YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and has captured some intense interaction worldwide. Be it art, science, lifestyle, travel, or education, every branch of life has set itself captive, creating and evolving its niche on YouTube.

You, too, are a part of this multitasking social media site and know its importance in the digital market. Gone are the days when one had to line up for additions to get featured on the television and become a known personality. Now, with a click of a button, you can get that attention right from your home.

This is exactly why you are reading this article. The role of the audience is important in making you sustain and survive on YouTube because the competition gets tougher day by day. No matter how hard one tries, it just does not get better without the proper recognition from the audience.

Are you feeling disappointed or broken because you have tried your level best and still don’t get the crowd you need?

Don’t panic!

Almost everyone who has made it big today was exactly where you are. So if you wonder what did they do or what changes they get, here is a quick list of tips that will guide you towards increasing your YouTube subscribers exponentially.

  1. Buy YouTube subscribers

    This goes first on our list because sites like these exist, and there is very little coverage on their efficiency. So if you are someone who can’t hold on the patience and are not seeking a gradual organic increase, you can opt for this method to get you the subscribers you longed for.

    Are there any popular sites dealing with it?

    Absolutely! Sites like are working at the forefront in helping individuals like you to gain some attention on social media. All you got to do is, browse through the website, and you will find a list of packages. These packages correlate to the number of subscribers you need and the price of the package.

    Once you select the package of your choice, you just got to feed in the details of your YouTube video and process the online payment. Your order will be confirmed, and you will get your selected package within 24 hours.

    It may seem unbelievable to you, but it works. Sites like legal and intend to provide 100% real and authentic subscribers without the need for any personal data.

    However, before making a deal with any website, make sure to read their terms and condition, reviews to keep frauds at bay.

  2. Catch up with the influencers

    I don’t think the concept of ‘influencers’ needs to be detailed because this profession is gaining some intense attention from the social media crowd. People are crazy about how they live their life, the food they eat, the products they use, or even the cars they own. This works well, especially when you are trying to gain the younger crowd’s attention because they tend to fall for these personalities pretty easily.

    So one way to excite your account is via collaborating with some well-known influencer. You may be lucky enough to have some contacts. If none, you need to find ways to add these contacts. Most influencers have contracts for product endorsements, brand promotions, and assignments, so you may have to spend from your pocket to sign these assignments.

    Apart from this, what we would also recommend is collaborating with YouTube bloggers who also have a massive fan base. By doing so, you are visible and viable o their audience and attract a larger and broader crowd towards your YouTube account.

  3. Upgrade your content

    here; let’s ponder on two videos, and you got to decide which one will earn more likes, share, comments and subscribers.

    Video 1: X guy uploads a video on cooking sushi. He starts the video directly by cooking the rice and chopping the salmon and veggies. There appears to be no background music or any subtitles. The video goes on for about 20 minutes.

    Video 2: Another guy too uploads a video on cooking sushi. He begins the video by introducing the dish, followed by the ingredients, gives some tips on alternatives, and communicates while cooking. He uses some soothing music, and his video ends within 10 minutes.

    If asked to select one from the above two, we would select video two because it seems understandable, is quick, and gives us all the specified directions.

    Similarly, the videos you create need to be short and crisp, interactive, and should evoke some intense discussions from the audience. The comment section is a great way of discussing the positives and the flaws of the video. Your comments may be good or bad, but always optimistically take them and pay attention to the dimensions of your video.

  4. Be consistent with your work

    The videos you create are your core products, and therefore, being consistent with all that you upload should be your greatest motto. Also, your audience needs to be reminded constantly about liking, sharing, commenting, and even subscribing to your channel. Apart from constant reminders, you also need to demonstrate why the channel is their watch.

    After every video, do remember to tell them that you are working on your next video and what it is about, so that they stay tuned and expect what you have guided them into. With the next interesting video, exciting your audience is the best way to get them to click the subscribe button.

    Therefore, your videos need to be consistent. You can even set a google calendar or a reminder to weekly remind you about your plans for the week, your core points, and your planning on executing the video.

  5. Interact with your audience

    Building a good relationship with your audience is an important way of telling them that you care and appreciate their presence. There will be a plethora of comments so that you could comment back with some good motivating words.

    Engage in short-term benefit strategies like giveaways, contests, and quiz. Strategies like these let you get the required subscribers because they seem to get carried away with the exciting gifts and prizes you intend to give at the end of the contest.

    The goal of your content should be solely to increase subscribers. Next, the type of prize that you select will also focus on a particular target. For instance, if your contest prize is a football sneaker, then you will attract a crowd that plays football or is passionate about football. But if you do not want to be gender-specific and include a prize that has the same value base to everyone, then you may go in for a smartphone.

    Another helpful piece of advice is collaborating with two-three YouTubers so that your giveaways and prizes get massive. Your partners will share the information with their collaborators, and the circle goes getting bigger.

  6. Use other social media sites

    People cross-talk between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Users may be on all of these sites or maybe one, but all the users can easily access YouTube. So promoting your channel on these sites is a good way of increasing traffic.

    The videos you create can also be posted on these channels; for instance, IGTV is the latest Instagram feature that lets you create and share videos. So your aim would be not just focusing on YouTube but also attracting a crowd on Instagram who does not wish to be on YouTube.

    WhatsApp is another communicating social network that has enormous usage by millions of people. YouTube videos can be easily shared on WhatsApp, so users can easily access them and visit your channel for more such videos. Here, you try to lure traffic that isn’t on social media but use WhatsApp for daily communication.

  7. keyword research

    Though this may be last on our list, it needs to be first on yours because the keyword is such an important term in digital marketing. It would be best to discover the keywords that people look for and accordingly post titles that have those keywords.

    For instance, if your video is on a vegan diet, keywords such as health benefits, Vitamin B12, almond and soya, meat processing, healthy vegan diet need to be incorporated in your video. So here, you will attract a crowd looking for some vegan recipes or vegan products and seeking the importance of a vegan diet.

    You tend to filter your videos and create exactly what is required without creating videos that many would not watch. Google Keyword Planner is an interesting SEO tool that helps you identify the words people are searching for which may be included in your information.

The bottom line!

Here is a comprehensive list of tips that one could follow to attract traffic towards one’s YouTube channel. Check them out, and do give them a try. Also, once you attract the right audience, share your experience because different techniques work for different people. Be patient and good luck.