YouTube as a platform has gained more popularity than any other platform, majorly because of its ability to connect content creators and content consumers under one elaborate umbrella. But, in today’s date, being a successful content creator is not a piece of cake. A great deal of hard work, dedication, and creativity is required to stand out in the crowd. One thing that can help boost engagement and achieve a well-established YouTube channel is understanding the platform’s functioning thoroughly. Knowing what is more important and what is not can truly support you as a creator to become a successful name in the YouTube world.

So, to help you with the same, here’s a guide about what holds more importance- YouTube views or YouTube likes.

First of all, how does YouTube function?
Now, we cannot find out what is more important without understanding how the platform works in the first place.

YouTube works with the help of an Artificial Intelligence based algorithm that keeps changing from time to time, mostly every year. This algorithm considers the various aspects of YouTube such as likes, views, search results, engagement levels, etc. After that, it develops a framework that decides which factor should be prioritized. This means, every year, new priorities are set, and likewise, your channel needs to be optimized. As of 2021, viewership and engagement hold more importance than anything else. But wait, let’s dig a little deeper and understand the importance of both- views and likes so that we can compare them better.

Why are YouTube views important?

Well, views have always held great value for creators on YouTube, here’s why:

Algorithm’s support

As mentioned previously, the algorithm prioritizes views more than most of the other aspects. When your videos have more views, the algorithm starts pushing your content. This means your videos are more likely to be found on the explore page as well as in the list of suggested videos. Due to this, the people who don’t know your channel get exposed to your content and end up on your videos if they find the title interesting enough. As a result of this, your engagement level increases, and the algorithm continues to support your content, making it an ongoing process.

Channel monetization

After following all the formal YouTube monetization policies, the most important criteria is having a watch time of more than 4,000 hours from your audience within 12 months. Most YouTube creators understand that the best way to achieve this number is by increasing views and creating engaging content. When your channel is monetized, only then will YouTube start allowing ads before and during your videos. With every ad-play, you earn a fixed amount of money, and that’s how you can earn through YouTube. Therefore, enabling channel monetization is one of the biggest reasons why YouTubers are always chasing more views.

Your channel starts getting recognition

A high number of views on YouTube means many people have actively taken time out to watch your content and engage with it. And when more and more people do so, they start remembering you, your channel, and your content. They recognize you on other social media platforms as well. Recognition is the most critical factor to establish a name for yourself in the creative industry. You may be creating the most high-quality and value-adding content, but you would not be recognized if you don’t have many people watching it. A high number of views is the key to being noticed and appreciated in the world of YouTube.

Brand collaborations

More number of views not only get you recognition from the regular audience but also brands. That’s right! Brands are always looking for creative YouTubers who have a large viewership so that they can target many people at a time through your video. They may sponsor your video or even initiate a contract for paid promotions of their products. This is yet another incredible way of earning through YouTube. However, it is not possible if you don’t have many views because no brand would want to waste their time, resources, and money on a channel that fetches them no engagement or profit as such.

Now that we have a fair idea about why views hold so much importance on YouTube let us find out the same about likes.

Why are YouTube likes important?

Validation from your viewers

A like on YouTube literally means that the person who has watched your content has liked it and found some value in it. Likes on the YouTube videos give the creator a sense of validation that his/her content is enjoyed by the audience. More likes play a massive role in developing an excellent social presence on YouTube. It shows that you as a creator understand the viewers’ demands and fulfill those by creating good quality content that is easy to consume. As a result, a good bond is generated with the existing viewers and even causes you to fetch new ones as a result of increased engagement.

Builds credibility

When a new content consumer comes across your channel and notices a high number of likes, he/she will automatically start believing that you have something unique and interesting to offer. They begin to think that your content must be authentic and worthwhile, which has led so many people to like it. As a result, they are more inclined towards jumping onto the bandwagon and engaging with your content. Ultimately, they start viewing your content with a sense of credibility. This tells us that more likes can be an excellent first impression for your new audiences, and they are more likely to stay with you in the longer run.

Better search engine ranks

YouTube is loaded with new videos every single day, coming from all corners of the world, but only a few make it to the first page of the search engine results. How does YouTube decide which videos should be visible there? Well, the algorithm sees which videos have maximum engagement. YouTube wants only the best ones of the top, and therefore, high-quality, valuable, and super engaging videos are only seen there. When your video has more likes, the algorithm understands that viewers are enjoying your content. As a result, YouTube will push your video ahead, and you will end up with a high ranking.

Your video gets listed in the recommendations

If you don’t make it at the top in the search engine results, don’t worry because YouTube has got you covered. Even if a viewer clicks on some other video from the results, your content can still be seen through the suggested list. But, know that this will happen only if you have a high number of likes and an impressive engagement level. YouTube will pick similar videos which are well received by the audience and position them in the recommended list. This, again, increases the exposure of your content to new viewers, and they are likely to visit your channel. All in all, YouTube likes play a major role in expanding your audience.

Now that we understand the value of both- views and likes on YouTube, it’s time to find out which one holds more importance and can prove to be a game-changing factor.

So finally, who’s the ultimate winner?

