Though I’m a Tech Savvy person regarding the technology’s technical aspect, I have no idea about what goes in or how technology works. Recently, One of my friends, who had been developing a website, wanted it to get noticed, and he asked me to shed some light on the subject.

So, like every layman blogger, I started to research the net. The internet offered many articles on the subject. Still, to my surprise, none of them addressed the topic according to my knowledge on the subject, i.e., they were not ready to come down to my level or rather my knowledge on the subject. Most of the bloggers mistake the reader to know it all already.

After researching many websites and articles, I wish to share my little knowledge of links and Link Building exercises.

What are Links and link building?

Link is a button or an address in a URL that redirects the user to another website, article, or page. For example, if one goes on my URL, it features various topics. The user wants to know more details about the best strategy for Link Building on the internet; after a brief introduction on the website about a topic, just by a click to take the user to a page with a detailed description.

In the virtual world, one of the keys to success is visibility. When content or keywords are searched, the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) algorithm shows the most viable pages and sites as per the relevance, frequency of usage, and association/presence with other sites, pages, events, testimonials, mention on the internet, rewards, etc. A website is visible through various advertisements with promotion agencies, exclusive, monopoly content, or Link Building.

In Search Engine Optimisation higher the ranking of a page, the more hits are achieved and successful. This process of optimizing SEO ranking through resources and collaboration is Link Building.

Link building is a well-thought strategy put in action to get or optimize traffic on your website or page, in turn getting a better ranking in SEO. Links are the visiting cards that one distributes to direct a search maker to their website and pages.

Why is Link Building Important?

Link building is an activity to market a website or a page to obtain links from other sites. Link building is an integral part of SEO and is an ongoing aspect of making a website or page popular. Creating good content and waiting for the links to come to you is not a very good strategy. Search engines use links to locate sites, pages, products, or topics, determining the Web pages’ ranking.

Search Engines measures the value of links by PageRank and a few other factors:

  • Anchor Text:

    The clickable part of a link is a vital ranking element that helps search engines understand what the page receiving the link is all about.

  • Relevance:

    Fundamentally, relevance refers to more weight given to links that originate from sites or pages on the same topic or sites or pages closely related to the owner’s site.

  • Authority:

    Though it is not 100% clear how different search engines ascertain their topical relevance analysis, authority is closely related to the idea of link analysis through the hubs and authorities’ model. Hubs are sites that link to the essential websites relevant to a particular topic. At the same time, authorities are sites related to most of the websites relevant to a specific topic.

  • Trust:

    Google likely utilizes some form of Trust Rank, a purely algorithmic approach to determine a site’s trust. A set of highly trusted sites are selected by manual human review. Many different link-building strategies are beyond the scope of this paper. However, these strategies usually share some common characteristics:

  • Link Baiting:

    It is highly advisable to use some link baiting Building content that plays to prospective linkers’ psychology – for example, a website with quality or appealing content.

  • Unique:

    Provide unique and quality information to users Creating quality reference material that authoritative site owners find to be of value to their followers or loyal visitors.

  • Leverage:

    Leverage business relationships, have a distributor and resellers network for a company’s product that links back to its page as a standard term in the business agreement. Social Signals to the addition of inbound links, social media, and user engagement have become an essential parameter in ranking, as search engines observe and utilize these metrics effectively to their advantage. Social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter are venues that businesses, organizations, or individuals can take advantage of to reach their audience.

    Google has suggested that Facebook and Twitter can play an essential role in a link-building campaign. They are an excellent way to develop exposure and share value links using some of the previous section’s link-building approaches. In short, perfect link building comes from a simple idea: create a great product or content, tell everyone about it, and motivate them to share.

    Additionally, as part of their ongoing page optimization strategy, site owners must consider participating in social media communities, providing an engaging user experience, building a solid brand.

Manipulative Optimization Methods

While it is true that a large part of Search Engine Optimization involves manipulating the site’s content and HTML tags, there is a limit of how far a page can be run before it raises a red flag for search engines. Specific optimization techniques have been categorized as” Black Hat” or spamdexing techniques, which are generally used in an unethical manner to get a higher search ranking. By not adhering to the rules set by the search engines leads to penalties, such as a demoting search ranking or red-flagging the site, or in extreme cases, a permanent ban by the search engine.

In 2006, Google banned the BMW Germany website for using a” doorway” page — a page designed to present different content to web crawlers than to human audiences. As per the Google policy states, “Google can ban a site or the site author temporarily or permanently those who engage in the tactics that distort their rankings or mislead users. It is to make sure they preserve the accuracy and quality of their search results and offer the users authentic and relevant information.”

