YouTube, the second largest social media platform, is used the most for promotional, entertainment, educational, and tutorial purposes. With average traffic of around 22 billion in a month and an average session duration under 40 minutes, YouTube tops the charts.

People prefer YouTube over any other channel. However, given the heaps of content available on YouTube, the possibilities of your content getting noticed diminish. Out of desperation, people resort to options like buying views and like considering more people will be attracted to seeing their higher views. This approach may turn out to be a roadblock in many ways:

  • YouTube’s ever-evolving and advanced algorithm catches any fraudulent activities on your account easily and quickly.
  • The algorithms now focus more on quality rather than the number of views.
  • Expensive strategy.

The organic process of bringing more traction to your account is tedious and lengthy. However, it is worth your efforts. Do it right the first time, and yield the best results.

Given the user base, YouTube is the premier platform across the globe. Whatever you share, it reaches rapidly to masses. But, the question is, how do you stand out amidst the voluminous content and several other content developers?

Relax! Everything is achievable with a clear strategy and a plan. Someone has aptly said”, If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. “So, let’s get going and look at 21 strategies that will empower you to build a plan for garnering more views on your YouTube channel:

  1. Get views from YouTube’s Organic Search Results

    YouTube’s algorithm is like a fishnet that catches fishes from multitudes in the sea. It is designed to pick up videos with rich, unique,, and relevant content to be showcased on the top.

    But it’s not an incidental catch. YouTube algorithm considers an array of logics to choose the best videos and ranks them on top of the search engine results.

  2. Use Descriptive and Keyword Rich Titles

    A descriptive and intriguing title will help you in two folds:

    • It makes it easier for the YouTube algorithm to pick relevant videos and help the users understand what the video is about based on the keyword search.
    • This also attracts more users. You can use SEO keyword tools to pick relevant keywords for your content.

    This also attracts more users. You can use SEO keyword tools to pick relevant keywords for your content.

    You can look for the keyword planner on the extreme right panel on the YouTube search bar.

    Optimizing the keyword strategy can bring you more views on videos as it will be for the search engine to pick your video and educate them about the content of your video.

  3. Have Quality and Keyword Rich Descriptions

    You can insert a crisp description of your video to optimize the search engine better and increase the click-through rate quickly, just like you would have optimized through your SEO meta description for your written content.

    Try and strike a balance between uniqueness and yet comprehensive content that everybody can relate to quickly. Attract users through catchy descriptions above the fold.

  4. Use Tags

    Tag your YouTube videos to help users understand what your content is about, and additionally, this will also help the YT algorithm clearly distinguish the purpose of your video.

  5. Optimize Your Thumbnail Image

    Using high-definition and compelling images, readable fonts, and close shots can help you increase your YT views. Your image should be able to do the most talking and attract more views.

  6. Create Transcripts of Your Videos

    Creating transcripts for your video may help boost your views and increase your YouTube ranking. Closed captions can also serve you well, as, in that way, older people and the disabled will also have access to your content.

  7. Increase Views With Your Video Content

    Your content is the most critical factor that decides the fate of your channel. Rich content helps build high-quality behavioral search engine analytics that the YT algorithm will catch, and your video will get an assured place in top search results.

  8. Develop Content that Either Entertains or Educates

    The content of your video should add value to your users in the form of tutorials, educational,, or simply entertainment. When users are drawn towards your video given your content, they are bound to share it with others, and in anticipation, they will come back for sure to see more videos from you.

  9. Follow the Viral Trends

    Analyze the viral trends relevant to your content and tap into it well, as, by default, people fall for highly trending content. For instance, #DIYS are highly trending nowadays; given the lockdown, most people turned to online tutorials to keep themselves meaningfully engaged and let their creativity flow. Wellness content is also a hit amidst the Corona wave.

  10. Use Guest YouTubers

    Consider inviting guest Youtubers on your channel to boost your views. Guest YouTubing is based on the lines of influencer marketing, which can entice a lot of users to watch your content and come back for more. Don’t forget to insert their links in your videos and your description to return the favor.

  11. Create Industry Relevant Content

    Have you ever heard of the famous saying “good artist borrow, great artist steal.”? Well, this doesn’t imply copying anyone else’s idea or content. Still, you could certainly learn the techniques (as in similar keywords, similar content, and video description with more enhanced presentation ) that you could incorporate in your videos from the suggested videos that appear on the YouTube sidebar as soon as you finish watching a video. By default, the YouTube algorithm picks a video and puts it through the recommended videos list, which is quite similar to the content you had just finished watching.

