So you’ve been working hard to make amazing video content for your YouTube channel, but how do you get more subscribers? A new subscriber is the holy grail of YouTubing: it means you’ve added a new viewer to your channel who will watch all your content and maybe even engage with you by leaving comments, subscribing to your other videos, or sharing your videos with others. But to get new subscribers, you need to know which content works best and how to market that content to your target audience.

Most bloggers create videos to supplement their writing or photography. Still, if you are looking for a passive income stream or a way to reach more people, you may want to consider making videos your primary content. The only thing you need is a camera, some editing software, and the ability to create engaging content.

Simple Hacks That Will Help You Stretch More Subscribers On Youtube

  1. Use “Power Playlists

    Power playlists are a great way to get your YouTube videos more views and subscribers. Most video creators don’t know how to create these playlists or even know they exist since they aren’t visible through the default YouTube interface. But YouTube has kept power playlists hidden for a reason: only the biggest channels with the most subscribers can have access to them.

    That’s because these playlists are designed to help big-time video producers get their videos in front of lots of viewers. Give your playlists a name, a description, and even an image that will make potential fans want to click the play button.

  2. Publish LONG Videos

    You may have noticed that YouTube prefers long videos over short ones—that’s because longer videos tend to attract more views, which means more ad revenue for YouTube. But how long is too long? The answer is, it depends. Some videos may be more appropriately 3 to 5 minutes long, while others could take up to 10 minutes. (A video that is too short won’t have enough time to make its point or answer the viewer’s questions.)

    Before you publish a new video, ask yourself: How will your viewers feel if they have to watch a video that is shorter than they’d prefer?

  3. Promote Videos In Your End Screen

    The end screen is an excellent way to keep viewers watching your video until the very end. This feature is a YouTube experiment in beta, so you’ll need to have the “Allow end screen” turned on for your video. The end screen shows up at the end of your video, and it deserves your full attention because it’s an opportunity to promote something else.

  4. Need To Focus On Quality Not Quantity

    The first step to getting more subscribers on YouTube is to focus on the quality of your videos, not just the amount. When you get to the position where you can produce high-quality content regularly, you will find it much easier to gain more subscribers. If you are focusing on quantity and not quality, you will be spinning your wheels.

  5. Reply To EVERY Comment

    Youtube is a program where you post videos of yourself, and other people post videos of themselves. You can comment back and forth with other people and have a discussion, but you must always reply to the comment that is directly about you, and you must do it in a timely fashion. There is no special technique to this, but you should always reply within three days of the comment. You can have an assistant to help you with this task.

  6. Write a Compelling Channel Description

    A channel description is an interesting place for brands and businesses to show off their personality while also presenting their YouTube channel to new potential subscribers. While it is a great place to share some information about your channel, the channel description is not a place to put a sales message! Instead, brands should consider writing a compelling, interesting description of their channel, highlighting their personality and the kinds of videos they make.

    When you are adding a video to your YouTube channel, you have to add a channel description. The channel description is what shows up at the bottom of your channel page. It is what people see when they first come to your channel. It makes it very important. A great channel description will attract new subscribers and get people to click that subscribe button. A poor description will drive people away.

  7. Funnel People to “Subscriber Magnets

    A Subscriber Magnet is a short video or a post that answers a common question or need. For example, if you make fun dog videos, then a Subscriber Magnet could be a video that educates people how to train their dog. If you make cooking videos, you can make a video that teaches people how to make a certain recipe.

    The idea is to offer helpful information to your subscribers instead of posting pet videos or cooking videos. Subscriber Magnets work great as a way to build your email list because after they watch a Subscriber Magnet, they will be interested in learning more about you and what you have to offer.

  8. Use an Awesome Channel Icon

    The most often overlooked element of a YouTube Channel is the Channel Icon. If you’re busy uploading videos and promoting your channel, there’s a good chance you’ve forgotten about the importance of Channel Icon. The Channel Icon is the graphic that represents your channel. If you have an eye-catching Channel Icon, you’re more likely to attract viewers to your channel. It’s like giving your channel an icon. A unique, or even better, eye-catching icon will help you stand out.

  9. Create a Channel Tagline

    Channels on YouTube can have their taglines. These taglines can be used as part of channel branding and can help people better understand the content published by the channel. The channel tagline should be memorable and should include the type of videos published by the channel.

    You want a memorable channel tagline that also tells viewers what kind of channel you have. If you have a channel focused on reviewing products, something like “The world’s number one gadget reviewer” or “The gadget guru” may be appropriate. If your channel is more about entertainment than reviewing products, then something like “Where fun and laughter are always in season” or “The world’s number one source of fun and laughter” may be better.

  10. Make a Killer Channel Trailer

    When you’re a small channel on YouTube, and you’re just starting, it’s not always easy to get viewers to take a chance on your content, especially when they’re deciding what to watch for the first time. On the other hand, when you don’t have many subscribers, it can be hard to get new ones because viewers don’t know you’re there. One of the best methods to improve your reach on YouTube is to create a killer channel trailer that will excite viewers and entice them to subscribe.

    If you’re a video creator on YouTube, chances are you’ve considered creating a channel trailer. They’re an incredible way to get viewers hooked before they reach your video content, and with a little extra effort, you can make a channel trailer that will make viewers want to click your Subscribe button. Even if you don’t have a YouTube channel, you can use these tips to make a killer intro video for your website or product.

  11. Create Videos That CRUSH Watch Time

    There’s no doubt about it; watch time is one of the most important factors in YouTube search algorithms. The more extra watch time you get, the more views you’ll get, the more subscribers you’ll get, the more money you’ll make. So, what can you do to get more watch time? Well, it’s not as simple as it might sound. There are certain types of videos that do better than others.

    For example, short videos are great for getting more watch time, as are videos that feature your face and not just your hands.

  12. Embed YouTube Videos In Blog Posts

    Embedding videos in your blog support is a great way to increase the number of links you’re associated with and add interesting content to your site. You’ll notice an improvement in the number of subscribers to your blog, as well as an increase in the amount of page views to your blog. It can only mean good things, and you should expect your web traffic and search engine rankings to increase just by including embedded videos in your blog posts.

  13. End Videos With a Strong CTA

    Viewers are less likely to watch your next video if you don’t prompt them to do so. It is why you should always end every video with a strong call to action. A recent study found that videos with calls to action get more views and subscribers.


There are three ways that you can increase your YouTube subscriber count: build a better community, attract new subscribers, and keep your existing subscribers engaged. To get more subscribers on your youtube channel, follow these tips, and you’ll quickly reach a new level of success.