Instagram is often associated with selfies, celebrities, and pictures of cute pets, but it is a lot more than that. Marketers all around the world are using the platform to advertise their brand, and they’re getting serious results. Instagram advertising is a unique mix of targeting, strategy, budget, and creative outputs. Eye-catching creative ads goes a long way towards effectively influencing conversions and managing ad spend efficiency.

What is an Instagram Ad?

An Instagram ad shows up in a user’s Instagram feed. The brand or person pays to post the ad in the form of a video or a still image. The aim behind the Instagram ad is to reach a specific audience known as the target audience defined by you.

How to create eye-catching Instagram Ads?

Anyone can create an Instagram Ad. Though you can seek professional assistance, there’s nothing better than doing it yourself. If you’re willing to design Instagram Ads yourself, try the following tips to create an ad that will bring more conversions.

Types of Instagram Ads

  1. Instagram Stories Ad –

    Instagram stories showcase a full screen 1080 x 1920 vertical image or video that takes over the phone’s entire screen. Instagram stories are more economical as compared to other forms. Instagram stories are 15 seconds long, so make sure you use those 15 seconds to the fullest.

  2. Instagram Stories Carousel Ads –

    Instagram released the carousel ad feature not very long ago. Here, 3 videos of 15 seconds appear as a series of stories that play back to back. Here you can upload a 45-second long video that will still look like individual 15 second long stories.

  3. Instagram Collection Ads –

    Collections are basically ad formats with one primary image or video followed by four smaller images below in a grid layout. Customers can tap into your ad collection to view the content.

  4. Adding Link to Instagram Stories Ad –

    Once your stories ad appears, the user can either swipe right to skip your ad and move to another story or swipe up to see more from your brand. If you’re paying for a stories ad, you can link your website, landing page, or wherever you want your customer to take action.

  5. Instagram Feed Ads –

    Instagram feed features multiple picture sizes such as vertical, square, and landscape. It’s best to use square images as ads on Instagram as square images fulfill all the standards and requirements of Instagram. They also look very native to the platform.

  6. Instagram Video Ads –

    You can add videos up to 60 seconds long on Instagram. While creating a video ad for Instagram, it’s best to opt for a square format and keep the video short and straightforward. Make sure you add subtitles and captions to your video ads because not every user keeps the sound on.

Effective ideas to create eye-catching Instagram ads

  • Try User Generated Content for your ads –

    In the era of representation and personalization, no ad strategy is complete without UGC in the mix. Your target audience should feel they are a part of what you have to offer and the product is just meant for them.

  • Define your target audience wisely –

    So many ads do not get conversion due to careless targeting. The key is to make the ad appealing to the people you actually want to sell to. This requires them to actually see your ad. Make sure you consider factors like age, location, gender, and preferences.

  • Select a theme for your brand –

    When we think about a brand like Cadbury, the color violet comes to our mind, and the same goes for coca-cola and Mc Donalds. These brands use specific colors and themes for advertising their products. An Instagram theme gives your feed a particular feel and look and makes your profile more memorable to users.

  • Choose your words wisely –

    The aim of your advertisement is to inform your target audience about your products. Your ad copy must be clear, easy to understand, and to the point. It must be able to inform the users about your product and how it works.

  • Show your creativity –

    Creativity has its place, but it shouldn’t hinder the clarity of your ad. Use attractive tag lines or slogans where you feel necessary, but the key lies in balancing all the things.

To Conclude

With so many other brands already marketing their products on Instagram, it could be quite difficult to stand out from the crowd. But you can make it possible by creating an eye-catching and visually appealing Instagram ad. With all the mentioned tips, you can get noticed and improve your brand image on Instagram. Not only this, but you can also convert your existing users into your customers.