Instagram has launched many new fantastic features and tools to enable brands, influencers, and businesses to earn money on the network.

Fan badges are a new feature on Instagram, and it’s a creative way for users to contribute money directly to their favourite makers. Users get a fan badge shown next to their name as and when they comment on the creator’s lifestream in exchange for a fee. Instagram is providing users to monetize their live streams using the fan badges feature. Different rates signify various levels.

According to Instagram COO Justin Osofsky, creators are the solid pillar of the Instagram platform. Many creators throughout their life do this whole life, create exciting content for the networks, and earn money using their content. This is one of the exciting ways to make Instagram the single best platform for creators to tell their story, expand their horizon and reach millions of audiences and at the same time earn a lot of money. It seems the best deal for content makers, and users also get the perks from buying fan badges.

What is the use of Instagram fan badges?

Fan badges are the small bonus users get as a thank-you note for paying makers for their exciting and innovative content.

Perks of being a paid fan are:

There is no commitment to compensate Instagrammers money to watch their work. Therefore individuals who prefer to subscribe are cited with a fan badge. Several dividends come along with a fan badge. Improved visibility on the Instagram platform is the primary purpose of having a fan badge.

During a live stream, getting influencers, the spotlight can be struggling, specifically, if they have an active conversation room. Users have this opportunity to use a fan badge feature to shine through and make a mark among the public and boost the possibilities of getting the comments acknowledged. Buying a fan badge unlocks many different features, for example, arrangement on a creator’s record of badge owners.

The Amount of Fan badges and badge holders list provides the chance for creators to notice their top fans. However, asking the user to pay for the flair that lets them stand out among the crowd as a great supporter is not a unique idea.

Instagram’s live fan badge feature is influenced by Twitch’s monetization model’s key element, which is created on users paying money for the online stories of flair. On the same lines as Instagram fan badges, Twitch lets the audience spend a vital idol second to their name and permit little emojis. The icon and emojis enable users to make a mark in a live streamer’s chat section, and the revenue is divided 50:50 between Twitch and the streamer.

How to earn Instagram Live Badges for your profile?

The Latest Instagram feature is fan badges, which are coming to Instagram earlier than you think. Instagram is rolling out badges to approx 50000 creators after the testing phase with a tiny group of makers.

Across the US, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, and Spain, Instagram audiences are tipped to be the first to enter. Therefore if you are in those places, be ready to get excited as following, it could be your profile.

This is just the beginning of modern monetization alternatives for influencers on the Instagram network.

How do Instagram fan badges work?

Fan badges are accessible in three different categories, depending on the count of hearts ready to buy. One heart can be purchased for $0.99, two for $1.99, and 3 for $4.99 by the viewers. Initially, it has been documented that creators will get 100% of the revenue from Instagram live fan badge deals. Makers can watch that a viewer has bought how many hearts through a visual icon in the chat section, making it simple to support them.

According to the press conference, the live stream has supported businesses and creators to stay linked to the followers and pull people concurrently. Creators can earn revenue from the content they are producing. This new feature of live fan badges on Instagram creates a new revenue stream for creators and functions to formulate a sense of uniqueness on the forum.


Live Fan badges are the latest monetization concept on digital media, and they will pick up speed in the coming times. The idea of badges plays off an outstanding feature within Twitch and TikTok, which permits followers to reward creators during live sessions. Though it’s a new feature on the Instagram platform, it will gain popularity eventually and attract many users to the forum.