Well, there is not one winner between the two because all factors play a significant role on YouTube in their place, be it likes, comments, views, or subscribers. This question can be answered only after considering your purpose on YouTube. What is it that you want to accomplish from this incredible platform?

Do you wish to earn more money?

If you are looking for monetization of your channel and basically earning through the platform, then likes should not be a major concern for you. Views are all that matter because you need to meet the criteria set by YouTube for monetizing your channel, which is to have more than 4,000 hours of watch-time. Apart from that, even brands will approach you for paid collaborations only when you have a large number of people viewing your content. Otherwise, there is no point in investing in your channel if the brand itself is not profiting from the campaign with you. All in all, if you aim to earn money through YouTube, views hold more importance as compared to likes.

Or, do you wish to earn more fame?

RhushabhHowever, if your purpose on YouTube is to establish a name for yourself, create a respectful image, and become a celebrity in the near future, then you may consider likes to be more important. As mentioned previously, likes are a sort of validation from your viewers. They stand as proof of your social presence on the platform. The number of likes tells you that your content is being appreciated and holds value among your audience. Therefore, having more likes will always keep you in the good books of YouTube and allow you to become a well-deserved YouTube celebrity. So if you aim to live in the hearts of your viewers and build a good reputation, then likes should hold great value for you.

It all comes down to these two questions, which will tell you what you should prioritize. Find your purpose on YouTube, and you will figure many more things with it.

Irrespective of what you prioritize on YouTube, we are here to guide you about both the factors and how you can increase the numbers and achieve your ultimate goal.

How can you increase your YouTube views?

It is of utmost importance that you always stick to high-quality content because before everything comes your video’s content, which will eventually help you grow more amongst the audience and encourage them to share your videos more. After you have your video planned and edited finely, you can then increase its reach and engagement through various ways.

Asking your audience to share your videos

The most obvious way to increase your views in the rawest way possible is to engage the audience either when starting the video or at the end, requesting them to support you through subscribing, liking, commenting, and sharing your video. All these things increase the video’s engagement, and the chances of it getting recommended to newer people increase too. People would automatically support you if they like your content, but when you remind them how important it is for you to get those likes and shares, it makes them engage more with the videos.

Thumbnails and Title

The right kind of thumbnail and title can help you increase your numbers drastically. Your thumbnail and the videos’ title are the first things that the viewer sees before actually consuming your content. So, imagine, even if your video does get recommended to a newer audience, the chances of them clicking on them truly depends on how interesting your thumbnail and title of the video are. Thumbnails need to be interesting and engaging, which forces the viewer to click on your video. Try having bright thumbnails with your title mentioned in the thumbnail as well. Add additional information using the tinier font.

Use the right tags

Whenever you upload a video on YouTube, it gives you an option to add tags for your videos and what that does is make your video visible to more people depending upon the tags you put in. The more tags you an add-in, the easier it will be for people to find your video in a single search. Add tags related to your content only. This also makes your video appear higher in the search results. Valid tags can truly boost a video and get it recommended to people who consume similar content.

Publishing time

Many creators tend to ignore this point, but you must publish your video at a time when you can get maximum audience interference. Uploading a video in the afternoon would kill half of its reach because the audience is busy with their own work and does not have time to scroll through YouTube. Therefore, carefully pick a time slot when you think your target audience would be most active. The first 6 hours after your upload are the most important ones since they decide whether your video will get more audience or not. Your maximum engagement should be within those 6 hours.

Buying views

Now, many people believe that when you buy views, you are letting bots view your content and eventually ruin your reach. However, that is not true. Paid views are authentic views, watched by real people. Most of the time, when you pay for views, your video is sent to people who are in this business, and they watch your video. Video is sent to communities, servers, organizations, and many more. These people help your video get more views and get it ranking higher.

There are tons of websites out there for paid views, but the trust issue is constant. The one website which has given out the best services through the years is A trusted website that gives you authentic views and helps your video get more and more views. Do not rely upon paid views. Use it as a booster to gain more audience, and after some time, when you feel that you have a satisfactory amount of views, you can stop paying for the views.

How can you increase your YouTube likes?

With views, it is also essential that your likes are in the right proportion as well. You cannot have a million views with 100 likes; that would obviously show that your views are paid. So always make sure when you buy views, you either buy significant likes as well or do not buy an excessive amount of views.

The best ways of getting more likes remain the same as views.

Keep reminding the viewers

Remind your audience to like the video since it is very important for a creator and let them know that you will be only able to push out better content if they are watching it to make your reach wider.

Set a target

When you have a decently more substantial base, set a like target for your audience, which motivates them to like the video and share it more to help you accomplish your goal.

Likes majorly depend on the audience watching, and it is not much you can do other than putting out great content to incur more likes.

Buy likes as well

If you can buy views, you can also buy likes. Buylikesservices offer you this service as well. When you buy views and likes, your video gets a significant organic boost. There are not just people watching the video but also engaging with it by liking it, which will help the YouTube algorithm promote it more because it seems like the video is growing very quickly.


All in all, both- likes and views hold equal importance on YouTube, but you can set your priorities as per your purpose. This guide will undoubtedly help you expand your audience and achieve the most profitable results irrespective of your end goal.