It’s all about tweets!
Twitter began as Twttr in 2006 by Odeo- a San Franciscan podcasting company. Being born as a side project, it was a short messaging app that allowed people to share fast status updates.

Over the years, this social media platform blossomed into a microblogging site and is considered one of the most popular social media networks in today’s times.

You may have a couple of questions regarding its working, recent statistics, and highlights. This article is the best place to find an answer to Twitter to calm down your curiosity levels.

It begins with specifying current stats followed by tips on buying Twitter followers and being a part of stats.

Table of Content

  1. Beginners guide to use Twitter
  2. Five easy steps to create a Twitter account
  3. Important twitter statistic highlights
    • How many people use Twitter on a daily basis?
    • What are the demographic details?
    • What is the male versus the female proportion?
    • What is the average time a user spends on Twitter?
    • Why do people spend so much time on Twitter?
    • How many tweets are posted each day?
    • How popular is Twitter in the US?
  4. Quick facts about Twitter
  5. Twitter statistics for business
  6. Twitter Marketing statistics
  7. Twitter Video statistics
  8. Twitter Mobile Statistics
  9. Benefits of having the right Twitter followers
  10. Easy tips to attract followers to your account or business
  11. A quick guide to buying Twitter followers online
  1. For beginners, here is a quick guide to Twitter!

    The most excellent social media site- Twitter!

    Twitter is a popular microblogging site that allows its users to post over 140 character texts called tweets. It will enable you to follow personalities, politicians, or almost anyone on Twitter and also lets them track you back in return. In this way, one can use short status updates to circulate communication within their tribe.

  2. Five easy steps to create a Twitter account!

    • Step 1: Go to the app store or play store and type in “Twitter,” and download the app.
    • Step 2: Sign-up using your email address, followed by typing in your name and contact details.
    • Step 3: Confirm your verification via your mail or contact number.
    • Step 4: Select a username of your choice, also known as “Twitter handle.”
    • Step 5: You are all set to use Twitter!

    What to do next?

    Being a beginner, the first wise step is to follow Twitter’s official account @TwitterSupport. This is the primary account that will lead to you the latest news and gossips regarding products and brands, market shares, stories and politics, cinema, and announcements.

    Go razzmatazz with a twitter account!

    One can share posts such as GIFs and photos, watch and share videos, post links and URLs while tweeting, design live videos, and participate in live polls.

  3. Important twitter statistic highlights!

    • How many people use Twitter on a daily basis?

      There are over 192 million daily Twitter users, with over 353 million monthly users on Twitter. Overall, Twitter has reported a spike of 336 million monthly active users in the first quarter of 2018. The stats bottomed to 330 million in 2019 but hiked up again in 2021.

      These figures indicate that Twitter’s popularity is ever-growing; however, compared to its counterpart or rival Facebook, which has over 1.84 billion daily users, Twitter seems to be a bit pale.

    • What are the demographic details?

      The younger generation is more into Facebook and Instagram, and it is reported that individuals between the ages 35 to 65 make up over 60% of traffic using Twitter. Twitter lures a mature audience rather than teenagers and people in their early or late 20s.

    • What is the male versus the female proportion?

      The male to female ratio is one to two, 1:2 that is, 34 % females: 66% males. This indicates there isn’t any equality here. However, Twitter is entirely unbiased, even if it is more prevalent in males than females.

    • What is the average time a user spends on Twitter?

      Statistics suggest that, on average, a user spends 3.39 minutes per session on Twitter.

    • Why do people spend so much time on Twitter?

      It is observed that people are more interested in reading news and highlights rather than posting tweets on Twitter. This is one of the primary reasons to increase some screen time on Twitter.

    • How many tweets are posted each day?

      According to a report published in 2016, approximately over 350,000 tweets are sent per minute, and over 500 million tweets are posted per day.

    • How popular is Twitter in the US?

      In today’s world, people are more attracted to social media platforms than having one-to-one basis conversation. Twitter again comes in as a victory holder in maintaining its authentic framework. Though Instagram and Facebook have created storms within the US population, Twitter remains one of the famous firms used by over 47 million Twitter accounts.

    Did you know that seven out of ten most followed accounts are from the US too?

    These include Barack Obama, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres, YouTube, and Justin Timberlake.

    21% of Americans use Twitter, ranked as the sixth most used social media platform in the US after Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

    Over 17% of Americans say they use Twitter as their news source.

    • What is Twitter’s ranking among mobile apps?

      Twitter is ranked as the sixth-mobile app in the world, based on monthly active users. This global ranking does not include China, which has a market that does not include Twitter.

    • How old is Twitter?

