Any Instagram user knows that Likes are the most significant currency in Instagram. Greater the number of likes, the higher your post moves in the user news feed. The Instagram algorithm shows the users more of what they have shown their interests in previously. So, a more significant number of likes also opens the doors for greater exposure to your profile and future posts.

A higher number of likes is accompanied by other advantages, like website traffic, followers, or even business expansion. More people will check out your profile if they get to see a more significant number of likes. It can always be a crucial ingredient for the whole Instagram strategy.

Here are some of the best tips for getting a million likes on your Instagram post.

  1. Choose those images well

    Have you ever seen any social media platform flourish without high-quality images? No, it can never be because images are the essential chunk of your Instagram action plan.

    Think cleverly about what people like to see daily before posting something. You can also do some analysis on your earlier posts and get some idea of which type of posts got more reactions.

    You can also see accounts of other influencers and get some idea about the likes and dislikes of Instagram users. Get proper knowledge about what they are posting and which ones get more Likes. Then, you can post similar types of images to gain the notice of others.

    Normal photos and designed images are generally the two types of images that become part of the main Instagram feed.

    By adding a filter, you can always get a photo ready for posting. Some researches on this topic proved that applying the Mayfair filter drove the maximum number of interactions while not using any filter came second in the list.

    You can also try adding some quotes or text to pre-designed images to make them more attractive. Motivating, entertaining, or helpful information usually does very well.

    Photos are the pivotal part that gains the impression of the viewers. So, it is always wise to give it the best effort. Better the photo, more Likes and appreciation it gets from your followers, giving you access to gain more followers.

    High-quality content is essential for getting Likes. Whether you are a beginner or an established company, you always have to give your best shot when posting photographs.

  2. Post at the best time

    Did you know that even the time of posting can affect the number of likes? Yes, you heard it correctly. Even the time of your posting can matter.

    Some studies published when posts are published between 10 PM and 3 AM get the most number of reactions. Several factors influence the performance of the posts. A key here is that the posts perform better when the competition is lower. So, during the period of 10 PM to 3 AM, very few people will usually post. So, the competition is significantly less during this time, and your post will also get more attention.

    But this is only possible if your post reaches the right audience. Keep experimenting with different types of posts and at other times of the day and see which works the best for you.

  3. Take help of Instagram Highlights

    Did you always want your Instagram stories to stay longer than 24 hours? Here’s your chance to use it to attract viewers.

    Instagram stories are highly useful in increasing the count of followers. Users were unhappy about the disappearance of stories after 24 hours. So, Instagram introduced Instagram Highlights. This feature allows you to save your selected stories. And those highlights are correctly shown in your profile. But you have to add your accounts first to the Instagram Highlights; else, your reports will disappear after 24 hours.

    It allows your new followers also to view your previous stories in the form of highlights. These highlights can be in the form of anything ranging from feature information, announcements, Q&A rounds, motivation content, memorable moments, and so on.

    The main attributes of the Highlights are found to be —

    A. Highlight cover – This is equally important as the highlighted story itself. An eye-catching highlight cover can draw in more likes and followers. It is used to personalize the post a little by adding a title that will portray the theme of your posts.

    B. Highlight name – This is very similar to naming your folders. You have to call your highlight.

  4. Post incessantly

    Being persistent and regular is always the key to success. It might seem like an easy thing, but it is challenging to maintain a constant routine over time. Keeping a continuous flow of high-quality content can go on for a long time. The trick behind getting more likes is to keep your followers constantly engaged with your content. It will also help you to get more followers. A constant level of involvement of your followers in your content will help you to grow continuously.

    Your followers start unfollowing you when they find you inactive for long periods. And this reduces the engagement rate of your future posts. So, to avoid any reduction in the number of followers, keep posting at a constant rate after every few days.

  5. Use your Instagram analytics to know more

    Have you ever heard of Instagram analytics? They can help you the best to understand what your followers like more and many more things. You can attract more followers once you know how to use those Instagram analytics for your benefit. The analytics depend on the activities of your business account on Instagram.

    There is two chief analytics that should catch your attention. Those will only help the most to guide you to get more Likes on your posts. It will be a complete guide about what to do to attract more viewers to your posts.

