Ecommerce is precisely the main reason why several people promote their brands on social media sites, particularly Instagram. Here’s something to know about Instagram metrics and knowing about your eCommerce growth. Have a look.

Follower Growth

“If your campaign must become successful, then there has to be interest from the audience to want to know so much more,” says Jane Flanagan (Tacuna Systems). “Follower growth is an extremely important metric because you can judge the effectiveness of any Instagram campaign in creating the awareness of your particular brand.”

For example, Jonathan Aufray (Growth Hackers Services) says, “In our services, we’re growth-driven, data-driven, results-driven and performance-driven, and so we tell all our clients to focus on KPIs. They move the needle. You cannot do it on vanity metrics such as the number of likes or followers.

For Instagram, it’s a bit different. We use Instagram mostly for brand awareness and social proof. For most brands, Instagram is more than a channel to get direct sales. It is rather a course to keep their brands forever in the minds of several people.


“We need to know where our viewer engagement is coming from when we speak geographically,” says Josh Stomel (Turbo Finance). “This can help in several ways. Which areas of Instagram need to be targeted depends on increasing engagement. And regions that are performing perfectly well and may be ready for additional efforts in marketing.”

Alexandra Zamolo Beekeeper adds,” This can help us build many other marketing strategies for other campaigns and better understand where to direct the marketing budget in the near or distant future.”


“I find it beneficial to track all the Instagram comments,” says Al McMordie (Big Al’s Sports Picks). “While likes are many, it shows a much deeper level of engagement on your Instagram page, especially when someone joins in on any conversation.”

Alejandro Rioja (So influential) says, “For me, the most essential and important metrics for any Instagram campaign performance tracking is the number of comments received. It helps me and my team identify how engaging our Insta content is!

While likes are easy and comfortable to get, post comments indicate that all the content is impactful enough to make important followers leave their valuable feedback. This type of engagement is useful. It is significant in community building and gives you a clear idea and helps you see if your content strategy is perfectly working as desired.”

Hashtag Usage

“If you use a social analytics tool that would allow you to track hashtags or keywords related to your Instagram campaign can give you a panoramic view of your impressions, reach, and engagement,” says Mariana O’Connor (Keyhole). “This gives you a great and accurate measurement of your performance. It also speaks to how your audience is responding to your amazing Instagram campaign.”

Engagement ratio

“Engagement comes at the first number for me,” says Daniel Heuer (Copyfluent). “Engagement is one of the very few ways you can sort through the bots and fake followers to see how your Instagram marketing is working for you.”

Janice Wald (Mostly Blogging) says, “Engagement measures your reach. If you reach more people, or the greater the number of Instagram users who enter your marketing funnel, the better your chance for increased and prosperous sales.

Also, during Engagement, Instagram’s algorithms would increase your visibility to several people who engaged with your Insta content. When they come to your page or engage, Instagram believes they enjoy your photo and video content and show more of your amazing content to them.”

Engagement rate per follower

“You can have a thousand or million followers on Instagram, but you won’t be visible anywhere if they don’t engage with your photos and videos and other posts,” says Eric Bergman (Serendipit Consulting). “Instagram puts fantastic and great importance not just on the followers but the content engagements.

No proper engagements mean your photos and video posts won’t show. This means Instagram won’t show you to other Instagram users. So make sure to have meaningful and fun posts that drive ample engagements.`

Referral traffic

“One metric that is very important when efficiently tracking campaign performance on Instagram is website traffic,” says Travis Killian (Everlasting Comfort). “The main reason for our newer Instagram campaign is to bring multiple visitors to our site so that they can learn everything about our products and company goals. Engagement is important and nice, but it is not what drives our Insta sales.”

John Ross (Test Prep Insight) says, “By away and far the most important Insta metric when it comes to analyzing and knowing about the success of an Instagram marketing campaign is commonly known as referral traffic. The whole point of a social networking site or app like Instagram, in the end, is to get all users over to your website to purchase your service or product. And referral traffic measures the impact of Instagram on traffic to your page or site.


“The main metric my team and I consider to be the most important for conversions, and community growth is saved/shared,” says Ro Sanchez (She. Slips). “The reason behind this is quick and simple: when a post is being put and shared, your Instagram community is helping that post reach several new eyes that you may not have reached in any way otherwise. This action is also a free promotion for your brand.

Regarding the saves, this is also a strong indication that the photo or video post was received as very valuable content. Saving an Insta post is the same as referring to a page later by bookmarking it.


Lauren Espach (Spitfire Inbound) says, “Interactions, which is certainly an all-encompassing term for any type of Instagram or social media engagement such as comments, likes (double taps), video views, and story. If you are doing any of the paid Instagram marketing, it also includes landing pages or clicks through to your website.”

Melanie Musson ( adds, “The Instagram interactions metric gives us newer information on how many people were impacted by a general or specific campaign enough to respond to the photo post. That information helps me and my team build even more engaging and encapsulating marketing campaigns.”


“Reach has quickly and enormously become one of the most important Instagram marketing metrics for several campaigns,” says Rachel Nelson (Margaux Agency).

“Reach reflects the number of views on your account or post, rather than if your Insta post was seen multiple times by the same person. It allows you to track what videos or photo posts have the highest and most diverse exposure, thereby helping you measure the value of your posts and brand awareness.”

Story Engagement Ratio

“The most important Instagram metric are the people who comment or react to your stories,” says Wendy Margolin (Spark Marketing). “If you ask puzzles or questions related to your services and products, you can gauge interest and then send more information. It is good for list building; if you wish, you can send them over to a freebie landing page or a blog of yours.”

Joey Campbell (Sundae) adds, “It’s very enlightening to track the engagement of your posts and Instagram stories since their shelf life is short. You can easily use the insight tools available at Instagram to rate the engagement and track this metric.”

Click-through Rate (Ad Campaign)

“The most important metric for all of us is the (click-through rate) or the CTR as it indicates the number of people who saw a particular ad and clicked on it,” says Anne-Heloise Pagliardini (AHBC Group). “It is a fascinating and great indicator of creative quality. CTR also tells us how well our campaign performs compared to other campaigns. The more the Click-through rate, the better!”

Krissy Selda (FitRated) says, “It is important because CTR allows you to see if your posts and ads are engaging to the target audiences of your niche. If you are comparing the CTRs, running multiple campaigns makes it easy to see which campaigns are performing excellently well and which ones need to be improved.”

(ROAS) Return on Ad Spend

“The one essential metric we consider most important varies and depends on the specific objective of the campaign,” says Lionel Fenestraz. “To make it clear and simple, when the objective is sales or Conversions, it is ROAS.

Bounce Rate

“Bounce rate,” says Filip Silobod (Land and Aerial Surveys). “Social media traffic may have a high bounce rate, and if we can somehow get traffic from Instagram that is interested in checking more than one page, then those are indeed the good visitors.”


Since without eCommerce in one form or the other, we aren’t making much good use of Instagram as a social media app, metrics are important. It is also vital that we know smart methods to check how much we need to improve on our page. This article brought forth many tricks that surely help in commercial growth through this amazing platform.