      Twitter was launched in March 2006, and so it just turned 15 a month ago. It may seem a few years old, but it strikes one of the most influential social media sites.

    • What was the trend in Twitter usage during the pandemic?

      Almost 18% of Twitter users in the US significantly increased the use of Twitter during the pandemic.

      During the pandemic, Twitter and other social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat observed a significant rise in user usage.

      With social restrictions, people chose to be active online, and therefore, Twitter saw a spike in the number of its users.

    • Did Twitter suspend any accounts?

      In the first half of 2019, Twitter suspended over 925,700 accounts mainly due to these accounts’ hateful conduct. Such accounts threaten the existing harmony, and Twitter makes sure to filter out these hostile interactions.

  4. Quick facts about Twitter!

    • Did you know that all seconds are not equal on Twitter?
    • In a single record-breaking second on 3 August 2013, over 143 199 tweets were tweeted by people in Japan as they were viewing and tweeting about ‘Castle in the Sky,’ an animated movie being aired on television. Before this record, around 456 tweets per second made an all-time record when Michael Jackson passed away in 2009.
    • Twitter can be used in Space too!

      Yes, you heard it right. In 2010 Astronaut Timothy Creamer sent the first live tweet from Space.

    • Twitter has signed with the Library of Congress to provide it with every public tweet sent to it. Therefore, you may be a regular tweeter or some one-time user, and your tweets are a part of the Library of Congress.
  5. How can Twitter statistics be used for your business?

    These statistics point out the fact that Twitter is perhaps popular. With millions of people signing in to Twitter every single day, it makes an excellent platform for some critical business. Apart from leisure time, people use Twitter to discover new stuff, highlights, and stories to know more about products and experiences. With almost 4 minutes spent daily on Twitter, imagine the number of people being subjected to your work and your business.

    Twitter is perhaps an inevitable platform that features users from various cultures, gender, race, ethnicities, and political positions. The US, Japan, and the UK are the top countries wherein Twitter is commonly and highly used. Though it is popular among the young, the statistics focus on its usage more by middle-aged people. No, matter what the demographic analysts say, you have a target audience there, so Twitter easily allows a marketer or an investor to target the audience on the basis of these demographic characteristics.

  6. Twitter Marketing statistics!

    • Compared to other social media sites, the time spent on watching advertisements online is 26% more on Twitter.
    • According to the latest stats, 53% of Twitter users are likely to buy a new product first compared to other social media users.
    • Among the Twitter community members, 93% of the users are open to the brand presence on Twitter.
    • Twitter’s site referral traffic grows by over 6% every year.
    • With respect to advertisement engagement, Twitter holds a 23%.
    • Twitter users are attracted to brands that are transparent, inclusive, and culturally relevant.
    • Tweets that use hashtags get almost 100% engagement from the audience.
    • Twitter is used as a digital marketing tool b over 67% of B2B businesses.
    • Face with Tears of Joy’ is the most popular emoji used over more than 2 billion times.

    These reports suggest that advertisements on Twitter are worth the efforts. People spend time on Twitter and engage in most of the brands and make an actual purchase. Since most of the users are inclined towards culturally inclusive content, it is critical to have content that ensures the content posted does not negatively impact the beliefs of the users.

    So why not invest in ads?

    As over 70% of the crowd engages in ads, you can think of creating a niche here. Remember, grab every opportunity that you get to promote your business or to increase your engagement.

  7. Twitter Video statistics!

    • Reports point out the fact that if a tweet has a video, it gets almost 100% engagement from the audience.
    • On a daily basis, users watch over 2 billion videos.
    • Twitter advertisements with videos have been said to be 50% cheaper in cost per engagement.

    So if you want to increase engagement with your audience, including a video in all your tweets can be troublesome. However, you can boost your tweet game with some fascinating videos. These videos can be tweeted several times. People are often more interested in watching a video than reading tweets, so a tweet video needs to be considered necessary.

    This clearly states that a tweet having a video gets more recognition than a simple 140 characters’ status. To create videos that will keep you trending by instant likes, comments, tweets, and retweets. Twitter is perhaps an excellent channel to circulate your content to even people not using Twitter by making big headlines.

  8. Twitter Mobile Statistics!

    • Over 80% of Twitter users access or use Twitter via their mobile devices.
    • Of most of the videos viewed by Twitter users, almost 93% are on mobile.
    • Mobile ads revenue contributes over 88% of the total ad revenue.

    This data suggests that one can interestingly invest in Twitter mobile ads. It is where the users are engaging themselves in and making sure that the content efficiently directs to the ad and is mobile friendly.

    We are in an era where every single individual owns a smartphone. Learning about mobile-optimized ads is a potential tool for increasing user engagement strategy and even venturing into gaming apps.

