Hashtags are very important in social media today. If you use it well, it can help you to grow your following to a great deal. Every person who has grown a lot of followers knows how important hashtags are to grow your brand, and everyone uses them to your benefit, and you should too. If you can make the hashtags work for you, many people will know who you are, and you will get famous. You will need to be strategic when you want to use your hashtags, but you can learn about it quickly and improve as you keep doing it.

In 2021, Instagram will be an excellent marketing platform for e-commerce businesses. You can use it to promote your latest products, communicate directly with your existing followers, acquire new customers, and get more likes. You must take advantage of one important thing: Instagram hashtags, whether you’re using Instagram for personal use or using Instagram marketing for your business. You can use this simple strategy to increase likes and your reach.
Instagram has one billion+ monthly active users, and you can make most of it using hashtags.

What are Instagram Hashtags?

A hashtag is when you use the symbol #, and you follow the symbol with a letter, number, or emoji. When you use hashtags, it will put your post in a category, making it easy for you to be discovered. If someone searches for specific hashtags, then all the posts that have this hashtag will come in it, and if you put multiple related hashtags to your post, then a lot of people will know who you are, and they will follow you.

How to discover trending Instagram hashtags with the help of Keyword Tool?

Depending on your specifications, you can apply a keyword agent to make a list of common and current Instagram hashtags.

To practice Keyword Engine for Instagram hashtags, insert a word associated with your post’s subject into the search box and click on enter. Within moments, you will examine a panel of hashtags you can utilize for your posts or stories.

You can insert several similar terms or equivalents in the search box to make the agent create more hashtag recommendations. Besides the hashtags tips, Keyword Tool will show you the abundance of posts that Instagram has for all hashtags.

If you require to find solely popular Instagram hashtags, you can use “Filter Effects” from the drop-down list to obtain Keyword Tool to confer you hashtags that possess a selective number of posts. Applying filters, you can determine either the greatest or the least favorite hashtags depending on your wants.

How does the keyword agent or tool create Instagram hashtags?

You have observed that you will explore search recommendations below the search bar when you begin typing words into the Instagram exploration box. This peculiarity of Instagram search is called autocomplete, and the keyword agent practices the autocomplete of Instagram to create Instagram hashtags ideas.

To apply Keyword Engine as a hashtag go-getter – copy a term in the search box of the Keyword Agent and click on enter. You will be immediately redirected to the search results page with hundreds of hashtags created from your rendered center keyword.

You can choose the most prevalent hashtags on Instagram by viewing the abundance of posts they have and copying them to the Instagram app when you want to post something new.

How to obtain extra likes on Instagram and grow Instagram followers with attractive Hashtags

To acquire more likes and followers, it is essential to add only the common appropriate hashtags to your posts. If your Instagram photos or videos emerge on the associated hashtag pages, they are also expected to get more immeasurable engagement – snaps, likes, and remarks. And as an effect, display in people’s feeds that reflect the chosen tags to get even higher recognition.

It is vital to pick only the most suitable hashtags for your posts because of the Instagram hashtag limit. Considering a deadline on the number of hashtags related to all posts, you should only practice the common related trendy hashtags.

You can apply up to Thirty hashtags to a post. If you insert more than thirty hashtags on an individual photo/video, your snaps will not be uploaded.

A proper and valid place to begin while picking hashtags is to view the abundance of posts that a hashtag has. Using Keyword Tool, you can test between picking either the most current, moderately attractive, or less conventional Instagram hashtags for your photographs and videos.

Why is using hashtags a must?

It can help you reach a lot more people than you usually do and gain more audience. You can use a hashtag on your story or post, and if people like what they see, they might end up following you. Sometimes the hashtag can create a community, and many people use the same hashtag, and they engage with you. People may do a challenge with a hashtag. If everyone sees that challenge, then they will be motivated to follow you more.

To make the hashtags, Keyword Tool exerts the keyword that you have rendered, attaches the # symbol before the term, arranges it into the Instagram quest box, and draws a great volume of recommendations concurrently with a post tally for each hashtag.

Using the relevant Instagram hashtags can help you get more likes, engage your audience, extend your reach, and even boost your brand. To get each of these different benefits, you need to have specific strategies in place.

This ultimate guide to using Instagram hashtags and the list with the best ones in each niche will help you understand everything you need to know about using hashtags to improve your engagement rate, get more followers, and build a community around your business.

Why Are Instagram Hashtags Important?

Since 2010, Instagram hashtags are the only thing that hasn’t changed, and even in 2021, using relevant, trending hashtags with posts and stories is one of the best ways to get discovered by new users on Instagram. And this can translate into more likes, more followers, more engagement, and more customers for your business.

Instagram hashtags work by categorizing and organizing photos and videos.

Hashtags indicate your niche in your industry, product or service, Instagram communities in your industry, Daily hashtags, special events or seasons, etc.

