Have you exhausted all your strategies and given up on building your social media followers? What is not working well for you? Have you been feeling frustrated lately after a not-so-good increase in the count of followers and likes on your social media account? All the more displeasing is that Facebook hasn’t contributed much in diverting traffic to your site; for that matter, a moment of truth is there is a 42% dip in the FB page reach in the last year, which means FB pages only get you 2% reach.

So, what’s the real problem with most people?

  • They consider social media platforms a secondary marketing strategy.
  • They have no clear plan.
  • They seek advice from people who are not professionals or end up doing things by themselves.

But these shoddy strategies will take you nowhere, and you will not be able to attract more followers to your social media account this way.

Social media is the steering wheel of your online business, but it may negatively impact your sales if you cannot attract relevant traffic to your site. As per a report published in 2015, over 400 million viewers of 300 000 +websites, the social media steered 31.24% of the total traffic, which implies about 72.6% of sales personnel sell far better than their traditional counterparts given their presence on the various social media platforms.

So, what do you need to do differently to grow your business on social media?
You need to stick to the tricks and tips to achieve the desired results:

1. Analyzing Your Existing Content

Did you get the time to check out the insights of the Facebook page or Twitter analytics? You may get surprised to see the data transaction and the importance of analyzing the data even for a few days. This way, you get to know precisely what sort of content is serving best for your brand.

A cust study based on Southern California’s medical enterprise, Keck Medicine of USC, undertaken by Leonard Kim (Managing Partner- Influence Tree) revealed that the high-engaging content was patient stories and articles woven around the performance of doctors and their contribution to the wellness industry. Therefore a strategy was formulated to increase publishing these types of content.

2. Understand Your Competitors to Know Tested and Proven Techniques

The expert emphasizes looking at first what all the options are and what has worked for you. Consider how different companies are managing? And pick up from there. There is no point in starting all over again when data is available for you. Looking at what different medical enterprises are doing gives a fair view of work. You can get to know how sometimes content gets stuck and what all strategies are working out with the help of a few key indicators. Analyzing your rivals in the industry, there is an easy way to suggest, visit their Facebook page, scan their digital media shares, and then notice the content’s productivity.

3. Research Various Industries and Market Sectors to Discover Hidden Treasure Strategies

If you want to know the best strategies which haven’t been capitalized on very much, then look beyond the direct competitors, and understand from great accomplishing brands in distinct businesses or market regions that are ideally looking at the same users.

4. Understanding Your Target Audience for Developing Most Relevant and Compelling Content

Understanding your targeted market and knowing their needs, formulate the strategies that answer the following questions:

  • Does your target market like going to this grocery store?
  • Which grocery store your target audience likes to visit?
  • Which kind of magazines do they want to read?
  • Which clothing brands they prefer buying?
  • Which neighborhood do they live in?
  • What is their income-group?

Once you have answers to the above, you can create compelling content and build on a brand that matches consumers’ needs and preferences and yet affordable.

5. Developing Theme-Based Content

In your Google Drive, you can add a calendar of national events relevant to your business; for instance, if you are into a medical enterprise, then you might want to add national health or medicine events that either occur annually or monthly. Utilizing the event-based calendar, you can create the theme of the month or week. So, if National Immunization Day is falling in August, that could be your theme throughout the month. Once your central theme is created, you can further break it down into weekly and daily themes for your content.

In a nutshell, firstly, you need to plan your social media content a year ahead of time and have specific goals to achieve yearly, monthly, and daily. Secondly, you can consider exploring Buzzsumo for hot and trending topics for creating your content so that it may explode on social media.

6. Buy A Social Media Posting Tool

Buy a tool like Buffer, Hootsuite, Post Planner, etc., for scheduling your social media feeds. Buffer is significantly more comfortable to use. Instagram also offers a feature that helps you plan a schedule for your social media content.

7. Schedule Your Content Weekly/Monthly

Planning your content day-wise could be challenging as some unexpected events can eat-away your productive time. In such a case, you could assign a specific time-slot per week to develop your content and set a schedule using a content posting tool for sharing your content a week ahead.

Let’s Wrap Up

To figure out which methods you should adopt to remodel your social media strategies and for your online business to grow, you should first find out answers to these questions:

  • Are you aware your social media marketing strategy isn’t working?
  • What is the root cause of less traffic on your site?
  • Why are you unable to attract more likes or the desired numbers on your FB page or Insta post?
  • What is it that you need to do differently?


Lastly, it’s not only about the best tactic to get the desired results, but it’s also about doing the right thing at the right time and pace.