    Did you know that gaming was the sixth most followed topic during the pandemic?

    There was a 14% increase in game talks that happened on Twitter when the whole world tweeted and retweeted about gaming stuff.

    Twitter is more than a social media platform. One needs to keep in mind that one needs to be actively present on Twitter for a healthier customer base. With all these statistics on your list, your active presence is highly recommended.

    So, how does one remain active on Twitter?

    You may say by posting content and being updated. That’s perfectly right!

    However, what if you do not have the right audience?

  9. So what are the benefits of having the right Twitter followers?

    Having loyal and authentic followers allows you to grow your account, business, and personality. With the right audience, your reach will be increased, and your engagement will be at the peak as your audience will tweet and retweet, thereby improving your content’s interaction.

    Did you know that a high follower number will let Twitter vision you as an influencer? By tweeting exciting content and using hashtags, one can be in the search list’s top-most position. In this way, so many people can view your tweets.

    This may sound like an easy piece of cake, but there are many ways available to get yourself on the stats list as well.

    These stats tell us that the audience base on Twitter is flooded.

  10. But how do you attract followers to your account or business?

    #one: work on your bio details!

    Just a profile picture with no captions or bio details is a plain one. Well, how will a user know what you are offering? With a sparky, eye-catchy bio, you need to grab the attention of any user visiting your profile at first glance.

    #two: use hashtags!

    Hashtags make your tweets and content reach easily to people searching for them. Want to promote your brand? Come up with a brand hashtag and use it where ever you want to. Reports suggest that a tweet with hashtags grabs more attention than any normal one. Hashtags break some records on Twitter, and we bet it the fastest way of gaining some attention.

    #three: upgrade your tweets!

    While just 140 character tweets can be boring if they do not have any punch lines, Twitter is an excellent market for advertisements, promotions, and even endorsements. So why not promote your business too? Create attractive, short, and crisp videos that will stop people from scrolling and make them watch your tweet video. Shoot about your life, your experiences, your outings, your hobbies, and so on.

    #four: tweet about real problems!

    One of the most attractive moves is starting with a Twitter protest. Perhaps, it’s the easiest way to begin with, a campaign and let all eyes know that you exist. Is a movement going on? Tweet about your views and opinions too. Twitter is doubtfully an excellent platform to be vocal about any subject, any issue, or any idea.

    five: Interact with the audience!

    One way to excite the buzz around your tweet is by rooting some emotions into your users. Your tweets should arouse a sense of engagement, and people should willingly agree to like, comment, tweet, and retweet your content.

    #six: Buy Twitter followers!

    This might sound strange to you, and you may even wonder if something like this even exists?
    Buying Twitter followers is one of the short cut you need to try in your life, at least for once.

  11. Here is a quick guide to buying Twitter followers online!

    Browse into sites like, one of the finest sites that provide Twitter services online. Once you do that, you got finish the below given three easy steps.

    Step 1: Select the right package

    Browse through the packages available and select the one that fits your needs. Such sites mainly cater to a wide range of budgets, so be a few hundred or large thousands, your package will be provided to you without any differentiation.

    Step 2: Your Twitter handle info

    Except for your Twitter handle details, they do not seek information on your credentials. So, if you get into a site that asks for one, be careful with their credibility. These sites and mostly does not indulge in asking for any passwords or sensitive information.

    Step 3: Relax as your service will be delivered

    Within a few minutes of your transaction and online processing, you will see a spike in your Twitter followers. It’s going to be an exciting experience to see your reach growing exponentially within no time and to be a part of Twitter statistics.

Which are the sites that provide the best Twitter services and why?

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The two takeaways!

Don’t indulge in buying fake Twitter followers!

Just because you want to be involved in great stats, do not indulge yourself in fake sites that provide 0% authentic Twitter followers. It would be best to consider buying authentic and genuine followers that will increase your reach and engagement.

More the followers more are the value!

Such engagements are vital for the field of digital marketing and advertising shortly. With so much hype around social media and a need to be on it, small-scale business is flourishing. Buying Twitter followers will set a base for you, and with a solid follower base, you can then focus on creating luring content because publicity will anyway follow you.

The bottom line!

The stats tell us how important Twitter has become in recent years. It is an amalgamation of interaction, ads, enjoyment, and business that brings together different communities. These numbers remind us that people have made social media sites like Twitter, exciting part of their lives. These stats can change according to the situation, but their relevance in today’s world remains to be high.
Twitter statistics greatly supports Twitter analytics. So planning your Twitter content strategy calls for maximum attention and engagement. There is a lot of data available to get you the correct stats and reach. Focusing on your account and profile should be your concern.