Learning the different types of hashtags and their corresponding audiences is key to generating an effective Instagram hashtag strategy:

Popular and most used hashtags on Instagram

Instagram breaks down its hashtags into nine different types;

  • Product hashtag:

    These hashtags can help describe the product that you wish to sell. It might just be one word like #shoes, #books, etc. This hashtag is used quite often because it describes the basic things that people wish to show.

  • Niche hashtags:

    Niche hashtags are more specific. They show where you are in your industry. For eg #foodblogger, #travelblogger.

  • Industry Instagram community hashtags:

    There are many different communities on Instagram, and you can find them by using these hashtags. It may be fitness, gardening, or fashion, and there are many more for any hobby that you might have.

  • Brand Hashtags:

    A brand hashtag is a hashtag unique to a brand or business while using Instagram for business.

    It can be a brand name, a business, or a company’s name, tagline, or the name of one of a campaign. Or it can be a hashtag that can be anything and nothing to do with your brand.

  • Special event hashtags:

    These are also called seasonal hashtags. These may refer to a special occasion or festival. It could also be a season like summer or a winter. It could also be for things like nail polish day or Mother’s day etc.

  • Campaign Hashtags:

    Comparatively, campaign hashtags are usually short-term and run for just a few days or a season.

    Campaign hashtags are shorter-term because they’re usually tied to specific campaigns, like special events, new product launches, or partnerships. They’re great for drawing a lot of engagement in a short time!

  • Location hashtag:

    Instagram has an option to use a geotag on your post, but you can still use a hashtag that has your location on it. It is just a better way to make yourself known to more people. Geotagging your location can be yet another effective strategy to attract more demographics located in that area to like your post.

    Especially if you are into plumbing services or brick and mortar business, then tagging your locations will be excellent in reaching out to the locals who may require your services at once and regularly.

  • Daily hashtags:

    This could be someday of the week attached to something catchy. Eg. #Sundayfunday.

  • User-generated content hashtags –

    User-generated hashtags are a type of hashtags created specifically for your customers. These are different from branded, product, and campaign hashtags because the company can’t influence what gets posted.

  • Relevant Phrase hashtags:

    This is when you combine a few hashtags. If you combine a product and a niche hashtag, that can be a way to better communities.

  • Acronym hashtags:

    You can use popular acronym hashtags on your post. A lot of people might use those acronyms and land up on your content.

  • Emoji hashtags:

    These hashtags can have emojis, and they might not have any words or phrases.

A few things to keep in mind –

When users with private profiles use hashtags in their posts, they won’t appear on hashtag pages publicly.
Spaces and special characters in hashtags like $ or % won’t work.
Numbers are allowed in hashtags.
You can only add hashtags to your posts. You can’t tag other users’ posts.
You can use up to thirty hashtags on a post and ten on Instagram Stories.

How to find trending hashtags?

You should know all about the trending hashtags because those are the ones you want to put in your posts, making you visible to a larger audience. Instagram will not tell you exactly which hashtags are trending, but you can look at posts that use the hashtags, and if the hashtag has a lot of posts, you can use that. You can click on the search button on mobile phones, and then you can click on tags. On a desktop, you will need to type the hashtag symbol in the search box.

How to Search and Use Trending Instagram Hashtags Efficiently?

A hashtag categorizes a post where interested users can find it on a certain topic, which means that hashtags are a great way to find your target audience. Use hashtags for Instagram to reach as many audiences as possible. Use relevant hashtags on your posts and create a good user experience for Instagram users.

The first thing, find trending hashtags on Instagram. One way of doing this is simply searching for hashtags on Instagram. You can search a general hashtag in the search bar, showing you the relevant ones.

How many hashtags should you use on Instagram?

You can use a lot of hashtags on your post but using too many is not always advisable. You can use thirty hashtags maximum on a post and ten on a story. If your hashtags exceed this limit, then your story will not be posted. You must test what hashtag amount works best for you.

Choosing the most used hashtags

You can use the most used hashtags because many people will see them, but you must be aware that it is very difficult for your posts to be seen in a sea of people who use the same hashtags. Hashtags like love, fashion, and beauty are always trending because everyone uses them. It would be a smart idea if you use a good combination of hashtags so that you can reach a wide variety of audiences, and they can all end up following you.

How to search for trending hashtags?

You should know all about the trending hashtags because those are the ones you want to put in your posts, making you visible to a larger audience. Instagram will not tell you exactly which hashtags are trending, but you can look at posts that use the hashtags, and if the hashtag has a lot of posts, you can use that. You can click on the search button on mobile phones, and then you can click on tags. On a desktop, you will need to type the hashtag symbol in the search box.

