Instagram is turning out to be one of the most influential Social networking mediums, where you follow others you get influenced with or getting connected with your friends, family & followers. To get the maximum number of reviews or likes to your Post, you have to Analyse your Post / Content timing.

If you want your Post to be seen by people, you have to be specific and gain knowledge of the Best time to post and the Best time for you to get noticed? Which is the time your Post will be most liked and followed? Sometimes you have to Buy Instagram likes with the help of some tools or apps.

Let’s find out the Best & Perfect Timing to Post

Well, there is no specific best time, so to say. Every Instagram account is different so is the timing of its posts. It depends on each account, that if it is only for being on Social Media or for a business purpose or a celebrity, an influencer account. Every Instagram account has different individual goals.

If you are someone who does not show up daily on Instagram, or you are little not consistent of posting your content, we will inform you the best day and time:

Most people in general visit and see the posts of friends on weekends, especially on Sundays between 3 pm to 9 pm Central Day Light timing (CDT)

People start to look up for the happy weekend on Friday afternoon, and suddenly post-lunch of Sunday, there is an anxiety of the weekend getting over starts to pop up. Before completely getting into the frame of mind to end – up the weekend, people start to dope into social media. Hence before starting Monday, there’s heap of involvement starts in social Media posting hours.

You can scale down the details of post and that when people at work through the day, how much do they check on their Instagram during their working hours People spend about half an hour on an average on Instagram, which increases during the weekend.

There is no evidential guideline on when is the best time to post on Instagram. The key is timing when mostly followers are seen online as the Instagram designing is such that it registers in its database whoever is seen online and new posts or likes show up higher on the newsfeeds are seen freshly than the content sent in the past.

Have you built up any targets for your posts as a framework of your engagement?

Mostly, it is seen that we like to follow some posts early in the morning and mid-afternoon and once around between 4-5 pm during the weekdays. Some findings have revealed that Instagram posts are best posted and seen at a wake-up time or lunchtime.

Now that we know that there will be no ideal direction or guidelines for posting Instagram posts. When we are familiarized with the fact that there is no perfect blueprint for setting up your Instagram post, there are some key ingredients that brings ample amount of boom to apart from posting at peak time.

Through some study conducted on approx. Seventy countries that the favourable time to post on Instagram varies as below depending upon which part of the time zone are you in:-

Monday- Friday
Early morning 6.30 am – 9 am
Lunchtime 12.30pm – 2pm
Before calling the day off 5.30 pm – 6.30 pm
Just before Bedtime, 9.30 pm – 11 pm

Monday to Friday

During the weekdays, the Instagram followers in bulk are online during their morning commuting time.
Lunch Time is a peekaboo time. Just get a glimpse of your Instagram Account to see how many “likes” in terms of Heart click you got for your latest Post. Later at the day before closing, there is a lot of traffic in Online Instagram Accounts.

9.30 – 11.30 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time), the users in European countries take up the traffic online at the end of their day.

Whereas the users in the US are primarily active online during the Lunch hours, this way, it is good for the Business and Worldwide Audience.

Weekend starts immediately after post-lunch of Friday.

Saturday & Sunday
9.30 am – 11.30 am
1.30pm – 5.30pm

Saturday and Sunday

For almost 1.5 years, the entire world is working online as Work From Home (WFH).

People are connected with their long-distant family and friends through Social Media platforms only. Hence during the weekends, most of the traffic of Instagram and other social sites is very busy to get connected. It has been seen that the Video calls and coming Live sessions do happen mainly during the weekends, starting from Friday evenings to Late Sunday nights.

Most of the commitments on Instagram happens on Sundays. Preferably it is advisable to put your Post on Sunday. It might get lost in loads of other posts. Hence time it, accordingly!

Time Zone of Followers

Do you know your fan followers, which time zone they belong to? You have to keep a check on your followers if they immediately respond to your latest content.

Specific details in Instagram’s data:-

  • First, assure that you create a Business account.
  • Check in the Instagram app menu.
  • Visit “Insights.”
  • View the “Audience” and check the audience locations.

If you are new to Instagram:

You will have to use the time zone that your follower and audience belong? If your audience is in EST (Eastern Standard Time) and maintains good equality between the US and Europe.

How will you find if it’s the best time to post on Instagram:

A moderately calculated engagement on Instagram and the best time to Post.
Mostly the best time depends upon your followers’ audience, which day of the week, and the Time Zone.

Check a physical calculation

Jot down your posting at different times and check the result in an excel sheet to check which Post of yours gets caught in the eyes of your followers.

There is an app to check on the Best time to post on Instagram

The app that does the work for you is the Best time to post on Instagram App. It is an app to buy Instagram likes for the influencer, followers, celebrity, or even you; anyone can analyze their engagement.

How does this app works:-

  • It’s tool locates all the users who are your followers.
  • It examines all the followers and then finds out which ones are most active at which time of the day.
  • It arranges the data of most active or less active followers are online.
  • This app also keeps track of your history regarding what day and which time you have posted on Instagram.
  • The app calculates your total amount of likes and comments on every Post and then divides it by the number of posts at the same time posted.
  • In last it finds, out the hours that have the highest and most engaging Post and takes out an equation of it which is a critical evaluation for you to understand your best timing of Post in Instagram. It filters the quality of your content and allows bringing changes and improvement in your future posts.

Instagram’s innovative design does it all!

Instagram is not only for posting photos, filters, and boomerang videos; it is about your engagement vice-versa. Instagram looks after all the likes, comments, saves, shares, chats, and turning-on of post notifications.

Instagram is designed to know and track it all.

These calculative changes are crucial for an instantly engaging audience. It is the reason when we see someone posts a glimpse in their Stories, we as a user or followers start looking into the recent uploaded content and Post. If we like, we click the Heart too.

In short, let see how does this Algorithm works:

  • If you post a photo or a video, it is seen by very few followers.
  • The Algorithm starts to track the earliest engagement in the Post; hence the stress of being LIKED or SAVED is there.
  • The average of engagement is calculated against your previous contents and feeds.
  • If your content is engaging and seeks more followers, it is shared outside Instagram on different social media platforms to a larger audience, then it is likely that your Post is seen at “Explore.”

Benefits of arranging time on Instagram

Saves time – you can preplan your posts and timely Post it considering when your audience is most available and active.

Content Administration

Arranging your thoughts and posting them on Instagram, you have to organize them and prevent any rushed or last-minute glitch before posting. It not only improves the quality of your work as well as it catches the eye of new followers too.

Creating Multiple accounts

If your account is for a hobby, or it is a business account, or you are a celebrity or an Influencer, managing your posts regularly and keeping your content highly engaging requires a lot of work; precisely at this point, your organizing of posts can save your time and day.

To Conclude here

Now you know various factors of the Best Timing to Post on Instagram. You are posting content that helps your audience engage and progressively helps you anticipating the probability of Activity and affiliation factors of the new Algorithm.
Also, reminding yourself that sharing your best time will empower your Post and illustrate to get you an extraordinary finding, but all will depend upon your Post and the quality of content. Above all, Your Content is the Key!