    I. Instagram Audience Analytics –

    A. Best locations – This allows you to know the best five cities and countries your followers are from where.

    B. Age group – The age groups that indulge the most in your posts can be known from this part. It is an easy way to find out, and Instagram shows the age groups as 13-17, 18-24, 25-34, and so on.

    C. Gender – The gender distribution of the viewers of your posts can also be known. Thus, you can plan your future posts separately, particularly for males or females, depending on your analytics, to increase your engagement rate.

    D. Best hours – This is very helpful as it allows you to know the average time when most of your followers are using Instagram.

    E. Best days – Like the best hours, this one is also beneficial as it shows you the days of the week on which your followers are the most active.

    II. Individual Post Analytics –

    A. Interactions – The actions that directly took from your posts, such as visiting your profile or using the call or email button or any hyperlink, can be monitored from here.

    B. Discovery – Instagram will always let you know about the number of users reached through discovery who are not yet your followers.

    C. Follows – This will show you the number of followers you gained from a particular post.

    D. Reach – The number of unique accounts that your post could reach can be found here.

    E. Impressions – Instagram allows you to find out the total number of times people saw your post. It also categorizes the platforms from which the post was viewed, such as from your profile or home or hashtags and so on.

    F. Saves – This feature shows you the number of the individual accounts that have saved your post in their folder for viewing later.

    G. Comments – Here, you can find the count of the comments on your posts easily.

  6. Post appealing stories

    The popularity and application of Instagram stories are not unknown to anyone. It is a great tool used by both brands and followers. It is so popular that the daily use of Instagram stories reaches 500 million.

    Using Instagram stories has two benefits — Firstly, your current followers can always remain occupied with the items and activities of your brand. And secondly, you can add hashtags to your stories to reach out to new people. It can increase the gain in your Likes, and you can get some loyal followers too.

    Anything that you are comfortable with and want to share with the maximum number of people possible such as Gifs, stickers, videos, reels, and so on, can be added to your stories to engage your followers. People love intriguing and active accounts, and Instagram stories are a great way to show that. It also helps you to increase your followers count.

  7. Mention Your Brand in Your Bio

    Your Instagram profile is an essential thing that tells a lot more about you rather than introducing you to your followers. It helps you to get new followers. It can be an attractive way to introduce yourself on a giant platform. Keep your bio short, specific, and exact as much as possible.

    Your bio is the best place to add keywords. It makes it easier for people to find you, and you appear more in searches. It also makes it easier for your new followers to see you.

    Heard about SEO keywords? They will help your profile to appear in a higher position in the searches related to it. It will drive more traffic to your page and bring in potential customers in a more significant number.

    Adding branded or unique hashtags to your bio will also help you to establish a better connection and trust between your followers. It’ll validate your brand and influence new people to convert into your followers and add to the trend.

  8. Never ignore your negative commenters

    Don’t you expect your dream company to respond to your social media comments fast? Yes, almost every one of us does. Around 83% of people expect a reply from the companies with twenty-four hours or less. But you will never appreciate it if someone complaints about late answers about your products or services. You will not like it if someone complains about the long time you probably took to respond.

    So, it’s your responsibility to respond to your followers and solve their queries. Whether the comments are positive or negative, never ignore them. People will be more interested in coming forward with their questions and comments when they see that the brand responds. Your followers will feel heard and seen. And they will start liking your content soon.

    Conversations are more critical than advertisements. They do more work from behind the scenes as it seems more persuasive. A significant percentage of people get influenced when they directly find the brand connecting with their customers, whether positive or negative. Social media is all about being social. So, being active and responsive is very much required here.

  9. Use Call-to-Action buttons and hashtags properly

    When you ask for more likes, you get it. When you ask your message to be spread further, it is also obtained. So, when you want more Likes on your posts, you ask for them.

    Add simple messages like, “Please show more love for this post by liking.”

    When you constantly post great content and ask for more Likes from your followers, you achieve double results half of the time. By this tactic, you don’t only get a million Likes but also over a million followers.

    Also, use as many hashtags as possible in your posts. Studies say that using more than eleven hashtags in your posts could make your post get the most likes on Instagram. So, try to add eleven hashtags in your future posts. But too many hashtags are also not suitable as they can look spammy and distrustful. Hashtags can also draw more attention from your niche.