SEO practitioners need to be aware of techniques that are considered unethical and the impact they have on search engine ranking. This section examines spamdexing based on two types of spam: content spam and link spam. These spamdexing malpractices are still commonly used by site owners.

Link Farms:

A link farm is a group of interlinked websites formed solely to inflate link popularity or PageRank. Web pages utilizing manipulative search engine tactics often participate in link farms or reciprocal link exchanges. Link farms are typically created automatically by tools that can generate links then posting without relevance. It is considered an advantage for lucrative income, and many spamdexing businesses boost web page rankings instantly by employing this malpractice.

Search engines such as Google and Bing identify attributes associated with link farm pages and entirely remove these domains suspected to collaborate in a link farm or reciprocal link exchange scheme.

On the other hand, earned links are secure and reliable, thanks to high-quality content, outreach, or influencer marketing.

The Link profile of a website or a page is one of the most critical factors determining how high it will rank in the search engine results. It is crucial to keep in mind that any search engine will be more concerned with the experience that is provided to the user than playing with the number of links pointing to a website.

So, when it comes to Blogging, social media marketing, search engine optimization, or any other form of internet marketing, one needs to be innovative, planned, and strategic.

Strategy for Link Building

Link building is a well-thought plan that can be achieved through a strategic process if applied correctly.

Thought Leadership & Inside Linking

Inner linking is the most viable tool to link building, something a great many people neglect. Not just inward links help you move link material between the pages, and search engines notice the site quicker. Regarding delivering a unique substance that is link-commendable, the thought initiative is quite possibly the best methodologies.

Thought initiative methods unique idea without repeating what is already on the internet and turning into a pioneer and trailblazer in your classification.

They are most likely individuals propelling the field with ground-breaking thoughts, which is what idea initiative is. Research and sum up the current work out there, yet thought pioneers go past that and make novel thoughts, structures, terms, and so forth.

To turn into an idea, first grip on the current data nearby; at that point, you can begin making your specific manners of reasoning through experience and imagination.

Quotes can be a method to acquire backlinks, particularly if you have a particular interpretation of a matter or think of something inventive.

In the wake of creating aptitude and involvement with space, you may concoct ground-breaking thoughts. Utilize those plans to fabricate your idea initiative and authority.

Come up with terminology, and it is an idea for making content yet the name and precise pronunciation of it to make stick in the SEO world, driving heaps of backlinks and building his reputation in SEO. Make an abbreviation for something to make it simple for individuals to recollect an idea or set of thoughts.


List the website to relevant Directories, catalogs, blogger indexes, or listings. There is research for top Directories and listing websites to register your website. Some exceptional indexes that will request that you pay to list your site on their site are less recommended. Fabricate quality links and begin pulling traffic quickly if you can get yourself onto those rundowns.

Need to discover who possesses the article, connect, and pitch reasons to be remembered for the article.

Lapsed Domains & Broken Link

Keep a watch for the relevant broken lapsed Domains on the net; Terminated Domains are available for purchase. It is presumably someplace in SEO’s hazy situation, yet huge loads of destinations shut during each time with their own set of experiences and profile of backlinks. Discover destinations that have an attractive backlink profile for your business and divert to your site to go the backlinks through to you.

Utilizing this method by tracking down a genuine quality area but not spam links that can drive relevant traffic to your site, a few accessible apparatuses would help you distinguish the Lapsed Domains on a site. There is a decent way to track down a quality through enormous aggregator records and utilize a link checker device to check Lapsed Domains.

Discover articles that link to a site that no longer exists and request the proprietor update the link to yours. It works because you provide assistance to the owner and work on mutually beneficial terms.

You may discover a posting that is not, at this point, substantial; at that point, you have a significantly more grounded case to the proprietor to add you to the rundown and supplant the wrecked link. You need to make this as consistent as expected, so it’s just about as simple as workable for the website admin to roll out the improvement.


To start with, ask your inner circle, friends, representatives, and associates to place the link in their “favorite.” Ask people to leave comments, reviews, and testimonials on your site and mention your link on other sites. With blog remarks, you can get some no-follow links, which you can likewise track down a good measure of web journals that permit do-follow comments.

Specialty people groups are an incredible spot to carry more traffic to your site and get a few links (generally no-follow).

Nothing makes an individual more joyful than seeing his customers utilizing their items. Support the things you use and request that they share your tribute on their sites. Sending free items to influencers/bloggers can be an incredible idea to get attention, form an organization/group, or essentially get a backlink. An ideal opportunity to request a link is the point at which a customer is at his pinnacle of joy. Offer or place the link on their site yourself or furnish an embeddable HTML piece with the link.

