Being ‘organic’ is the keyword. In a world where everyone wants to return to the roots, anything natural increases the deemed price of the commodity manifolds. But organically, finding success is hard, especially if you don’t build a foolproof knowledge of the things you should do and things you shouldn’t.

Virtually too, being organic or authentic is the quality that everyone from followers to investors is seeking. But to bask in the success of organic growth, you must toil hard. For it is difficult to yield success from a field that has already been exploited to the maximum. But at the same time, it is not impossible. Condition being: ‘How much effort are you going to put in?’

Not a child’s play!

The virtual world may have started as a hub for teenagers to pass the time and as a platform for the millennials to forge contacts. But with time, it has evolved and risen the ranks pretty fast. Today in the tech-world, it is the arena that brings the whole world on a single page.

With multiple platforms, each world is evolving as a micro-cosmos, where thousands shine like stars. But to become one is not a child’s play. It requires constant hard work to churn out contents that make you stand apart continuously. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform

. The virtual world demands as much as a person gains from it.

Likes- the measure of one’s growth

Speaking of Instagram, the virtual world is fast climbing the ladders of success. With a footfall crossing billions, it is hard to disregard it as a fierce competitor of the stalwart ‘Facebook.’

Instagram has many features that keep the viewers engrossed, making time fly faster. Users can use posts, reels, IGTV, stories…and much more to engage with each other. In short, the photo-sharing app has covered in itself all the dimensions of the visual world.

The growth on the platform is measured in terms of engagement. In simpler words, the percentage of likes or comment your post receives with respect to your follower’s count. Translate it into layman’s terms- the more the number of likes you get, the more you grow in the virtual world.

Why ‘organic’ success?

With the rise in people seeking success on social platforms, many websites began to cash in the opportunity. They provide the users with fake counts to inflate the numbers. However, with time, as people started to question the authenticity of the numbers, the need for organic growth was highlighted.

Organic growth or getting organic likes on Instagram

means that you do not manipulate the likes you receive in any way. Thus, whatever you receive at the end of the day is the sheer result of your hard work and your work resonating with the people.

What is the alternative form?

The alternative way is to buy the success that you are not receiving. There are numerous websites online that let you receive a set number of likes for a nominal price. All you got to do is select a package depending on your need and budget and then let them do their work. There are multiple price brackets to choose from.

The alternative may not seem morally uptight, as you are paying your way to success. But consider it as a little push to start the initial lag. The investment you put in helps you to reap the benefits of organic growth later on.

10 ways to turn the Instagram tide in your favor!

The following are some pointers that cover the basics of how to approach the social media platform to raise your probability of becoming the next Instagrammer.

  1. Choose your topic/ niche

    A wise topic can make or break your dream of making it big. A topic can predict the amount of traffic you can possibly expect for your content. Moreover, depending on your skill level, you can also filter out the niche. Some areas have high competition, whereas others have space for exploring. Hence, choose a niche where you can freely express yourself to the best of your ability in order to compete with the best.

  2. Dictate your target audience

    The audience whom you want to target is also an integral dimension that decides your success. The more the target audience, the more chance you will receive the footfall for your user handle. It helps you to personalize your content to make it more appealing to a particular section of society.

  3. Personalize your handle

    Create your brand image on your home page. So that anyone who visits you can have a glance at your work, passion, and contents. The first thing that strikes them is your bio. Keep it simple and sweet, giving them just the information they require. Also, never forget to add links via which they can reach you anytime. Personalize your feed to make it aesthetically pleasing.

  4. Be regular in posting content

    Have a set pattern by which you post your content. In this way, the users know when to expect them. This will increase the engagement for the post in a particular period, making the algorithms of Instagram promote the content further. Another way is to create teasers, countdowns, or announcements for the same.

  5. Send lots of hashtags

    Hashtags are the carriers of the message that act as a common address to find you. Use a maximum possible number of hashtags (but only relevant ones) to accompany your caption. Using highly popular ones might not result in the desired result as the chances are high that your content may not surface to the top search result. Thus, the best way is to use powerful yet less popular hashtags. At the same time, create a unique hashtag so that users can find only you through it.

