Many people theorize the success behind youtube being its founding day, i.e., February 14th, 2005, valentine’s day. While there is no telling what exactly it was, however, this video sharing platform sure had witnessed incredible popularity and engagement since the day it was found, even more so when its current parent company Google took it over.

Despite its several competitors online, Youtube is still the first of its kind and majorly favored platforms for all age groups. With the ease in accessing information and the availability of all sorts of video tutorials to almost anything and everything with most of what you find reliable and understandable, there is no wonder the platform continues to see a hike in users each day.

The need for digital marketing

Using the digital market and social media for business growth and exploring newer prospects is nothing surprising, given the intense role it plays in people’s lives today. In the most literal sense, the online world has become the second home for many, and the most evident stats to verify the fact is that more than half the world now is online, on one social media or another.

The pandemic added a multitude of users to these already staggering stats, eradicating the only bound left, i.e., of age. Meaning the social media now consists of not only gen Zs or millennials but also the older generation, who quite frankly have never been fascinated by the term ‘online’ or ‘social media.’

Benefits of digital marketing

Everything saturates and comes down to one thing, and it is the scope and profits. A few and major benefits of incorporating digital market into your business plans include –

It is cost-effective –

Everyone is aware of how expensive and stressful marketing can be in terms of money for value, but that’s less worry about digital marketing. Yes, one of the most inviting charms of digital marketing is that it’s affordable. While some strategies need you to spend a little, like ads and promotions, others cost absolutely nothing.

More than one way to use

With most marketing tactics, you are stuck with a particular way to commercialize a product or service—the digital market opens doors to a multitude of ways to get ahead in the race like- email marketing, content marketing, etc. With the only limit being your creativity, one gets endless opportunities to try out and explore different things, improve plans, and even withdraw campaigns that don’t prove useful with little to no fallouts.

Interact, Track, and Invest

What is better than real-time interaction, feedback, and understanding of arenas to improve in which your customers require you to? Digital marketing lets you do that and more. It provides you with various ways to include the audience in a conversation, such as comments, live sessions, reviews, and other means, which lets you easily track your business’s best working strategy and help you invest likewise.

Multiple tools

Some ways work better in grabbing the notice of the audience and prospect than others. Digital marketing lets you integrate multiple such aspects like images, Gifs, videos, etc., to make your content and services more appealing. Such marketing materials make it easy to convey messages and benefits of services and products with better understanding and impact.

Better reach and access

Many today rely on their smartphones for most of what they do online, whether for information purposes, buying, or just fun. Therefore, it becomes imperative to figure marketing strategies that turn this significant percentage into future clients.

Build Authority

To advocate for one’s business and products is what makes the business stand out. The online world gives you sources to build credibility and authority in the market, especially in the niche-specific region where the competition is the roughest.

Bottom Line

These six digital marketing benefits directly point towards the door to fresh and seamless opportunities for brands and businesses alike. There is no telling how effectively and powerfully it impacts one’s perception of things, their decisions on availing of certain services and products, and the requirement they sense.

The Right Tools and Platforms For Digital Marketing

Depending on one’s business, the niche it follows, and many other factors like targeted age groups and products, there are a number of plans and marketing strategies one could include to reach multifold bounds.

Some of the mainstream tools used worldwide include – Email marketing, Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, Website testing, Display retargeting, Traffic Indexing, Plagiarism detection, and many more.

Social Media

One of the highly recommendable and efficient tools mentioned above is social media marketing, which is definitely not an arena that can be overlooked. Most of the potential prospects for all kinds of businesses and services are on social media and can be easily influenced and impacted on the same. But, which social media?
It is certainly quite haunting to choose one social media platform to direct focus on, overlooking others, or managing several platforms at once, especially for the smaller business. While it is good to cover more considerable grounds, however, some social media platforms seemingly yield better results when rightly focused than all the others combined.

But, which social media platform is the best?

You guessed it right, the popular ones or those in-trend. There’s no point in investing time on multiple platforms with a minimal scope and fewer prospects. Rather worthwhile putting all those efforts combined on a single popular and influential social media like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

As the very title of the article suggests, the following article will cover the aspects of using youtube for business growth, its benefits, and ways to put it into use effectively.


The typical definition of youtube most of the people today must be familiar with is that of a video sharing site, where videos ranging from funny to informative are all available. But, youtube recently modified this definition by establishing itself as a successful social media website.

And truthfully, it is not surprising at all, considering how wildly popular and in-demand site it has evolved to become over the years.

