Social media networks are growing faster, and users are more and more engaged in them. One of the most powerful social media marketing tools is Instagram. It is considered the best marketing tool for both businesses as well as individuals. Over 200 billion users on Instagram visit some of the other business profiles daily. Instagram is one of the best digital marketing strategies used by many industries.

There is so much competition on Instagram as users are growing, content is growing, and it sometimes gets harder to cut through Instagram. It is the best place to promote your goods and services. Suppose you want to do so and attract many potential customers. You can share your interest with them with the help of eye-catching content. If you have visual content ideas, then you are selling services to the audience. It might be daunting sometimes.

So here is the solution for you, and that is to repurpose blogging for Instagram marketing. Let’s dive straight into the 9 repurpose ways to blog content for Instagram marketing.

  1. Promote the content post on your feed
  2. Use success quotes.
  3. Make the best use of the data visualization.
  4. Use Instagram graphics to share insights some research to create some posts.
  5. Customer testimonials.
  6. Link your post to Instagram stories.
  7. Add the post to your Instagram highlights.
  8. Create long IGTV videos.
  1. Promote the content post on your feed

    It sometimes may be difficult for us to rely on blog posts and share our thoughts. Today, the social media platform is used to share thoughts, opinions, and beliefs, making it hard to share blogs and promote them to the targeted audience. Post your opinions in the form of short blogs to which the audience can relate. If you use Instagram, you can be successful as you can announce or say republish your post and attract many customers and new blog readers.

    The Instagram caption is limited to 2200 character, so it is a great idea to share small blogs which attract users and also for the readers who think that Instagram is not a good place to blog, then you can make use of visuals and create a teaser for them, and mention the link in your bio, also don’t forget to mention the link that will drive the traffic to your latest post

  2. Use success quotes

    Many users like to post their ideas in quotes on Instagram; there is nothing new in this. If you want your account to stand out and want that spark that never fades away from your audience’s interest, you can choose to write in a simple graphic quotes design. By doing this, you are grabbing the attention of the users.

    Like a blog written by Justine Blanching, there are many success stories, which the company has converted into a successful Instagram post. You can add your spark by adding enticing images along with the post and tag featured person if you want because you never know who might be reading your post.

    Also, you can invite Instagram blog readers to read the full interview. This is a way to provide the users with a customer testimonial, and this helps the users get an idea about the product or services. This is a strategy that will help you turn your Instagram followers into Instagram customers. You can use other ideas to add overlays, photo stock-free royalty photos, or create your image that relates to the quotes and suits best to your Instagram.

  3. Make the best use of the data visualization

    If you are a content creator, then you must understand the importance of visuals. People love to see visuals, as visuals are easier to perceive visual information. It is a must to share compelling visuals that will build interest in the users and make Instagram marketing successful. You can use your creativity to publish handy infographics and make your complex data easy to communicate with the audience. Don’t you think that this is a great idea? Resize your infographics and fit them in your Instagram feed. It will be an informative yet successful strategy for the users.

    The combination of data and statistics in the form of an image can be easily understood as the information delivery to the users would be clear. And also, the user, at a single glance, will understand, and they would also find themselves reading the whole blog post. This is a great Instagram marketing idea that your Instagram audience will love.

  4. Use Instagram graphics to share insights

    Most people prefer to read blogs when they are looking for an actionable solution. Blogs are aimed to solve people’s problems, and they answer some of the great questions that the reader wants. Nobody is interested in mediocre content. It is very important to prove that your content is valuable if it is about repurposing blog content. Use certain tips and tricks to share Instagram insights in the best way possible.

    The best way to explain is how the HubSpot highlights have their takeaway on an Instagram blog post. You have the opportunity to grab people’s attention when you share insights on Instagram. It makes your brand stand out and be successful from the rest as it attracts followers, and also it is trustworthy.

  5. Do some research to create some posts

    A person in business needs to communicate with his audience and keep his audience engaged. Make a plan, do some research, and try to post at least three Instagram posts a week regularly. Come up with unique content, and one trick is to divide your Instagram post into several blogs. Post attractive posts that look attractive in the feed, and also, you can create a collection of posts.

    You can do this by splitting one image into several sections. It is a great way to publish more, and it also consumes less time and requires less effort. The key is to stay creative, make sure whatever you are posting should have a purpose, and all the posts should tell one cohesive story.

  6. Customer testimonies

    In the digital era, people prefer to do online research and know everything about the product they will be buying. Customers today seek proof with the growing number of sponsored posts. When done in the correct form, Instagram marketing can help you increase customer retention and help your business grow faster. Some companies take the interview for like-minded people to achieve success. This strategy also helps in lending customer testimonials if you publish an interview on your blog.

    You can add captions to make it clear and create short videos on customers’ success. It would help others to understand the brand’s message. Remember the power of storytelling, and it can attract many users. In addition to it, the company also provides followers the trust and social proof.

  7. Link your post to Instagram stories

    The business Instagram has helped the Instagram stories to grow at a successful rate. More than 500 million users create such short stories daily. Most viewed stories on Instagram come directly from the business. Also, there are 90% positive results from the Instagram stories ads. Such content allows the brand to reach its success and allows potential customers to interact with them. Use Instagram stories to repurpose blogging.

    The perfect example for this is the Tailwind which successfully allows the company to add a link to any website page. Create several Instagram stories and generate buzz around them. Also, provide the clickable link so that the interested users can read the full post without closing the app. It provides you wonderful results.

  8. Add the post to your Instagram highlights

    Make the best out of your Instagram stories, and you can make them permanent by adding them to the highlights. It helps the users to review collections of their best content. This section appears just below the bio section. Therefore it is easy for people to discover it and thus helps to improve the audience experience.

    It also helps reach a wide range of audiences and adds the best blog posts to Instagram highlights. You can take a look at sprout social, and it has particular highlights in one place. Include clickable links and create an eye-catching visual, don’t forget to show blog titles and blog categories.

  9. Create long IGTV videos

    People spend most of their time on Instagram, so there are chances that some of them may prefer to read the content they haven’t read before. So that is why it is important to create visuals-type content, including videos, audios, etc. Once you have created a well-researched blog, post it, and also you can think of creating IGTV videos. IGTV shows you to tell viewers about their brand, also include the clickable link to your blog.


Repurpose content blogging helps your business to grow. There are many ways to grow your business, no matter what blog content you publish. It is time to work on your Instagram content marketing. These tips will surely help you to repurpose your content and help your business to grow.