  6. Use every alternative

    Instagram has equipped itself in every front. Apart from the photo-sharing sub-platform, there are sub-platforms to share short videos (reels), longer videos (IGTV), status (story)…etc. That is for all possible features out there, there exists a mini-version of it on Instagram itself. Many would suggest focusing only on one—however, the more, the merrier. Hence, you can use all the platforms to promote and post your content, provided you do not compromise on the quality of either content.

  7. Collaborate

    In the big wild world, there may be many people you look up to and aspire to become. The virtual platform provides a perfect opportunity to be on the same page as them and interact with them. At the same time, you can collaborate and create content with them. The basic idea is the mix the follower’s microhabitat and at the same time learn from the big shots, thus killing two birds with a single stone.

  8. Participate and win

    Who does not like to win freebies? Create contests that make liking the post and sharing them with others the prerequisite to enter a contest. This way, you are promoting your content without doing anything on your own. Similarly, giveaways, freebies ..etc., pique the interest of the users, making them participate, thus increasing your engagement rates.

  9. Spread the love

    Spread your Instagram handle on all the social media platforms. Thus, integrating all the virtual worlds to ensure that you guide the users from one platform to the other. Hence, regularly update your posts and share them on Facebook, YouTube, or other online forums to increase your visibility.

10 reasons why you should consider buying the likes!

If you have observed the above points, you might have noticed the narrow range where they might bear fruit. Yes, MIGHT. You can never be sure that these will give you the same success as some other user obtained by trying them out. It is true that everything is a part of trial and error. If luck stands by your side, then you might enjoy success faster. I

f not, then you might have to forever wait in the dark pages of the web till someone pulls you out. Hence, to make your plan foolproof and eliminate the slightest possibility of ‘what if not,’ you must consider buying the likes.

  1. Your content will get promoted by the platform

    The platform itself promotes the content of its users. Going through the reels or the explore section, you might have observed many contents similar to your preference but not from people you follow. This internal way of promotion by the algorithms relies heavily on the number of likes. Since the more likes you have, the more credibility your content has and hence the more chances for other people to like it. Thus, you have a probability of getting featured on other’s home page or the explore section.

  2. You are putting the limelight on your content

    Everything in the virtual world is valued in terms of the like it receives. The more likes you have, there is more potential for your content to be visible to others (by the action of algorithms). With the platform already saturated with content creators and influencers, there is no dearth of content. If your content does not manage to steal the spotlight, it may always remain hidden among the thousands of similar contents that receive no attention. It is true that recognition comes only in due time; however, there are high chances for you to not receive it as you are not visible to others.

  3. Psychology to your rescue

    The number game also has a psychological effect. Say for yourself, if you come across a content that has thousands of likes, you too enjoy watching them without any biased notion. However, if you come across content with likes running in single digits, you might have thoughts regarding credibility or even if the content is worth watching for.

    Thus, with likes in hundreds or few thousands, your content is received with more warmth than with no likes at all.

  4. Instant effect

    When you select a package, say for 100 likes, you receive them all under the span of 24-48 hours. Such a rapid increase in a short period makes the algorithms take notice of your content and then actively promote it. Thus, you may stay in the explore or get suggested to the users by featuring in their homes section. And the add-on? You’ll see the effect of this for a few days.

    However, if your content is really up to the mark and liked by the people, it is enough for the content to be picked up naturally and continue the league.

  5. Attract investors/ advertisers

    With heavy traffic, social media has become one of the forerunner platforms for propaganda by investors. Thus, it is hard to ignore the commercialization of the media. But it is great news for the users who want to use this opportunity. But the catch is that your post must be valuable enough for them to invest in you. Hence, your engagement rate determines your value in the marketing world.

    The likes you gain reflect the wider reach you have regarding the audience. This is why a higher like count may help you get noticed by the investors.

