Boasting more than 1 billion hours watched daily, YouTube has grown to become the world’s second most popular search engine, a social media site, and above all, an integral part of people’s lives.

However, in the 21st century, YouTube is equally about creators as it about viewers and its informative content. Billions of views that provide people with ample space to explore are also accompanied by more than 500 hours of video uploaded each minute as of 2019.

More content might make the platform an ideal one for the 12 million users who visit it each day in terms of alternatives and sources of information; it is not the same for the creators, as, for them, this simply implies heavy competition. The race to become a popular YouTuber with hefty views on the videos and good subscriber numbers is not as easy to achieve as it may appear. So, what is the way out?

Organic Growth Vs. Buying YouTube Subscribers

While it may seem like a bad thought, not to mention also morally wrong for a majority of individuals to invest in buying YouTube subscribers, among other similar services, this, in fact, is the ground reality of many popular YouTubers you adore.

In a space where people are free to find and invest time on multiple parallel channels with similar content as yours, it certainly is not enough to put all the time and effort into creating valuable content. One needs to learn to market it as well.

Organic growth is the prime and undoubtedly the safest choice one could make, including methods like using hashtags in the videos, promoting it on other social media channels to boost traffic, using an eye-catching thumbnail, an intriguing tagline, a nice trailer to the entire setup, behind the scenes videos, etc. Which though effective, is not the quickest way to get the desired goals of subscribers, something precisely a lot of influencers, entrepreneurs, and brands are looking for.

To buy YouTube subscribers in such a case is your best shot at getting a kick start on this long journey, with better opportunities and exposure early on. Though it will still require you to put effort into making great quality content, even better than before, the boost in chances of it being seen and appreciated by the audience is something worth investing in.

Let us see some other benefits of buying YouTube subscribers –

Benefits of Buying YouTube Subscribers

The biggest measure of an influential YouTuber is the number of people who have subscribed to their channel.

Subscribing is directly linked with the faith people put in the value of the content you post and that it is indeed worth their time. But, it is not that easy to get people into clicking that subscription button even if they have been following and watching the videos you upload for some time now.

It is a major reason, among many others, why people choose to buy YouTube subscribers in the first place. Let’s see how buying subscribers benefit a channel

It gives a boost to your channel rankings

If you know even the basics of how SEO works or have experience in the field, you probably must be well aware of how rankings work and how important of a role they play in online success. Well, the YouTube algorithm is not that different from Google’s when it comes to ranking content.

Rankings decide which page you land on whenever a search query on any related topic is initiated on the search engine, and most of you reading this article have barely ever clicked on that second-page button because there has been no need to. All the content and quality information are almost ever easily available on the first page, eliminating the need to click next.

The same is for YouTube; the videos that appear on the top whenever someone searches for them are the ones that have ranked the highest by YouTube algorithms. And guess, what might be the ranking criteria YouTube uses to bring out such results?

Well, YouTube doesn’t reveal all of them, but subscriber count, apart from the view count, is surely on top of that list, evident from the search results you might have encountered as a user.

Buying YouTube subscribers fix this need for you giving your content and channel the boost of visibility among the audience by making you rank higher. A high rank also ensures that your exposure multiplies, with greater visibility and an organic audience in a little time, which would take much longer with greater efforts when approached through organic methods.

It helps you gain authority on YouTube and become popular

You might be doing everything as per the book, from making quality content to posting it at the right time and engaging with the audience, but the impression a low subscriber count gives off to the users visiting is not something too easy to ward off.

People might like your content, but to believe in what the numbers suggest is human nature. They eventually end up finding faults to justify the low subscriber and view count and move on to find a better alternate video or a channel.

Since popularity happens to be one of the main aims for a plethora of YouTubers, whether a brand or an influencer and acknowledging the fact that popularity indeed drives the popularity, buying the subscribers from a service online is not just a good way to sell your content as ‘popular’ or valuable but also further to increase the scope of your channel as a whole.

Builds you an organic audience

The same token drives this next point as the above, which is the faith people place in facts and where the crowd is headed. While it is good to have subscribers even if they are paid, they are no comparison to the real-time people and those sincerely interested in what you have to offer; that is to say, everyone wishes to have a loyal following and real subscriber count.

And, guess what? Fake subscribers can even help you get that

People are more likely to subscribe to a channel that already boasts a high following rather than a channel with only a couple hundred followers or none. Buying YouTube subscribers will make your channel seem influential and worthwhile, positively affecting their decision to subscribe, helping you gain an organic audience with time.

It helps you target a better audience

One of the most apparent and often overlooked reasons for the popularity of YouTube is the wide variety of content on it. There is everything for everyone as per their mood and needs, making it a versatile option compared to others in its league.

And, although this a good thing for most, it can be a drawback for the creators in a lot of ways.

Apart from the competition it creates, the distribution of your efforts to people who are neither from nor interested in your channel’s niche is an obstacle a lot of YouTubers have to face. It creates a void where all your additional efforts fall into what might have been an opportunity if targeted towards the right audience.

There are many ways to target the audience, using demographics, locations, and sponsored ads when buying YouTube subscribers, making all the further efforts you put thrive in the right direction.

Once you are able to target the audience who is truly interested in what you have to offer, the chances of the content being shared, the content being popular in the online niche-related community, and the channel getting more subscriptions with each passing day all increase by multi-folds.

Things to bear in mind while buying YouTube Subscribers

Though it is easy to boost YouTube fame once you buy YouTube subscribers, the process of buying is as important to be taken care of as the process after it. Make sure you buy them from only authentic services, as the online market is no short of people selling fake or inactive accounts in the name of subscribers, causing your channel more harm than good in the longer run, not to mention the risk of actions taken by YouTube authority if caught.

Another thing that is as important to note is to not rely on the subscribers you bought entirely. That is to say; you still need to make quality content and put equal if not more effort as before into each of your videos for it to do well on the platform.


To buy YouTube subscribers is a big decision and needs to be carefully planned and implemented for the best results. What’s even more imperative in this decision is to put out results, i.e., videos that speak for the number of subscribers you bought.

Popularity is not easy to gain, as is the trust and loyalty of the audience, but a platform as big as YouTube is worth giving a shot once you decide on working hard and acing your goal. Happy Scrolling!