Social media is a platform that does not require any promotion to get famous. The growth of social media is so rapid that it has led to a notable change in influencers’ lives. The way of communication has changed. The influencers adopt different ways to communicate to their audience.

The social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., are used by politicians, businesses, artists, and athletes to grow their business, sell their products, to advertise a certain brand. With such services, one can go viral easily as it is the holy grail to go popular worldwide.

Platforms like HQ Trivia attract many of the audience by offering them cash prizes. There are a particular set of questions asked, and based on the correct answers given, and they receive the prize. With very little growth of the traditional marketing, HQ Trivia has managed and attracted several people. There are many benefits of going viral on social media, and this also impacts your business growth, and you can attract new customers quickly.

The best advice to go viral on social media is given by Joseph Ayoub, CEO of the firm creaze. He is one of the famous influencers and has worked with the greatest brands on the earth.

We will discuss the seven tips given by him that will help you go viral on social media-

  1. Focus on quality content, then advertising
  2. Target and know your audience.
  3. Partnership with great influencers.
  4. Repost your content on a popular account.
  5. Your content should have strong basketry to make it short and to the point.
  6. Utilize and research relatable content.
  1. Focus on quality content, then advertising

    Many brands focus more on the advertisement campaign when they market on social media. They should rather focus on high-quality content if they want to be successful. Study the strategy of the brands that have successful marketing strategies and are regular with the content. They target to keep their audience engaged. ‘a, good quality content, is the key to success for various brands.

    Before you invest in the advertisement, make sure you are up to date with your content. Your content should be of good quality s that it keeps the local customers engage, and they visit the page more and more. Always remember that you need to be good with your content and have a strong base. If you have a strong base, then it would be easy to advertise your content.

  2. Target and know your audience

    If you want to go viral n social media, we have already seen that you should have good quality content, and the next thing you need to keep in mind is the audience. Know your audience and which type of content they prefer. A content creator needs to target a specific set of an audience because when you create new content and share it on different social media handles, then the users are most likely to share the content with their loved ones if they liked it.

    Your content should engage the brands and build up conversations with your audience. Technology is never-ending. Like social media, you as a content creator should not have a shortage of content or data. You should know your audience through and through.

    Getting viral is not about just getting famous in front of people. It is about getting famous in front of the right people who value your work. Brands set their specific goals, which they want to reach like the brand dove. It has set a targeted demographics that it wanted to reach. Their advertisement featured forensic artists drawing sketches of a real woman and not models and actresses.

    This campaign is aimed at real woman beauty, so a brand needs to know where they want to reach exactly. Once the brand has established its connection, it will automatically spread and share millions of viewers.

  3. Partnership with great influencers

    Social media gives you an opportunity to partner with other brands. Now you have created good quality content and then targeted a specific set of audiences. Now you can partner with other brands and share this information with your audience. By doing this, you’ll be able to grow your network and increase your chances of virality.

    After good quality content, advertising is the main key feature of the marketing strategy. You won’t be able to grow enough audience if you only stick to your social media and do not collab with brands. Remember, some people want to know you, so instead of sticking to your own social media handle, you can make a collab with different popular brands, and you can target their audience, and they can target your audience.

    This will increase the cross-promotion of the brand as well as your content and you. This is the strategy that will quickly help you grow your social media handle and increase your fame. It would be best if you had a boost to go viral on social media, and this boost you can get by sharing your posts with great influencers.

    There can be two chances, like if you want your content to get noticed, then you should think of partnering with people with the same interests and telling them about it. If you want your content to be watched, then you need to adopt a proactive approach, which means you can reach out to them and tell them about your infographic. And the ones who understand it will appreciate it. This is something which is called outreach marketing.

    The key is to start building up relationships right now, you can start by connecting to them on social media, and they should not feel that you just want to increase your audience. The first-ever collaboration should not be a link to your previous videos.

    • Share their content.
    • Post pictures with them so that the audience may know what and with whom you would show up next.
    • Send them an email to let them know that they are amazing and spread love.
  4. Repost your content on a popular account

    Many people get viral by just one amazing video or post of themselves. Once your post gets viral, there will be retweets on your post, and people will make you go viral overnight. This is how you can become an internet sensation. Do it organically, try not to use the same content before, come up with something new, unique that your audience will love. Content will help you stand out, and people will repost your tweet once they like it. Cross-posting the same content by millions of people will help you increase your social media and target a large audience. This will also help you expose yourself to a huge crowd quickly.

  5. Your content should have a strong base

    An influencer or a content creator should keep in mind that their audience feels connected with their content as they do not know you personally. Let your content speak. It should relate to the audience that loves watching your content. When a user loves your content, they will share your post with their friends and family members, which can grow your audience. You can engage with them in the comments and give heart to each comment. They should feel connected with your content. The best way to try out this is by creating a fictional character that can resemble you, and that has your basic characteristics, and people should feel a sense of connection.

    Create such a series that the audience uses it for a lifetime. Feature a product or a service that they love and is beneficial for them. If your targeted audience resonates with your fictional character, they will be more likely to resonate with your brand.

  6. Try to make it short and to the point

    A person can pay attention to any of the content until they find it interesting and relatable. Many people today have attention deficit disorder. This can be because they have so many things going on in their lives already that might distract them and social media is one of them.