  6. Become an influencer

    An influencer is the one who can influence a wide range of people (usually their follower’s count). Through content, the influencers can dictate or promote a particular brand in their community. When you wield power to influence others’ choices, you gain prominence as an influencer. The influencer market is large and has loads of potential. However, to set your foot, you need a base following on whom you can count on and engagement numbers that bring in the advertisers.

  7. Increase your growth organically

    Once you feature in others pages, you have a better exposure/ visibility in the domain. This visibility drives traffic to your site. If your content matches with the expectation of the users, then they will connect with it and follow you. This, in turn, surges the numbers and makes you again noticed by the algorithms. Hence, starting the cyclic path involving exponential growth of numbers.

  8. Fastens the growth chart

    Anyone who has tried their luck in the virtual world knows the hard work one must put in. It might take days, weeks, or even years for your content to make waves. Until and unless you become viral, there is no way to amass the fame in a short period. Buying likes decreases your wait period. Now, you don’t have to wait for others to search your content. Your content will find them.

  9. Allows you to focus on content creation

    With the automated platform taking care of the promotion of your content, you need not worry about other aspects except creating engaging content. The websites take care of your followers count, the likes and shares your post can receive. Hence, covering all aspects of engagement, making sure you yield organic growth from each area.

  10. No what-ifs

    There is no need to question your choice of interest just because you are not finding success. The internet is a wide world. Looking at the posts, you might have seen the disparity between two people charting out similar content, yet their contents are not equally promoted neither equally well received. Now, you need not fret or leave your chance of success to destiny.

The cons you should be beware of!

One thing that you should be beware of is fraudulent sites that may dupe you of your money without giving you the actual result. With surging demands, so is the rise in the websites that offer you likes (followers/ shares) at a very basic price tag. But, in most cases, these likes disappear the following day, or they might not be delivered fully. This has a bigger impact than just losing money; you lose the trust of the users as well.

Moreover, buying likes does not mean hoarding likes just by money, as this does not make sense! If your investment does not bear fruit, then it is time to change your output. The bought likes must act as the tiny pusher that plunges your content to users and brings back a lot more. However, if you do not see the results, there is no use in throwing your money away for nothing.

Tips to keep in mind while using third-party services are:

  1. Always trust sites with credibility.

    With numerous options to choose from, it would be wise to do descent background checking via reviews, blogs, or first-hand user experience to know more about the policies and undertakings of the website.

  2. Don’t share too much!

    Social media is an important account that represents you. A trusted service provider never asks for details like passwords..etc.

  3. Buy small packages.

    Other than going viral, there is no way that your following or likes count may increase by ten thousand overnight. Hence, opting for these large packages makes it too obvious. Other than this, the website may not be equipped to provide you authentic followers of such enormous magnitude. Hence, you often end up receiving fake bots as followers. Later, the platform deletes these possible fake accounts decreasing the numbers.

  4. Try investing over a period of time.

    When you add on little likes to your post, then each of your posts can reap the benefit, making your handle popular. Hence, when you see that your account is not seeing the rise and is dormant for a while, try investing again.

  5. Stop investing

    When none of the alternative ways yield you success. There is always a chance that even after investing, you might not see the desired results. This is why the experts say -the rate of converting bought likes into organic is low. Hence, if you feel that the end result is not favorable, it is time for you to take a step back and think about where you have gone wrong and what to do to make it right.

Why is organically preferred?

Organic means the success that your getting is authentic, and hence, your content is truly credible. Though there is no difference when the numbers appeal to the users and investors alike, however, when discovered the question of authenticity arises. Along with it arises the doubt about the credibility of the organically acquired ones too.

Morally speaking too, buying success using money is unfair to people who succeed via hard work and patience. Hence, people want to shift focus to organic success and glorify it as the actual measure of one’s blood, sweat and tears.


To find your success, it is true you must try out everything. Buying likes is an easy way to climb the ladder of success. However, it complements only those who are willing to put in hard work and create contents that can strike a chord with the people. Until and unless your content is worthwhile, no amount of investment can save it. However, for you, if the lady luck is refusing to shine, you can make her by buying a few likes!