User-generated content is a great way of creating a high engagement and attracting more followers on your social media handle. If you utilize it well, it can amplify your visibility on social media and, in turn, impact your brand’s popularity hugely.

But, let’s pause here. Grab yourself a chair, relax! Now with a calm mind, think about whether you have been able to market through your users?

Most users on social media platforms fall for User-Generated Content ( UGC). They entrust UGC much more than the conventional means of marketing. For instance, you have a cookie business, and you sell homemade cookies online. If your customers like your product and volunteer to vouch for your cookies and post the images of your product on their social media, account with a short writeup inviting others to buy it and like your page.

Later, you can repost this content on your social media handle. This will instill faith in others, as seeing is often believing. After all, people trust real-life accounts, something they can relate to.

It’s like hearing from the customer about you, rather than you telling them yourself.

As per a study, almost 37% of consumers depend heavily on networking sites looking for feedback and reviews of others before making their purchase. People approach the users directly, asking about their experience with your services and products. Surely, user-generated content is a great way of winning over an audience online.
Some business owners are not using the UGC, even today, probably because they have no clue.

The best part is that it is for free and yet highly effective and fuels your brand’s promotion. Buffer leveraged out of this strategy and boosted their views by 400%. They have a huge fan base as they utilize the user-based content strategically.

Ways of Instagram promotion strategy

Post Seasonal Content

Content that resonates with the current events or festive season gets the most attention of viewers. Campaigns generate excitement and curiosity about limited editions and stock offers to result in high demand and accelerated sales.

Do you remember #RedCupContest? A campaign by Starbuck influenced the users to post a picture of them showing how much they had in drinking Starbucks coffee in the cult-favorite red holiday cup. Undoubtedly it was the best sales drive ever, as it triggered an action to buy a red cup to be able to share their pictures on Instagram.

Yet another remarkable sales campaign by Starbucks was the #PSL hashtag. The company gained huge profits through user-generated content and an intriguing hashtag that boosted their sales of pumpkin spice latte. It ended up becoming iconic. Perfect timing is what you need to encash upon when it comes to seasonal content. For once you miss the opportunity, it may not knock at your door again.

Let’s take an example here, assume that you are in a queue at a grocery store; what do you do? You surf the internet to kill your time. This is what many shopaholics do most of the day. They keep looking for holiday offers. So, don’t miss this bus, board it on time. Be the first one to serve them.

If you want to try exploring seasonal content that users create, you can have the main theme of your content woven around a specific theme, such as Easter bunnies when Easter is around the corner. For instance, in 2017, a retailer made $8 million on Black Friday. Shopaholics are always on the go, especially in the festivities.

A study revealed that 137% of customers are most likely to purchase a product if they see images of the product, which fuels their shopping instincts. So, why not give a stimulus to these shoppers? Why don’t you go ahead and capitalize on the biggest shopping day of the year: Cyber Monday madness.

Amazon created a string of lights with cute little cats with attractive packaging, which resulted in 22,000 shares and 1,100 comments. This data reflects nothing but the power of UGC. They didn’t talk about the product or discount offer, they only vouched for their packaging, and it did it all.

Support a cause

You will be surprised to learn that 90% of customers choose to purchase with brands to support a cause. You will be surprised to learn that 90% of customers choose to purchase with brands to support a cause. Moreover, their desire to see the world as a better place, so they start rallying for a social cause to attract new customers.

They take media support to attract new customers. All these initiatives are taken to uplift the brand loyalty supported by surviving consumers.

Adweek aimed to study with some big brands to learn about the best social media post. And they knew from posts that some brands take and pursue social duty through posts.

Simple tips gain wonderful results like just dropping a question related to a nation’s monument, historical event, and many more, giving the option to users to leave comments after this one brand got 13,000 “likes” and built a strong connection between viewers and the brand.

Simple tips gain wonderful results like just dropping a question related to a nation’s monument, historical event, and many more, giving the option to users to leave comments after this one brand got 13,000 “likes” and built a strong connection between viewers and the brand.

Just find out the simple social reasons to connect with the people, and it will help you in standing your group by social impact. You should see how these top ten companies build their relationship by sowing the seeds of culture.

So you should find a reason your organization can madly support. As a result, genuine people’s groups will come forward to support you.

Humanize your brand

It would help if you always were concerned about your employees when you evaluate references for user-generated content. Could you take a moment and give it a thought? No one can be intimate to your brand than your staffers. You may think that the audience will like the employee-generated subject at the exact level as brand-generated content. This is not true.

Consumers have confidence over their watch from industry experts, approximately 66% of the time. If you compare that to corporate advertising, 82% of customers don’t believe in big brands’ publicity. You can Inspire your employees to cultivate brand-related content with an assigned, pre-authorized hashtag, but at the same time give them some imaginative freedom to maintain the content authentic.

Some customer-centric brands and companies typically have energetically committed employees. On average, 64% of employees describe themselves as involved or fully committed at organizations that consider themselves customer-focused.

Some time back, T-Mobile launched a campaign called #BeMagenta which was for their employees in support of their corporate social responsibility, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, mostly for their social cause. It was a humble way to help their employees encourage conversations about their experiences inside the organization.

They saw a phenomenal jump in their Facebook likes by 140% and similar numbers with LinkedIn followers. If you want to share a pie of this employee-generated content-related stuff, try a tool like Hootsuite Amplify. This will enable employees comfort in sharing their perspective and help preparedness before creating their brand-related post.

Other tools, like GaggleAMP, allow employees to alter content before they post it. It has been observed that there has been a 32% increase in their social media impressions within the first month. Companies like Pivot3 have seen huge achievements with this crossbreed method of brand and UGC content creation.

Jay Baer’s quote “Social media allows big companies to act small again” has been a relevant remark with the employee and user-generated content. It’s so unifying and makes almost everyone a great marketer irrespective of whether you are a company of 10 employees or 10k employees.

Now that you have let your employees show their brand fulfillment to help strengthen your social following, let’s take a sneak peek about attracting your customers towards your brand.


Some significant ways have been shared here in the write-up to create an Instagram promotion strategy. These are effective ways to promote your content on the Instagram platform, Many marketing companies rely on their own created content to navigate social development for the brand. Looking at the trend of average click-through rate of the average banner is only 0.06%. Certainly, marketers need to find new ways to share their message with the masses.
User-generated content takes the pressure off of the requirement of content generation, and it also creates reliability with the audience and typically captivates additional followers. Numerous brands and companies have benefited from social growth, such as Toyota, Starbucks, Buffer, and many others in the writeup.
High time to think about user-reproduced content as an improper technique instead of the one which requdefencefense against the menaces of what people will say about your brand. You have to become the kind of brand that people want to share with their partners and feel good about digital media accounts. Considering these critical points, you can make a fantastic promotion strategy and make sure on the platform and be successful.