For creators and influencers –

Many individuals and content creators use Youtube to upload all sorts of videos, from tutorials to the most random of the footages, news, and much more. Youtube not only provides them with a cost-effective method to put out their work, letting creative juices out to be precise, but also gives them a fair chance at fame and earn a living out of it.

For guidance and learning –

We all love randomly scrolling through youtube. While a significant percentage of these videos are indeed random and have nothing to do with knowledge of any sort or a purpose, some people actually look up to youtube whenever they come across any particular situation or need guidance. It is successfully turning into a hub for learning, and people from all niches use it to explore, especially those who do not wish to spend loads on universities.

Youtube For businesses and brands

While creators and learners need to have an accessible set niche and genre, it is not the case for businesses, at least for most of them. Let us go in-depth on how youtube is a useful tool for your business and the ways to put it into use effectively –

What is commonly referred to as Generation C by the netizens are the majority of people who consume what youtube offers, i.e., videos, content, and even ads. However, unlike what the name may suggest, generation C is not a generation or age group but rather a state of mind. Yes, you read it right. They constitute the extremely concerned people when it comes to creation, curation, connection, and community.

Though businesses not directed towards millennials might have had a tough time five years in the past, since over 80% of generation C is indeed made up of millennials, it barely matters now.

It is still excellent if your business focuses on this newer generation and its needs, but the changing demographics of the viewers of youtube suggest equal if not more opportunities for other brands and businesses as well. You might want to thank the pandemic as it has played a leading role in luring people from all backgrounds and age-groups to explore things they otherwise never would have.

But is it that easy?

Getting people to acknowledge your channel on youtube, your videos, and related services is easier said than done, even more so with the heated competition online. It is not enough to merely put out a video and expect a multitude of people to show up, appreciating and accessing products or services. Sadly, there is a much complicated and intrinsic plan that goes into creating successful content and attracting folks.

Many people, therefore, take part in services online that let them buy youtube subscribers. These services also allow you to buy youtube views, buy youtube likes, and other similar services for a multitude of different platforms. But, however, luring it may appear there are some severe drawbacks of availing to such service that can’t be dismissed. Moreover, standard and ethical ways are not only long-lasting but also secure and efficient. Let’s look at some of those ways –

Ways to effectively use youtube

Below are 13 ways to yield desired results and gather focus on your youtube channel

  1. Creating a professional and business-related channel

    Create a channel with business in mind, and do not upload anything unrelated or oddly controversial on the channel.
    A youtube channel dedicated to your work and services will make your channel stand out and guide only interested people your way. It will help you create a standing in the niche you excel at, a loyal audience and customer base, and authority on the platform.

    Keep all the videos you upload professional and of good quality, convey only reliable information and valuable content.

  2. Prospect and clients directed Youtube Videos

    Most of you must be familiar with how an average human being’s attention span is significantly reducing with each generation. Several studies suggest a staggering fall with the current attention span being merely 8 seconds, and not to exaggerate, but it is just a second less than that of a goldfish(nine seconds).

    Blame it on the internet or simply social media, but this directly speaks for the growing authority of visual media in the marketing industry and otherwise. The marketing strategies like printed media and lengthy descriptions are no longer in trend or practical, as many won’t even try reading them out.

    Therefore, the idea to present the prospects with something that’s time-effective, understandable, accessible, quick, and precise is your best shot at making them your future clients.

    Do not serve them with a handout, lengthy emails, articles, or descriptions, instead put in a little more effort and make a youtube video with everything and anything related to the information they seek and build a greater influence.

    Moreover, a youtube video is a forever score, meaning that you don’t have to explain the same thing to multiple prospects; directing them to already existing videos is enough to get the point across. Similarly, it gives your business options to be explored by potential customers.

    However, it is imperative to keep the video short, to the point, entertaining and worthwhile, or it just won’t work the magic.

  3. Keywords Are Imperative

    Just like the google keywords, youtube also engages in these particular words that add value to your videos, making it so that a vaster audience could explore them.

    Adding relevant and useful keywords gives you a better chance to end up on the youtube search results whenever someone looks up a similar keyword or related information. You can easily find loads of niche-specific keywords from which you can choose what best defines your services and the video’s intent.

  4. Direct Links To your Websites

    Not many people will put in efforts to look up your website or find the services online even after watching the related youtube video.

    Attaching the links to the relevant products, services, or your business’ main website is an easy way to provide the prospects what they’re looking for. More people are bound to click the links as it is easily accessible and time-efficient rather than having to close tabs and search it online.