It would help if you involved the users or influencers, or other administrators in the discussion before you push distribute. Taking reviews by replying to the comments and reviews or mentioning their name in your write-up, or showcase influencers’ work, or putting the influencer’s link. Highlight the user or influencer’s; the technique includes composing an inspiring story about them, overcoming adversity to achieve success.

Organizations are continually searching for extraordinary tributes about their items. Expounding on how you made progress with their apparatus will quickly make your story their absolute favorite. You can anticipate that the company should share the article and notice it a few times across public and blog entries. They may even meet you for bits of knowledge.

Addressing inquiries on Quora or Yahoo Answers carries traffic to your site and helps you build validity as a suspected innovator in your business vertical. Individuals need to be the focal point of consideration and in charge of what they’re doing. Make a stage for client-created content that could be a basic message board.

Ask Users/Partner Links/Suppliers and Distributors

Link to the site for your gathering mark. These links can carry good traffic to a website and help you stay aware of your typical link profile.

In case you’re purchasing items or administrations from somebody, request that they link to your site. Since you’re as off now paying them (albeit not for the actual link), your providers will, in general, be considerably more prone to link back to you, as they need to see you succeed. Numerous organizations have customers or accomplices that they’ve constructed associations with, which you can use for backlink building.

On the off chance that you maintain a B2B business and you’ve helped a business twofold their deals, they’d likely be available to mention your link at someplace on their site. Perhaps they may add you to their partner page, or possibly you accomplish something for nothing on their site in return for a link (plan a logo, make a realistic, compose a post)

For D2C business, perhaps you can link up with promoting office, PR organization, or maker to trade links. You can likewise have them do a review of your work together in their included ventures to exhibit their work. They can redirect the new URL since the anchor text and the site link focuses on the old area.

Instructive Content/Video instructional exercises, Infographics, and Discussions Most bloggers share instructional exercises on discussions or link to them. Sharing video instructional exercises gives the motivation to return to your site. Video instructional exercises are frequently adhered to the significant classifications and send a pleasant stream of traffic long after you’ve quit advancing. You can generally set up the series if it’s pertinent to the conversation.

Many organizations can profit from informative material and benefit by making instructive substance about the product and the advantages of organizations. If you’ve constructed another innovation or class of item, you’ll need to instruct buyers about the estimation of your item or creation.

From a client viewpoint, advising clients about your items or administrations can be essential, and from an SEO point of view, others may depend on your substance for data, driving your backlinks.

Infographics can be backlink magnets whenever progressed correctly. Sum up your data, or make it simpler for peruses to get something; at that point, others in the business may fall back on your infographic as an approach to convey that data.

Credit the source utilized; you can ensure you are credited too – Add logo, insert watermark your like to the infographic, so that users realize your organization made it when it is seen or utilized. Utilize infographic and connect with the website admin to link or credit the source.

Check for Competition and New Trends

You can utilize web tolls to discover all your rival’s backlinks. Check for their links, the strategy used, and the overall stats of the site. Peruse the complete guide on the most proficient method to investigate your rivals’ backlinks and discover incredible link-building openings. It permits you to get inbound link information for any site: the number of backlinks, new and lost links, their sort, alluding spaces, etc.

You should do what your competitors are doing to be successful, sill better make changes, and make it better to overtake them.

Do a search engine Reverse Search for Your content.

A few mentionable Strategy Points

  • It is Essential to Research
  • Keep a List of Recourses you have
  • Organize and participate in Seminars/Meets


Google has stated that it treats Facebook links in the same way that it treats tweeted links. It suggests that Facebook and Twitter can play an essential role in a link-building campaign. They are an excellent way to develop exposure and share value links using some of the previous section’s link-building approaches. In short, perfect link building comes from a simple idea: create a great product or content, tell everyone about it, and motivate them to share.

Additionally, as part of their ongoing page optimization strategy, site owners must always consider participating in social media communities, providing an engaging user experience, unique and different content, and building a solid brand.

Become more acquainted with what makes a link incredible and center around improving your link power; your actual test isn’t link building; however, getting quality, trusted, and characteristic links are the main task.

Link building is a well-thought strategy put in action to get or optimize traffic on your website or page, in turn getting a better ranking in SEO. Links are the visiting cards that one distributes to direct traffic towards their website and pages. The sites or topics without links can go unnoticed and fade gradually.