    Nowadays, it is quite hard to live without social media. Humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish, and this was a saying in one of the headlines. This is just to make you understand that you need to be specific yet publish interesting content that your audience love as a content creator.

    Today, people have a short attention span, so you need to keep in mind that your content should be easy to read and with less difficult words. It should be like it can be digested within no time. When the reader reads your content, it should be simple to understand and convey the message. Posting too much long content can seem boring to the customers, and then there are fewer chances that you go viral on social media. If your content is way too long and is moreover boring, then users will ignore your content.

  7. Utilize and research relatable content

    After all these marketing strategies, the last one is to utilize your search and content by creating interactive content. You can make your content look interesting by posting quizzes on your social media handles. Audiences like to reply to such stories and polls so that they can engage with the influencers. Make your content more interactive by asking questions and ask for your opinion. Give them chances to interact with you in the comments and share their own ideas. This is how you can involve users, and this will help you increase the viewership on your social media account.

    Also, make sure you share your content at the right time. It is a great way to grow audience engagement if you share your tweet or post, or content at the right moment. There is no substitution for good timings. Set reminders so that you can plan your events or post on trendy topics. Whether it is about sports, fashion, pop culture, world news, or whatever, it should be posted at the right time. This is how it will add to your profile and will help you go viral.

    Social media is one of the ideal tools for seeing what is going on all around the world. Research some topics which are trending in regards to your industry.

  8. Your content should be useful enough to share –

    Content that has creativity in it and has a high engagement rate has more chances of going viral. Content should be practical, and once it is interesting, there is no doubt in getting viral. Target more competitive niches such as weight loss, so basically, your headline should be the main attraction source for the audience.

    And if your audience liked it, then definitely it will be shared by the people. Your content should not be like just people watching it, scrolling it, and not paying attention to it. It should seem useful to the audience. Use the built-in feature of your campaign. This concept is very useful and effective. This feature gives you a strong space and refers your services to others.

    Companies like Airbnb and uber follow similar strategies. You remember the first time when google launched google+, and this was also done on an invite-only basis. People who as access to such things can help you gain access. This will make your profile sharable, and people would want to see you more and more, which is how you’ll be growing your network socially. Your content will not go viral until the audience think it is useful.

    If you want to get, viral make your content useful and for people to share it. Once you get your hands on trending, please do not waste time re-creating it and then posting it. Make sure it is relatable and memorable.

  9. Use powerful visuals and graphics

    Posts that have images, graphics are more likely to be shared. There are posts from buzz sumo, and when we studied them deeply, we saw many similarities among them, each of their posts has millions of likes, and there are several social media shares. One of the things you should include is to create an attractive theme and add visuals. A post with great visuals gets more likes and shares than the one without any images.

    Inserting or using high-quality images in your content is important, and when you share the link on a post, then the social media sites like Facebook, google+ take the picture and include it in your post. Make your own graphic image that will make you stand out from the crowd of other influencers. You can take the help of tools like canvas, which will help you create good graphics, which you can use correctly.

  10. Share your content with amazing other influencers –

    By sharing your post with others, you are letting them know about your virtual world. Sharing your content can help you boost up views and will help you go viral.

    Remember the two ways that influencers take notice of your content-

    • Try to make your content the best so that they stumble upon it on their own.
    • Tell them about it.
  11. Many people like the first approach. Let influencers get to know you on their own. Let them discover you. Then consider taking the second one. Tell them about your content and your creations. Guide them through the blog or post that you think they would appreciate. You can send emails while publishing your new piece of content. Connect them on social media, mention them in your tweets, include them in stories, leave a link down below while posting your content, and last but not least, share your content with them directly.

    Going viral on social media is a dream of every content creator and influencer. Everybody wants thousands of followers and people viewing and appreciating their content. It is an amazing feeling to get viral overnight. This helps you get going and helps promote your brand and take it to new heights.

    You must have heard about the dollar shave club. With that one video of theirs, they went viral and were followed by many potential buyers, and this is one of the brands which was never heard of before. The lane of the marketing campaign is endless.

    The main question is, what makes their content viral and not theirs?
    There is no guarantee about your content going viral; it’s all about what the audience likes to see. If they like, they support. Otherwise, they scroll and move on to the next one. This is how it goes.
    But some brands have made their way to millions of subscribers and followers on Instagram, Facebook, and other social handles.

    Tips to go viral using the trending topics-

    1. Avoid posting on negative events. Create something which makes people feel good.
    2. Create content that makes people laugh and entertain them.
    3. Use tools like sprout social, which are social media managing tools. These kinds of tools will help you monitor the top trendiest topics.
    4. Male, your post attractive. Always include some visuals which are colorful so that people may get attracted and increase visibility.
    5. The main thing to do not forget to use hashtags if you are posting something. It would be best if you remembered that post relevant hashtags that go with the post.
    6. Always try to post some image that relates to your character. By doing so, people will know you and will be attached to you. This will also help you to increase visibility.
    7. This point should not be forgotten, don’t forget to use relevant hashtags according to the post. And tweet on the topic which is in trend.


    All these activities are not just to be read but also practiced. Once you understand all these tricks and tips on how to go viral, then it would be easy for you to come into a trend along with the other famous influencers. These tricks are more powerful and will help you in every way. Create a piece of content that is unique and loved by the targeted audience. Take these tips into consideration and come up with something new which will make you go viral. Remember, it takes effort, but it is not impossible.