Youtube has given every individual a platform to create the type of content that they are passionate about, and with such a large number of content consumers on Youtube, there is an audience for every genre of content. In this way, Youtube has managed to bridge this gap between creators and consumers quite successfully. Moreover, this platform has given creators a chance to earn revenue by monetizing their channels. For achieving this, most people walk the long road, i.e., going by organic means. But we are here to show how you can buy Youtube views, likes, and subscribers to quickly monetize your Youtube channel. Before that, let’s address some common questions.

What does a monetized YouTube channel mean?

YouTube Monetization is the official term that implies that your YouTube channel is fit to earn money. It is the process wherein the videos on your YouTube channel are provided with advertisements in the beginning, and with every play on the ad, your channel earns a fixed amount of money. However, for your videos to be allocated with advertisements, you need to apply for YouTube monetization. In addition to that, your channel should meet certain requirements set by the platform concerning the number of subscribers and the amount of watch time. Let’s find out what exactly the YouTube guidelines mean by that.

What are the requirements to monetize a YouTube channel?

There are certain criteria that your channel is required to cater to monetize it. Your channel should have a watch time of more than 4,000 hours in the previous 12 months. In addition to that, your channel should also hold more than 1,000 subscribers so that a large number of people actually view the advertisements that are published before your videos. This is the basic requirement without which you cannot monetize the channel.

All in all, a large fan-base, watch-time, and engagement level are needed. You may achieve this by going about the organic way, which will take up a great deal of time, effort, and consistency. Otherwise, you may proceed speedily by simply purchasing the required amount of engagement.

Now that we have all the fundamental questions addressed let’s see how you can quickly achieve a monetized YouTube channel.

Here are the 10 steps to quickly monetize your YouTube channel

Step no.1: Establish your YouTube channel

First of all, you need to set up your YouTube channel, which is linked to the Google account. Determine your niche and target audience so that you can create valuable content. Work on your channel’s appearance by adding an SEO-generated bio so that it can be found easily by your target audience. Add a decent profile picture and a catchy username; make sure that it is short and easy to remember. Indeed, your channel should look attractive, but it should also add value to the audience through either entertainment or information.

Step no.2: Create high-quality content

After having established your YouTube channel, the next most important step is to generate engaging and unique content that your audience will genuinely enjoy. You may buy YouTube likes, views, and subscribers, but your content needs to be powerful even to sustain them. Interact with your audience and find out what they want to see instead of focusing on what you as a creator want to show them. Your channel will gain momentum only when you deliver the type of content that your audience expects from you, so make sure you stay in touch with them throughout.

Step no.3: Reach 1,000 subscribers

As mentioned previously, there are certain requirements that your channel is supposed to meet to monetize your YouTube channel. First of all, you need to get at least 1,000 subscribers, which is not all that easy if you go through the organic way. Instead, what you may do is, visit any of the reputed service providers such as buylikesservices and go through their set of packages. Select the most suitable package as per your requirement and preferences, and make the payment. You will start seeing the results within a couple of days, and just like that, you have met your desired number of subscribers.

Step no.4: Increase your views and watch-time

Another requirement is having a watch-time of more than 4,000 hours. Ideally, this requires a large amount of time and patience. But again, with the help of the same service provider, you can look for the packages offering YouTube views to increase your watch-time. In this way, you can quickly reach the requirement suggested by YouTube and become eligible for monetization. The time and effort that you saved can be used to research for your channel and deliver better content. It is a smart and promising way to climb your way up on the platform.

Step no.5: Enable monetization on YouTube

Your engagement level, watch-time, and subscriber count alone cannot monetize your YouTube channel unless you don’t enable it for the same. In this process, you allow YouTube to run advertisements before your videos and legalize the fact that there isn’t any copyright issue in the video. For doing this, you need to visit the monetization tab on the platform and enable it. After that, re-check it with the ad-box that is present on YouTube. Apart from that, it is always more beneficial to build an audience and gather traffic on your channel before enabling monetization.

Step no.6: Register for Google AdSense

After monetizing your YouTube channel, the next big step is setting-up Google AdSense. This will help you track your revenue efficiently with each advertisement, and the best part is that the platform will do this for you without charging any money. However, you need to be above the age of 18 for doing so; otherwise, a parent needs to manage it on your behalf. The age restriction exists because the user needs to be verified on PayPal as all the money earned will be transferred to that account in American dollars. This is the best way of analyzing your daily revenue in a hassle-free way.

Step no.7: Keep checking your analytics

Once you have managed to build a systematic framework wherein you publish good content, have many subscribers to view and engage with it, and enabled monetization, all you need to do is sit back and track your analytics. Find out how every video is performing and how much revenue you are earning from it. In this way, you will develop a better understanding of what content practically works in your favor so that you can create more of that. You will also understand the average age and demographics of those who majorly engage with your content, allowing you to create more user-generated content.

Step no.8: Market your videos on other platforms

After examining your analytics, you will have a fair idea about which videos attract maximum profits and fetch more revenue. So, the next step would be marketing those videos on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. You may link your YouTube video in a post or story so that the audiences from other platforms also land on your YouTube video and ultimately boost your engagement and, likewise, earning. Apart from that, you may also consider promoting it on your blog if you have one or casually share it within your social groups.

Step no.9: Opt for YouTube partnership

If all the above-mentioned steps are followed, and your channel continues to grow, know that you are open to more possibilities. If your YouTube channel gathers a watch time of more than 12,000 hours in the past 90 days and has 10,000 views, it is eligible for a YouTube partnership. It is one of the most powerful programs governed by Google and YouTube and allows you to earn an endless amount of money each day. Most of the famous vloggers and YouTubers have enabled themselves for the YouTube partnership and are now earning six-figure income with their unique content.

Step no.10: Continue to enjoy the process

All the hard work, investment, and time prove worth only if you are having fun with the process. Know that your channel is a safe space to express yourself and your viewers are your YouTube family. After having managed to create a successful name on the platform and earning adequately from the monetized channel, be sure to thank your audience who have helped you achieve these milestones. Be grateful to them and continue creating awesome content.


YouTube as a platform has advanced exceptionally, which has caused several creators to make big bucks each day. By following all the above-mentioned steps, you stand a chance to turn your YouTube channel into a money machine. All you need is the desire to create content and some basic knowledge about how the system works. And just like that, you will be open to the unimaginable potential of the YouTube universe.