With the pandemic spread all over and people locked up in their houses, they have a lot of time for themselves and social media has become an integral part of our lives. With the loss of jobs, people are depending on online platforms to earn money in whatever way possible.

With the rise of digitalization, a very persistent question among the youngsters is that can they earn money from YouTube videos and shorts?

Yes, it’s possible though it is not that profitable; still, these are some facts about the same. For some creators, we have YouTube shorts creating wonders helping them garner viewers in leaps and bounds. We have seen a rise in these vertical videos, which are less than 60 seconds, the very feature of these stories and short videos is they engage a lot of traffic in a concise space of time and get a lot of views. So monetization of YouTube videos is a good option, but it’s not that profitable as it is thought to be.

Q. so, how can you monetize YouTube videos? And the difference between YouTube shorts v/s regular videos?

So the most common way to watch YouTube shorts is by discovering them on the stories and short videos shelf. The alternate method is searching, finding it, and seeing it on channel pages or other platform areas. Still, if we compare based on the stats, we find that YouTube shorts generate less revenue in comparison to standard YouTube videos.

We have to earn some money from YouTube shorts to monetize the video, which will permit YouTube to add in advertisements in our videos, generating revenue. Since it is just 20 seconds, the likelihood of being watched more is high.

Suppose the video in question urges for an initiative or an action that can be found only on your website. In that case, the chances of earning more money rise as you will be credited for driving traffic to your site where they can buy that fantastic products or services.

Affiliate marketing

With advertisements of some reputed brands and companies out there, your revenue percent increases like adequately placed affiliated ads from amazon. The commission rate might vary from 4% to 10% from the sale that takes place.

Google ads

If you even have google ads on your channels, that would further hike your revenue that you are supposed to earn from these videos because of those ads.

You tube’s super chat-Snapchat is a feature used when going live on YouTube. It allows you to create a topping jar for your viewers to donate whenever and however much they feel contributing. You’ll need to set up your YouTube account for advertising, as outlined above.

Tipee – lets you get a combination of both one-off and recurring donations.

Fan funding- Patreon

If your video also links to your Patreon account, people can also contribute to your creative lifestyle.

Make that video

The trick now is to make such a fantastic video that packs so much value in only 20 sec that compels people to take massive action, and so everything starts with that video.

How do you sell without annoying your customers?

Many of the monetization techniques mentioned above include promoting goods and promotions (e.g., Crowdfunding a video series). However, you’ll want to be sure that your ads don’t jeopardize the quality of your material. For many developers, “selling out” is a legitimate concern. You will never get if you never ask. You can choose from a range of outlets to advertise your products or campaigns.


But in the end, what you need to focus on is not money, but the thought of making something new for the world to enjoy is the essence of the whole process. You just need to be creative, perspective, and hold on to your followers for good, keeping them impressed, entertained, engaged, and connected.