YouTube is continuously shifting and developing. It has changed a lot, as humorous videos of dogs and cats do not dominate social media. In the present time, YouTube is also a platform for marketers.

Almost billions of hours of videos are seen on YouTube every day, which is a lot more than Facebook and Netflix incorporated.

But, here is a thing, 64%of, the companies take YouTube as a platform to upload their video content, which is amazing!

It gets more amazing when YouTube is effective. YouTube is a very powerful business method. But for growing your sales, you must have a lot of views and subscribers.

Before learning about how to grow your views, you must know to make an effective video.

  • Plan a video:

    before making videos for YouTube, you must plan what you want to make a video on. Create a story outline of every single scene. Ensure that whatever message you want to convey to your viewers gets conveyed without any mess or fuss.

  • Write a script:

    Write a script based on the plan of your video. Make sure you keep the language simple and relatable so that your viewers can understand easily. Try not to use typical and technical terms. And try not to make a long script. Because long script leads to a long video, by which people get bored eventually.

  • Start cutting out unnecessary things or start shot listing:

    possessing a shot list will help you look at smaller details like the position of the camera and light direction. Try to do it when you finish writing your script. It must have everything which helps you in giving a sense of direction.

  • Supervise a scene

    Decide how you want your videos to be live, recorded, or animated; your requirements of props are to be used in your videos. These things will make your video look a little bit smart and professional.

  • Equip yourself:

    If you are there in the video, you need to practice and prepare to make the video go smoothly. Make sure to practice because people look for the content in the video.

  • After making the video, edit it:

    After shooting small fragments of the video, you can edit small errors or scenes which doesn’t fit. Again, you don’t have to hurry; take as much time as you want to and delete whatever you think is unnecessary.

  • Last but not least, upload it:

    On YouTube, you can post the video by adding a title, description, and tags. Why? Because they will help your audience in locating your video. If you are thinking of making more than one video on the same topic, you can make a playlist and add it to its end screen.

Pro tip:

Start going live occasionally; this will help attract more viewers. When you have experience making videos, going life can help you get more engagement as you talk to your viewers online. Talk to your viewers and get their ideas about making the next videos. Because you never know, you can get the best ideas from your audience.

So, now that you have an idea about making videos let’s look at how to gain views on YouTube.

  1. Make binding content

    People don’t care about the efforts you put in making a video; if your content is not good, people will not watch it. But the real question is, what is compelling content and how is it made? Then, you can make ‘how to’ videos.

    Normally recognize what your viewers want. Then, make videos that meet the requirements of your viewers. A lot of famous YouTubers get ideas from the comment sections. From there, they get to know what their viewers want. Easy, isn’t it?

    Continuously make content which unravels your viewer’s daily life problems. You can call it a method of creating a loyal fanbase.

  2. Motivate people to like, share and subscribe

    Normally, it’s very difficult to make your customer stay because there is a lot of competition out there.
    Similarly, there is a lot of competition on social media, and making your viewer and subscriber stay is a tough job.

    Encouraging your viewers to like, share, comment, and subscribe can be considered the easiest way to make your viewers and subscribers stay.

    Asking to subscribe will make your viewers stay. If they like your content, they will subscribe to you. If they subscribe to your channel, you will get likes from them on your upcoming videos. But the real question is when to ask?

    The answer is simple: Ask at the end and beginning of the video.

    Also, ask your viewers to hit the bell icon at the bottom of the video so that whenever you post something, they will be notified.

  3. Start making a playlist to engage the audience

    In a study, it was shown that most of the views are gained by playlists. Want to know why? Because of Auto-play.
    It saves energy in switching videos. So, people enjoy those videos back to back.

    You can create a playlist by clicking on ‘+’ under the video you would like to add. That way, you can add that video to an existing playlist, or you can create a new one. Make a playlist right away if you want to grow your views.

  4. Promote other channels at the end of the video?

    The end screen is a method that you can adopt to promote videos to get many views.

    Firstly, you must get verified to get permission to use such features. For that, tap on your profile picture on the top right corner and then tap on creators studio. After that, click on the status and features option.

    After this, let’s look at the cards and the end screen.
    The end screen is an attached frame which you can add at the edge of the videos to end your video.

    Cards are links to your other videos, which you can add on the end screen as a suggestion for them to watch. In addition, you can add some videos or a complete playlist at the end of the videos as cards.

  5. Cards and end screens are very useful tools; keep them in mind before uploading the video.

    • Include a watermark

      Watermarks are used to get more views and subscribers by expanding your YouTube channel all over your videos. Importantly, a watermark is a picture that you can add so that it appears in your videos. In addition, many channels use their logo as a watermark.

    • Expand your YouTube channel on other social media platforms

      If you have many followers and friends on other social media platforms, you can upload your stories or bio links. Or you can share a small teaser on your story. To make things simpler, you can use social media scheduling apps.
      Not only on social media platforms, but you can also add your video to a blog. You can also send emails to people about the release of your new video. A lot of famous YouTubers suggest this.


Other than these, you grow your followers by these methods too

  • Enable the embed feature on your videos.
  • Make sure the duration of the video is neither too short or too long.
  • Create a community.
  • Make sure to optimize your video titles.
  • Make sure to optimize your channel.
  • Make a brand aesthetic.
  • Make sure to optimize your YouTube channel description.
  • Add the link to your channel on other social media platforms.
  • Add channel-specific keywords.
  • Make a trailer that includes your best content.
  • Add interesting thumbnails.
  • Post your video at the time of maximum usage.
  • Invite other YouTubers and vloggers in your videos.
  • Keep up with the trends.

A lot of people use artificial methods for increasing views on their youtube videos, which is illegal. The steps mentioned above are natural ways to increase your views. And the best thing? It is free of cost. So go ahead and get them viewers!!