  10. Execute like and tag to win competitions

    Who doesn’t want playful and fun things? These small contests like ‘Like and tag to win contests are popular and easy ways to engage more people to like your posts. These activities drive engagement as people are eager to win shoutouts, mentions, and other things.

    And all you need to do is post a picture or story or video and ask your followers to do specific tasks like giving the maximum number of hearts or writing an excellent comment, and so on. So, if you are giving out a reasonable price for the task, more people will happily participate in the game. So when you feel that your engagement rates are not so worthy, go for these small tricks.

    Also, you can ask your followers to repost all your posts by tagging you, and the first one to complete all these tasks will be the winner. This one particular can bring out powerful results as your followers’ followers know more about your account, bringing in more likes, shares, and followers. But the prize must be attractive else no one will be willing to take part.

    Many people should be willing to participate in these activities as they are straightforward and less time-consuming. While taking part, your followers will start loving you more for being interactive, active, and fun-loving.

    In the ‘Like and tag’ contests, you can also ask your followers to tag you along with their close friends on Instagram. Some of their friends can then like and tag you in the posts, and the cycle can go on. It will contribute to your number of followers, likes, and comments.

    These are some of the easy and fun ways to attract more followers and Likes while keeping your followers engaged. The prizes can be many like shoutouts, special mentions in the posts, a simple product of your company, or a live chat, and so on. With these innovative ideas, keep your followers busy and satisfied with your performance.

  11. Geotag Your Post

    Whenever you add your location in your posts, you allow your followers to know more about you. It also encourages local engagement and more comments and likes on Instagram. As mentioned earlier, adding hashtags can boost, and adding location along with hashtags can double the power of your drive.

    Instagram story stickers are also a popular option nowadays to add a location. It helps your stories to emerge in the field of discovery for that particular or nearly region.

    By tagging the location, you allow users to see you on Instagram more efficiently. And the more visible you are to people, the more the number of Likes and followers you get. For better results, tag a particular region instead of a restaurant or shop. It will surely increase the chances of getting more people to see it. And thus, increasing the chances of getting more likes and comments.

  12. Team up with an Influencer

    Did you know that influencer marketing is one of the top marketing trends for the past seven years? Yes, and that is the main reason why people love to hear about products from their favorite influencers rather than from brands.

    Instagram is the platform that is full of Influencers, and it is easy for them too to advertise for products on Instagram. No doubt, Instagram is the most excellent influencer-friendly destination. So, they launched their feature called Brand Collabs Manager. It helps creators and brands to know more, connect and find out more people.

    After the collaboration, you can surely give your posts a nice boost for some Projects. Adding a Call-to-Action button or even designing the ads of the branded contents from your account can also give you a nice leap.

    Find both sides receive an Influencer that can complement your brand and the benefit. It will also give the marketing campaign a boost. It also gives your followers social proof that increases your credibility. It also allows your business to expand in the targeted market. People get easily influenced and are more prone to buy the products of your business that are advertised. Influencer marketing is a potent tool, but it has to be done in the right way.

  13. Tag well known and influential brands

    Surely you know the names of all the influential brands in your industry, isn’t it? Why not start tagging them on your posts? Tag them in pictures and not in the captions.

    It will show them the new pictures you posted and guide you in their “tagged in the list.” it is a great way to get to new people within your target market. And this can also open the opportunity for you to get featured on influential accounts.

    But, before tagging, ensure that you are tagging the right person. The content should align with the person’s viewers, occupation and goal. You can also do some simple stuff like sharing their content or reposting their content or even Thanksgiving for good Products and services.

  14. Engage your followers with questions

    Have you ever noticed that all the high-performing Instagram accounts put out more questions for their followers? Yes, this is a trend. It drives in more engagement along with the support and love of your fanbase. Get your fans thinking with a question in the caption of your post.

    Arranging live query solving sessions can also work a great deal. Your customers will be glad to interact with you in real-time. You can then reshare your customers’ experience on Instagram stories, IGTV, and so on to make the rest of the followers aware.

The final word

There are lots of tips and strategies to get more Likes and followers. The results can always vary, depending on the competition of your niche. Likes are the real currencies on Instagram, and it might even take some time to reach your target of one million. But, along with being persistent and hardworking, you should also give out quality content. People will love you more when they resonate with your posts. And your ultimate motive should always turn those followers into loyal customers. Likes without customers are often valueless in the real world.