    You can also try putting up a link to your other social media handles, related articles, and associated youtube videos from your channel.

  5. Make videos for employees

    The pandemic of 2020 opened doors to a new way of working,i.e., work from home, and we do not know about other things, but this working style is here to stay.

    As much as it has made work easy and convenient, certain aspects, such as lack of communication, limited expansion in working techniques, management, workshops, and introduction to the latest trends and methods, have created difficulties for many.

    Business is all about teamwork and finding practical solutions to each problem, which is dependent on good communication between colleagues. Creating and uploading videos on youtube not just for clients but also the colleagues is a great way to bridge this gap.

    Tutorials, introduction to new functioning tactics, among other things, can be easily made accessible to all, especially in bigger businesses.

    It also helps you provide the same set of information to any new employee or someone who missed a group meeting for some reason.

  6. Collect Reviews

    Like any other social media platform or digital marketing medium, youtube provides brands and businesses a reality check through honest reviews and feedback.

    If any of your services are faulty or out of order, chances are people online would tell you before your technical team takes notice of it. There is nothing better than reviews to understand how well the people accept your service, the loopholes, and the scope for modifications and improvements, among other things.

    Apart from your video’s comment section, the number of likes, shares, subscribers, and engagement ratio tells you how well a particular campaign is doing online and if or not it is worth investing time and money.

    Also, take notice of what sort of video formats are most appreciated and try to engage in more similar types that intrigue individuals.

  7. Be Social

    What is the point of being on social media if not for being social and connecting with the audience and customers? Interact with the people in the community and take part in meaningful conversations.

    Ask people about their experience with the service, the errors they came across ways to improve all in a friendly manner. Also, try and answer any query the people in the comment section may put forward.

    Healthy conversations lead to a healthy community and loyal customer base, which is an unmatched success for any business or brand.

    Another way to show your presence online is to actively raise voice against common issues without sounding partial. And for a pro tip, when replying to hate comments being sarcastic with replies helps. Trust me.

  8. Interesting Thumbnails

    Thumbnails are easily the first thing anyone notices when scrolling through youtube videos and also the most easily persuadable feature to make anyone click on the video.

    While choosing a thumbnail, apart from relevance and suggestiveness, also makes it intriguing such that people are left with a desire to learn more about it. They are not only the face of your video but also the kind of information that lies inside.

  9. Cross-promotion

    As much as you would promote a social media platform through description links on your youtube videos, make sure you do the same for the youtube videos.

    More platforms mean more exposure. Since everybody is hooked to visual mediums to access information about a product or service that intrigues them, they are bound to yield favorable results.

    Give links to your youtube account on popular platforms handles as well as your business websites.

  10. Tutorials

    Take this, for example – you are looking for a hair-removing product, and you come across two razor brands. One of them has a tutorial showing how to use it, which has an in-detail explanation of the features and ease; the second one, on the other hand, doesn’t have one. Which one would you choose?

    It doesn’t matter if the second one has better functioning or effect; the persuasion and belief in what one sees bounce it all off.

    How to do videos, therefore, are not only good for customers who already bought it but also for those looking to purchase and the confused heads.

  11. Testimonials

    What urges better to the audience, a business self suggesting their products and explaining its benefits or a former customer of the services detailing them on their experience with the brand?

    People are made such that they trust the ones that are most similar to them and have faced parallel conditions and decisions.

    Contacting previous clients and asking them for testimonials is your best shot at gaining the trust and credibility among the first-time clients and those hesitating on making any decision. When people look at others advocating a certain brand or service without any false intention, it makes them put faith in it and try it out.

  12. Behind the Scenes

    People like the feeling of being a part of something bigger than just another client. Showing them what goes behind making and establishing services, the people who work for them, and the overall ambiance of the working routine and efforts is a great way to get them on board.

    It also builds credibility, trust, authority, and a bigger role and impact among the potential prospects.

  13. Live streams

    Youtube lives are a growing hype, and people worldwide, from prominent figures, gamers, and individuals, use it to their advantage. Going live is another way to interact and face the audience in real-time.

    You could also try holding Q and A sessions, events, discount offers, and contests to maintain a healthy relationship with people while also providing them with something to look forward to.


There is no telling how worthy and beneficial youtube marketing can be for your business. Though the competition is rough, proper planning, continuous efforts, active participation, and keeping up with trends are sure to bring success online. Happy Scrolling!