Instagram baffled the whole world in the initial days, especially the marketing personnel and brands who do not have visually appealing and aesthetic-looking products, marketing services are all the more challenging than the products. However, you can discount Instagram from your social strategies, it’s a must-have.

The good news is that the site is becoming more user-friendly day by day. It is now easier to develop content for IG, even for brands that may not have visually impeccable images. It is no longer the platform for pics alone; people visit the site for various other purposes, including news feeds.

Let’s understand the new features that the platform now enables for the brands that do not have a visual

  1. Instagram Carousel Engagement & Advertisements

    Suppose you want to share longer documents you created for other social media platforms like podcast show notes, e-books, emails, and blog posts. In that case, you can compress it and summarize it in one or two slides and give it an appropriate caption to attract relevant audiences. You can also create teasers of this compressed clip and add CTA to another drop so that people can like, share or comment on your post.


    Through the advertisement, you want to shift viewers to the original content. If this is your desire, then there is a big question raised: how will you turn the viewer to the original content.

    You are drawing for the only carousel for Instagram; you can abridge to each section through this. This way, you can engage people by swiping each slide. In the end, CTA is the most appropriate key on the last slide to pursue the viewer for comments, shares, and saves. You can share your original writing and highlight the fascinating quotes and the blurb of the content. Then you can use the option of CTA situated on the last slide to pursue people to view the full article.

  2. Organize a Series of Posts in an Instagram Guide

    One of the best ways to take advantage of written lengthy content is by curating Instagram guides. This method of curating a series into a guide is initially created to share information about credible community health around COVID -19.

    This fantastic feature is shared with all the users without making noise about it. I have always appreciated the feature of defining the purpose of blog posts into a sequence of Instagram captions. There was no other option to connect as a sequence besides simply mentioning the same in the captions. Instagram guides have a different way; hence the feature changes here.

    The Instagram guide allows you to collect all your past content into a scrollable cycle that can be shared by itself. Guides have shareable URLs and can be shared to feed and the stories and stay there with user profiles on an attached tab.

    Amazingly, if you disintegrate each blog content section into its Instagram caption, you will be able to capitalize on this feature to use them next time too. This facility enables users to understand the entire story or the content quickly without quitting the forum.

  3. Resize YouTube Videos for IGTV

    IGTV feature is not the latest one when compared to news guides and carousels. Many enterprise owners are still not thoroughly exhausting this option.

    You could shorten the video length you have created for Facebook and YouTube to make it compatible with IGTV. It is pretty handy to resize the video using the tools like template editing software, for example, Kapwing social media video editing software.

    You can keep the caption of your IGTV video the same as Facebook and YouTube videos.

    This integration of your video on various platforms reaps fantastic fruits in the long run. Your video will start surfacing on the IGTV algorithm after a while.

  4. Capture Your Best Tweets

    Consider reusing your best-posted tweets on Twitter, and if you are not on Twitter, then post your best quotes on IG. Several tools enable creating quote graphics that look visually appealing. These can be used as tweets. Select the template that you like the most.

    You could even take screenshots of your Twitter tweets and post the same on IG for unknown reasons. It works very well. This is a straightforward and yet powerful strategy to reuse Twitter content for IG.

  5. Create Short Video Clips by Breaking Down YouTube Videos

    Instead of reposting your entire YouTube content on IGTV, you can break it down into several short and crisp videos that do the most talking of your brand services. This way, your one YouTube video will give you more content for IGTV in less time.

  6. Create Highlights of Your Best Instagram Content

    Reusing Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube content on your IG handle is an excellent way of creating your IG feeds. However, don’t miss sharing every post of yours from IG feeds to IG stories.

    Users read IG stories more frequently; this way, they get a glimpse of your content on IG feeds.

    You can also create a repository of IG stories in the Story Highlights feature on top of your IG profile page to stay there permanently. People can anytime retrieve these stories from here.

    This is an excellent way to use your primary content as a series of feeds while categorizing it for user’s convenience.


Instagram is no longer the “visual-only-mark” site, it has evolved, and more features are added to support the brands that were not visually appealing so that there’s an inclusive community on IG and equal opportunities for all. Repurposing or reusing the content developed for other social media platforms is a good way of promoting your brand on IG. Take a sneak at the ideas given above to repurpose your content for this social media giant.
Happy Posting!!