
    • Skooli
    • Tutorme
    • Smartthinking
    • Tutor. Com
    • Club Z
  15. Uber

    If you know driving, have your car, and a driving license, you can either be a delivery person or an Uber driver. You can be a delivery person even if you don’t possess a car; you can still do that with your moped or bicycle. You can get your bookings online through the Uber app.

    Uber drivers can make additional money through ads via Free Car Media.

  16. Become a Virtual Assistant

    With various businesses mushrooming, you can consider becoming a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant must record orders, reply to customer queries, send quotations, accounts, etc. Indeed, Upwork and Virtual Assistant jobs are some of the websites where you can find profiles matching virtual assistants to make money online. Build a solid profile on LinkedIn and Twitter to find new jobs relevant to your skills.

  17. Online Trading

    Do you want to make fast money? Stocks are what you may be looking for. If you are number crunchy and have good intuitive skills, you certainly can try a hand at online trading. This could be the fastest rewarding work online, but you have to have relative experience. You can build significant hands-on experience if the company you are working for currently allows you to look into some of its stock programs. This way, you’ll build a credibility and influence in the management.

  18. Sell Your Photography

    You can make generous money through photography if you are an amateur or pro photographer. You can monetize your skill with various methods. You can post your photographs on Instagram and Facebook. You can use a website called Foap to generate extra income by uploading your mobile clicks here. If you want to learn to click professional product images and make money, use Burst.

  19. Sell Your Clothes Online

    When did you downsize your cupboard last? Are you a hoarder, stocking up on clothes that you no longer fit in? Why don’t you clear the clutter and make some money from it? Go to Thredup, Tradsey, Refashioner, The RealReal, and Poshmark to sell your used purses, clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

    This is an excellent way of making some quick money. If you have lost your job recently and at the same time consider it a perfect opportunity to clear the stuff that doesn’t spark joy in you anymore. Perhaps these are an energy blocker and stopping you from receiving good things in life. Facebook is an excellent platform to sell your stuff online.


If you are tired of people bossing around you, you don’t get recognized for your work, think your creativity is being killed in your current job, have wanderlust, want to roam around the world, and yet make money; you are indeed stuck in a wrong job. Don’t feel scuffled; it is time for you to explore online opportunities that can generate a steady and hefty source of income. You can work from home independently at your convenience.

The other scenario is when you live on paychecks to playchecks; maybe it’s time for you to start looking for some side gigs. You can earn additional money after your conventional 9-5 hours job is over through social media platforms. You can try Flex jobs and Fiverr. Many other options are listed above, matching your requirements right from full-time to side hustles that you can pick up, make money, and live a dignified life with your head held high.