Search for the best hashtags for your brand

  • Look at your competition –

    You should pay attention to what your competition is doing and what works for them. You do not need to follow everything that your competitors do, but if you follow them closely, you will get an idea of what works for them and grow your brand. However, you could try to find some new hashtags to create a new audience for yourself instead of getting their audiences to follow you.

  • Look at your audience –

    It would be useful to know your audience’s hashtags because if many of them use the same hashtag, many other people might use it too. These communities already exist, and you can use that to your advantage and try to get some of them to follow you.

  • Create a branded hashtag –

    You can create a new hashtag by yourself. It can be an authentic way to grow your brand. You would be creating a new community, and you would get many loyal followers from here. You can also create a few challenges related to your hashtag, and a lot more people would know about it, and it can help make you very famous.

  • Do not use irrelevant and repetitive hashtags –

    Even if you feel that it might be easy to copy and paste your hashtags on all your posts, do not do it because it is a bad idea. Instagram has rules about using hashtags like that, and your account might end up being penalized. It is better to use posts that make sense, and no one likes to see posts unrelated to what they want to see.

Use the Relevant Hashtags on Your Posts

Using the relevant hashtags on your Insta feed works as an effective tool as these hashtags can open a Pandora box full of opportunities for you. Hashtags attract the right audience to your posts and garner more subscribers. Find the hashtag that matches your niche (for instance, #beagletoydogs, don’t keep it as lame as #dog), and use it to attract like-minded people.

Placing these hashtags is also important; you can place them either in the description or in the comments. An ideal number of hashtags one should use to get a high engagement is around 9.

Use Hashtags in Your Stories and Bio

Certainly, using stories alone doesn’t directly achieve bios, or Instagram likes but employing hashtags with planning in both of them is a fantastic and self-reliant way to expand your reach to fresh set followers.

Pro tip: it’s good to conceal hashtags in your stories to keep things pleasant.

Here are some examples of the most common and relevant hashtags on Instagram which can help you with your Instagram Reach.

The Top 50 Instagram Hashtags of 2021

#instadaily, #blogger, #instagram, #beach, #lol, #followme, #blue, #model, #nature, #nofilter, #hot, #pink, #night, #bestoftheday, #blackandwhite, #food, #f4f, #family, #foodporn, #fashionblogger, #me, #black, #gym, #makeup, #home, #photography, #pretty, #girl, #fitfam, #lifestyle, #smile, #work, #sky, #love, #amazing, #beautiful, #sun, #luxury, #vsco, #landscape, #beauty, #cute, #llike4like, #picoftheday,, #hair, #girls, #influencer, #london, #tbt, #life

The most trendy and Top Instagram Hashtags of All Time

#love, #instagood, #photooftheday, #fashion, #like4like, #beautiful, #picoftheday, #happy, #art, #photography, #followme, #instagram, #style, #follow, #instadaily, #travel, #life, #cute, #fitness,#nature, #beauty, #girl, #fun, #photo, #amazing, #likeforlike, #influencer, #instalike, #smile, #selfie, #me, #lifestyle, #model, #follow4follow, #music, #friends, #motivation, #like, #inspiration, #food, #repost, #design, #summer, #makeup, #family, #followforfollow, #TBT, #ootd, #l4l, #cool, #igers

Best Ways to Optimize Your Instagram Hashtags, follow these tips to help ensure your posts reach more people-

  • Post Your Hashtags in the First Comment
  • Add Hashtags to Your Instagram Stories
  • Check Your Instagram Hashtag Analytics
  • Include Your Brand Hashtag in Your Instagram Profile
  • Run Hashtag-Based Campaigns & Promotions
  • Get Into the Top Results
  • Attract Your Followers to Follow Your Branded Hashtag
  • Avoid Using Banned Hashtags on Instagram

Using 2021 trending and relevant hashtags, you can give your Instagram account or brand the visibility boost it needs in 2021 and beyond.

The most crucial thing is to have faith and keep working towards putting more posts and using everything that you learned from this article to use hashtags to grow. Using the right hashtags is very important because the wrong ones will not do anything for you. They will be there on your posts, but they will not ensure that the Instagram algorithm works for you.

Make sure that you know what the hashtag means because many brands try to start trends as soon as it begins, and they end up using some hashtag that gets them in trouble. Eg. In 2013 burger Pitt got into one such scandal. You can also save a few hashtags for the future and use them when you need them and some posts that are related very closely to the hashtag.


To sum up, everything that has been stated so far. If you use the right and relevant ones, hashtags can be hugely helpful in getting more likes. It might take a little while to figure out, but once you’ve got your list of hashtags, you can start growing your Instagram account.

Just be resilient and willing to experiment with your hashtags throughout the feed. Using 2021 trending and relevant hashtags, you can give your Instagram account or brand the visibility boost it needs in 2021 and beyond. Hope this write-up assisted you in knowing about hashtags and guided you on how to use them.