    You’ll maximize the chances of your videos being watched the most if you can leverage out of the popular videos relevant to your niche.

  12. Use Cards

    Implement the card technique to maximize views, see where your viewers stop watching your video,, and use the card beforehand to ensure everybody notices your content. Behavioral analytics can help you in identifying users’ preferences. You can optimize by creating the following cards:

    • Encourage users to participate in a poll
    • Donate to a non-profit
    • Promote other video content
    • Get more channel subscribers
    • Send traffic to your website
  13. Create End Screens

    If you were to write a conclusion of your video, it would look like an end screen. It is an excellent opportunity for you to reinforce whatever you talked about in your video. Recency leaves an imprint on the mind, so whatever the users see in the end screen, they are more impacted by it and can retain the information. You can also include a play site, recommended clips,, and sites.

    Go to your Video Manager to add end-screens. Select the video you want to add the end screen to, and select End Screens and Annotations. You can add more features using this tab.

    The YouTube algorithm quickly catches content from your end screen, which helps recommend your videos to others.

  14. Promoting a Good Market Video

    It promotes a good marker video on YouTube that has over 5,000 views, making it appear more in search results given its popularity.

    You can create end screens, cards and link your less popular videos within the marked video to get more views on those.

    Your marquee videos can help in earning good backlinks and generating more traffic on your website.

  15. Using Autoplay Feature for your Embedded Videos

    Autoplay feature enables you to play on its own when it’s embedded. But be very cautious with this strategy. Do not use this if your video is too long, as it may be an upsetting experience for your audience.

    To enable this feature to to select your URL and at the end of it, add this code: iframe. Autoplay is a vital option for educational or storytelling videos and will ho increase views.

  16. Mark Your Presence in Your Industry

    Being active in your industry and engaging in interactions with industry people is very important. Comment on their content; offering your advice may help you earn visibility. Additionally, they may provide you with good backlinks.

    This will also help in increasing your subscriber base as their followers may visit your channel.

  17. Off-Page View Boosters

    YouTube offers a plethora of options to be present on various social media handles. You can embed your videos, share them, and make them go viral with a click of your finger.

  18. Increase Your Video’s SEO Ranking

    Increasing SEO ranking is also a good way of enhancing visibility on social media.
    Embedded videos act as good backlinks wherein these point at your videos on YouTube, boosting its SEO ranking. A good SEO ranking can bring more traction to your channel.

  19. Posting Links of Your Videos on Other Social Media Accounts

    Cross-promotional activities like posting the link of your YouTube videos on other social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., also help divert traffic on your channel. Share these links in the form of a post, or add a description of them in your profile to accelerate the clicks.

    Additionally, by driving traffic from your other social media handles to your YouTube channel, the YouTube algorithm will detect this activity as organic growth, which will fetch you a good SEO ranking.

  20. Find the Communities Matching Your Niche to Promote Your YT Videos

    You can share your videos on Reddit, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Quora, etc., to attract relevant audiences to your channel.

    You can share your videos on subreddit /r/GetMoreViewsYT with the other YouTube enthusiasts, and they will vote for the videos they liked the most on this subreddit. The winning video gets stuck on top of the subreddit for a whole week for the people to view.

  21. Tap into Influencer Marketing

    Tap into influencer marketing which is rapidly catching up for branding purposes. Social media influencers have a team of people who share your posts and indulge actively in commenting on your posts, increasing the chances of your video going viral. You might want to use Unamo for locating influencers in your niche.

    Since people follow these social media influencers already and share your video once, then many will come like a wave on your channel.

  22. Post About Giveaways and Promotions: insert the links in your YouTube Videos

    A raffle or a promotion on social media instructing your followers to participate through a link in the description embedded within the YT video is a good way of instantly increasing views on your channel.

Bottom Line

No battle is ever won overnight. Increasing views on your YouTube channel for free is like building a wall brick by brick. It will help if you are ultra patient in your efforts to start reaping positive results. The platform supports features to boost your views, but most importantly, you ought to create unique, intriguing, and relevant content to generate significant views and create a solid subscriber base.