Are you caught up on if buying Instagram followers is legal or not? Here you go.

Nowadays, have you ever seen someone without a social media account? No, that is not possible. In this modern time, everyone is at least on a single social media platform.

Everyone wants a great follower count. That makes them feel the society values their words and actions. It has been going on for quite some time now. Every celebrity has many followers, and it happens to be found that a certain percentage of their followers are purchased followers or bots. Thus, this is enough to prove that buying followers is not illegal. It is acceptable to society and the law.

What is the need to buy Instagram followers?

There is no doubt that all the brand owners and social media managers want to buy Instagram bots that occur to be very helpful. Here are the possible reasons why any human being wants to buy Instagram followers

  1. There are no limits to the following accounts. It is not a new fact. So, even if you have a few followers, you can acquire even many more. If you have quality content to offer, there will be no limits to your followers.
  2. Thinking of the competition all around, you also want to get noticed. Your competitors have a good number of followers, and you want to draw attention to yourself too and want to increase your number of followers.
  3. Okay, let’s accept that you are not happy with your immediate number of followers, and you want more engagement in your posts. You want more likes, shares, and comments. Who doesn’t want that? None of us, right.
  4. You understand that your followers can turn into your loyal customers, and your brand will get an increment in its conversion rates.

But, all these things clearly show that you need to work hard for posting quality content consistently and work effectively on your tactics. Buying followers will only provide a temporary solution. But the real effort will show real progress.

How secure is buying followers on Instagram?

Honestly, it is not practically “secure,” but there are red flags to it.

In the event of buying followers, you are putting your account at a huge risk by not obeying the terms of service of Instagram. And, most of the followers that you buy will be fake accounts or bots of Instagram that are free to unfollow you after some weeks.

By opting for buying followers on Instagram, you will slowly start killing your account. It happens when you give more importance to quantity than quality. You give more reputation to the fake audience and don’t attract a real audience that can later turn out to be your customers. Thus, by doing this, you reduce your company’s chances to attract real customers who are genuinely interested in your work and products.

Fake followers can cause severe damage to your profile. It can also affect your reputation by wasting all the money invested. Here are some of the reasons for it –

  1. The recent Instagram algorithms are very quick at detecting bots and immediately delete those accounts. In the worst cases, Instagram can even block your account for keeping such followers.
  2. The Instagram Community guidelines clearly state that buying fake followers is conventionally banned. This action is considered to be highly unethical. So, as a punishment, Instagram can delete your account permanently, with no possible way for recovery. You may even become a victim of a situation called shadowban on Instagram where your followers will be unable to find any of your posts through hashtags or can’t see your posts at all.
  3. You will never be able to measure the actual performance of your account. The presence of bots will never allow you to know the basic functioning of your posts. It makes it more challenging to estimate the original engagement, the number of authentic followers, and your reach. You will never know the effectiveness of your hard work for your posts. It results in the waste of the time invested in social media management.
  4. The Instagram algorithms work in a specific manner. But it is disrupted when you buy followers. It starts working inappropriately, reducing and slowing your organic promotion.
  5. If you ever think that bots will be a real substitute for your followers, you can’t be more wrong. Genuine followers will visit your site and even buy it if they are interested. But bots will never drive in engagement nor increase your sales. They are only for increasing your number of likes and followers.
  6. Instagram may not be the perfect place for you if numbers are everything for you. Investing in bots is similar to buying dead weight. You purchase numbers, which is never the reality. The bots from the different countries will never show any interest in your profile or business.

How will you identify Instagram bots?

An excellent way to know about the presence of bots is that when you have a large number of followers but you get minimal likes and comments. It proves that there is a presence of bots in your followers’ list. It can also be that your content is not up to the mark. There can be many possible reasons, but the first one is the most common.

Most of the bot Instagram accounts are empty and without posts. They follow many others and also get followed by some. So, in case if you find any account without content but follow different other pages, feel free to be confirmed about the presence of bots.

Some of the traits of bot accounts are –

  1. The username of the account can have random numbers and letters.
  2. Has only bot followers or no followers at all.
  3. Any kind of profile picture is unavailable.

You might have to face situations where you never bought any followers, and still, your account is filled with bots. It only happens if you have worked with a bad social manager, or the case can also be that your competitors have guided the bots to your account to kill the growth of your profile.

So, every second, you have to look out for imminent dangers that bots can bring you. And also, keep a very close check on the types of followers you get.

How to increase organic Instagram promotion

The problem nowadays is that everyone is running after vanity metrics. You need to put more effort behind your content than chasing the vanity metrics. When you give out quality content and resonate with it, the vanity metrics automatically start chasing you. Your follower base naturally starts increasing when the quality of your posts increases. You start seeing more engagement in your content.

Put more effort into the visual matter of the grid pattern. Everyone knows that Instagram is wholly based on visible items. So, having an appealing feed is a necessity for success.

Instagram offers you various support for posting your content like – IGTV, videos, posts, reels, and stories. Be creative and make full use of everything to post exciting things. You can also use interactive story stickers available there.

Collaborating with good influencers and bloggers will always give you an upper hand for your brand’s promotion. You will also get to learn many things.

Keep checking your performance frequently and work accordingly. Also, be consistent with your posts and timings. Time plays an essential role in the number of Likes gained. And maintain a friendly tone with everyone.

Communication with your followers is also necessary. When you listen to them, you know about the improvements you need to make in your posts. Keep a constant flow of communication with them and always solve their queries and doubts.

The bottom line

Buying followers is a great way to get a step ahead of your followers. But recently, Instagram has prohibited the use of third-party apps in its servers. So the process of buying followers has become more streamlined than ever. Instagram can penalize you if you are found guilty. So, it’s always better to stay on the safe side by increasing organic promotion.