Youtube, without a doubt, is one of the leading video-sharing platforms of the 21st century. The platform witnesses a whopping of 1 billion hours watched daily, generating billions of views and ample scope and space for individuals to explore.

With its vast potential, the platform has attracted creators, marketers, and regular folks from around the globe wanting to get famous and even earn a decent amount of cash in the flow. But is it that easy? Let us begin by finding out the reason people buy views.

Why Do People Buy Youtube Views?

With a number of YouTubers bringing out content on parallel subjects, Youtube is no short on people willing to invest time and hard work into creating the best of content focusing on more or less similar goals. Therefore, reaching the desired view count or subscribers and establishing one’s ground on the platform becomes difficult given this heavy competition.

No matter how good one’s content is, getting people to notice it is the hardest part of being a YouTuber, and that precisely is the reason why people buy youtube subscribers, views, etc., from the services online.

The Benefits Of Buying Views

The algorithm of many popular social media platforms works to automatically promote content that has a lot of views, likes, and comments. And, it is no different for youtube either. The number of subscribers and the popularity of your video directly influence how well in the future it will do andhow youtube helps you promote it for better outcomes.

Therefore the aim of buying lies in helping your content get a head start with better chances of acknowledgment. Other benefits include –

Top the search results – assume you searched for something, and a bunch of search results showed up, say in video formats. Which video will you choose to click on? Exactly! People don’t want to waste time scrolling to find answers or desired content. They are most likely to click on the content that tops the search results and is widely appreciated.

When you buy views, it gives off the signal to the youtube algorithms that your content is well received, and since there are enough likes and views to conform to the fact, chances are your content top those search results. It will directly give your exposure to a real and genuine audience, resulting in a snowball effect. This is how buying such services help you get higher search engine rankings.

Build credibility and gather opportunities – when your content goes viral or seems like it has, it will intrigue more people into checking it out and helping you build credibility and authority on the platform. Brands and companies are always on the lookout for people with a large audience and standing among their targeted customer base to promote products and services.

Buying likes open doors for more such opportunities for you, serving as both a boost and a source of income.

Youtube And Fake Views

To begin with, let us bust the myth that says buying these services is illegal. It is not. There are no legal terms that state that engaging in buying youtube views is unlawful. However, youtube has a policy against such involvements known as YouTube’s Fake Engagement Policy.

According to these policies, youtube does not allow an artificial means to increase engagement. Youtube is strict on maintaining regulations with fair engagement through quality content and different marketing strategies to use its algorithms to one’s advantage.

Youtube uses Artificial Intelligence to schedule regular browsing through each account to keep a check on viewership metrics. It includes likes, comments, subscribers, and views. Any irregular, sudden, or drastic change in the number of views, etc., will quickly put an account under suspicion by the authorities.

Using third-party services to generate engagement or applying like-for-like or sub-for-sub is considered a violation of the policies.

What happens if you’re caught?

Youtube is particular about maintaining its reputation and removing biased or unfair distribution of opportunities. Therefore, if a violation is noted, youtube ensures that the person is sent a warning the first three times before taking strict actions if caught doing so again.

The actions may range anywhere from penalties to restriction and even termination of the account in worse cases. Apart from the imposition of penalties in bots or fake engagement for views, the account is also susceptible to losing credibility, trust, and a genuine audience for good.

Though there are ways to outsmart the algorithms and not get caught, Artificial Intelligence is way too functional that it keeps up with the latest trends and frequently adapts, changing and improving ways to find fraudsters and fake accounts.

So what does one do?

Claiming 10k Views without getting caught

The only way to buy views and not get caught is to keep up with the algorithm and find loopholes. Though there is no guarantee on how algorithms or AI may act tomorrow, there is always one or the other way to get the desired results. Let us see some of the precautions and methods one can effectively apply to avoid getting under the radar.


Choose a reliable third-party service –

while deciding which service to buy views from, do not ever fall for services offering low prices or unreasonable discounts. There are chances that these sites use fake or not-operated accounts on youtube to push your views on the platform.

Choose services that are reliable, authentic, and that use real and active accounts to provide views. This reduces the risk of getting your account marked for fake involvement. Also, ensure that you read all the terms and services before signing any contract and not neglect customer reviews and feedback.


Choose a Package Wisely –

If there’s one thing that attracts the authorities more than fake views is the sudden hike in the view count.

Do not go for a large package as soon as you start with a new channel. Your previous engagement and view count play a significant role in deciding a suitable package. A sudden hike in the views from 10 to 10k is bound to be a magnet for Artificial Intelligence. Choose a believable package and slowly move to choose a bigger package with time.


Be specific about your needs and niche –

a 40-year-old watching a video relevant for a teen might not sound fishy. Still, many 40-year-olds doing it or someone from a completely different geographical location watching a region-specific video sure is dubious.

While communicating with the service to discuss your requirements, ensure that you tell them your niche, targeted age group, goals, and video scope. The services are most likely to work upon that, using suitable, geographical, and age precise accounts to offer views, reducing potential risk.


Going Dark Web –

For someone who is looking for cost-effective methods and is willing to risk it a little, going on the darker side of the web is the way to go. While choosing a service on Google is easy and sure, many vendors on the dark web offer the same service at a lower price with 100 percent surety and secure delivery of the views.

You must be willing to go black hat and talk with people, leading yourself to contact a genuine dealer there. These people work in a manner different from google services and serve more authentic and believable views.

How does dark web buying work?

These dealers offer a price for each view, and you choose the number of likes or views you require. After payment, they put up the video link you provided them on an internal pool where people from across the world are paid a tiny percentage of the money to view this video. Since they do not offend any policy and are from genuine people and accounts, there is absolutely no risk of suspension or suspicion.

The likes are delivered at a reasonable rate and gradual time since there are no bots involved, making it a better option than other services online for someone willing to explore and go dark.


There are a lot of people today engaging in this game of perception online on many popular platforms like Instagram and Twitter, and not just youtube. It is impossible to tell what’s genuine and what’s not on the internet, with these efficient and intricate tricks to beat the system.

The best way to move forward is through hard work and quality content, as it gives you both genuine fame and long-lasting authority. However, for someone who believes in their content and is just waiting on that kick start, buying views is the way to go.

Ensuring that you take all the essential measures and precautions while updating yourself with the algorithm changes will guarantee a seamless and smooth way to the top of search results. So, keep your efforts going and nail it. Happy Scrolling!