Instagram is a social media platform where you can grow your business while also engaging with the world. Instagram is used by millions of people every day and is an excellent platform to boost your skills, and using the right strategies and methods to promote your Instagram and grow your followers can be very profitable for you.

Although if you want to grow your Instagram followers, an essential thing that you need to keep a check on is your Instagram growth rate.

You will learn how to build a strong base on Instagram. The pandemic has affected almost every person worldwide, and it is the best time to boost your skills and sharpen your strategies to enhance your Instagram followers.

But you don’t have to be a popular star-kid to gain Instagram followers. Anyone can get famous on Instagram by putting in a little effort.

  1. Utilize your platform to educate people

    Instagram is the perfect platform for you to challenge yourself, separate your videos into fragments, and post them on your feed. You must add value in some ways to people. Only then will they want to follow you. If you have great content, people will want to follow you because the content is the base. If you do not have good content, then nothing else that you do to increase followers will work.

    ‘Project Night Fall; is a page on Instagram and is an excellent example of who blew up on Instagram for his educational content.

  2. Analyze your follower growth rate

    If you don’t know how to monitor Instagram followers every month, then here is a tip for you. Instagram has an analytic tool that provides you with Instagram insights. It is available for all the accounts linked to Facebook accounts, which means you no longer have to switch to Instagram business accounts. This tool can help you see and analyze your content. The features include likes, shares, and how many people view your content.

  3. Be the trend-setter

    You can increase your engagements by merely hopping on the trend. Instagram has set a record of having great dancing and aesthetic trends. You can set your trends by using as many #hashtags as possible.

    If your followers love the song in trend, you can use the same song to create your video to showcase a brand and create a fun and appealing video. You have to trust yourself and believe that the work that you are putting in will pay off in the future.

    You can be a trend-setter. Putting your imagination into your videos can make them unique and fun to watch, and you never know this can turn out to be the most liked video on Instagram. You have to be creative and enjoy the process. If you are patient, you will earn respect and appreciation you deserve. Be as creative as possible because people like to see new ideas and someone who does things better than everyone else.

  4. Challenges

    While you engage yourself with Instagram trends, you must constantly push yourself and create your challenges. This generation is very much into Instagram trends and challenges, and many celebrities and public figures and your followers accept these challenges and try them at home. You should also be aware of all the new challenges and try your best to perform these challenges.

  5. Use many Hashtags

    This is another fantastic technique for your business to grow and reach out to many more people for your post. Many social media influencers who are on Instagram use as many hashtags as possible to promote their sponsors and their content. With hashtags, more people can get access to your content.

    There is a higher chance that when they search for something, it will come up. Most social media sites use hashtags in their algorithms to promote content. So you should use as many relevant hashtags as possible as this can help you grow your following in a much better way.

  6. Approach high-profile influencers if you can

    You can strategize to share creative Instagram stories, and you can also approach other influencers to share your videos. Those influencers who deal with various brands are the best to accost.

    You can approach these influencers via Email. Many of them provide paid promotion, and you will be asked to pay few dollars to them in order to promote your content on their Instagram handle. The money that you have to pay them might not be that much, but you will get much better exposure, and you might gain a lot more followers because people will see the content that you post.

  7. Don’t fall for [bots] or Fake Followers

    Fake followers might even look good, but they are pointless. If you get fake followers, it only looks good, but it does not make a difference as those followers are useless and they do not add value to your presence on social media.

    Check your reach rate and try to grow it- Reach rate is the percentage of followers that view your posts and engage with your content. So you can calculate your reach rate by keeping a check on your posts likes and the total number of followers you have. You may have a lot of followers, but all of them might not always view all your content. For example, if you have 2000 followers and 1600 likes on any one of your posts, then your reach rate is 80%.

  8. Collaborations

    Slowly, influencers have become very famous over Instagram, which is why they have come under the spotlight for many brands today. Brands look for influencers who have the same target audience as their products target audience matches the products they wish to sell, and these influencers have huge followings, and you can make sure your advertisement reaches a lot of people by partnering with these influencers.

    Nowadays, influencers in demand. This is because they have a close following and their followers trust them. Due to this, people will know about your brand as well because of the collaboration. You can also collaborate with your famous friends or influencers by paying them a certain amount. This can help you grow.

Making collaborations with other influencers is also a great idea because both of you can get a share of each other’s followers, and new people may get access to your content. People love to see two people in similar spaces putting a video together.


To sum it all up, I would like to conclude by saying that people and influencers have been growing their reach a lot by using the multiple tools that are on Instagram. Some people take it a step further and buy Instagram likes, views, followers, and so on.

There is no need to grow your followers through means like this. You can try to grow followers through better methods like the ways mentioned above. Those ways will make it more difficult to grow your following, but you will be much happier in the end, and you will be left with a very loyal following.