Influence of Social Media

Social media has become an intrinsic part of our day-to-day lives. It has dramatically altered the reach between businesses and prospect buyers. The rapid growth of social media provides a new space to display and showcase brands. Businesses nowadays promote their products and services online because social media has a huge influence on purchasing decisions.

Social media has aroused a sense of watchfulness amongst people to find out about the various brands available and select the best-suited one as per the needs. The ease of searching on an online platform has led to the social media network’s rapid growth.

Social media has become one of the most effective marketing and communication tools for companies. Globally people refer to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to showcase the brand experiences. All the information shared online becomes a source of communication and impacts the minds of the customer. The reviews and recommendations posted on social media networks are also sought after by people before making their purchase decisions.

Today the consumer rushes to see the social media sites for any query regarding their needs. In the increasingly competitive environment, businesses can’t miss out on the social media space. Space has evolved as a significant influence factor. It has opened the doors to interact with a new audience. This tool has allowed reaching the right message to the right prospect at the right time. It has connected people globally.

What is Instagram?

Started as a typical photo-sharing application, Instagram has become one of the most influential apps for this generation. In the past decade, Instagram has changed our lives substantially. The photo-sharing app has drastically influenced us because we tend to replicate that in our lives when we see visually appealing pictures. Fun times have become a status symbol, and people have begun to share every experience on Instagram.

Instagram has reached more than a billion downloads of active users, and the community is growing day by day. The audience is more receptive to social media trends and creates a desire to be replicated. People are moving away from traditional media and are spending more time on social media. It is no longer than just celebrities are influencing society; social media has changed this trend.

Who is an Instagram influencer?

In simple terms, an influencer has the power to affect people’s decisions to purchase certain products by creating a virtual relationship with their audience. The ability to influence decisions depends on their popularity, reputation, knowledge, and expertise in the subject. They make regular posts about their preferred topics and generate many followers who closely follow them and try and replicate their views.

Partnering with an influencer opens the business to explore new avenues and reach the target audience. An influencer creates content in the form of posts, videos, stories, and reels that match their audience’s taste.

To be successful influencers, you need to pick a niche segment, get an Instagram business account, write captivating captions for your content, choose wisely the hashtags, and interact with your followers regularly. Influences with a higher number of followers drive more increased traffic and deliver better results for big brands. So the bottom line remains to get more and more followers.

How to gain popularity on Instagram?

Becoming famous on Instagram and being referred to as an influencer sounds great, but there are no shortcuts to success. Starting with zero followers, you have to make your way and reach millions of them. Here are some tips that can be of great help:

  • Explore what you like the most

    Your content needs to reflect your likings when you post it on Instagram. For instance, you love cooking, then flaunt your breath-taking food images with recopies. If you like music, Instagram can provide your skills the desired wings.

    Firstly, you must identify your passion. It will help you plan relevant content. You will be able to create connections with your followers; because if you indulge in something you are not passionate about, you will not feel motivated enough to create great content. When you have a passion for doing a task, you will surely gain the trust of your followers. This will aid in your organic growth as an influencer.

  • Content is what matters

    This is one critical point. The followers on Instagram would stick to your profile or follow your account if the content is inspiring and relatable. Great content encourages people to like, share, and comment on your posts. This also helps to spread positive word of mouth and gain new followers.

    Your outstanding work and the quality of your content is the key to become famous on Instagram. Very small tricks like posting a high-resolution picture will always be more eye-catching than a blurred image. Try to upload regular images that will grab the audience’s attention and grow the number of followers.

    While clicking pictures, you must make sure that the lights are perfect and that you are using appropriate filters to post stunning and exclusive photographs on your feed. You may follow some renowned influencers and get inspired by their content.

  • Use relatable Hashtags

    Hashtags are a step in the ladder to become famous on Instagram. Finding out about the trending hashtags currently as using them in your posts can win you many followers overnight. You can also tag the popular pages that started the use of these hashtags. You must figure out the popular hashtags that are related to your field.

    For instance, hashtags generally used for fitness are #gymlife, #stayhealthy, #transformation, etc. Some common hashtags for cooking are #homemade, #healthyrecipies and #foodcoma, etc. You must be cautious that you do not over or underuse the hashtags. Ideally, one post can have around 6-7 hashtags to start with, though you go up to 25 or more hashtags.

  • Post the content consistently

    Posting content regularly is the key to gain organic followers and spike up the page’s popularity easily. Becoming Instagram famous can be challenging, but by posting a minimum of one content daily, you can climb the ladder easily.

    Once you reach the targeted followers, then you can decrease the frequency of posting content. Still, until you are struggling to gain popularity and become famous, you must ensure that you post relatable content consistently. Posting regularly is directly proportional to getting higher engagement, and soon you can become the top content creator with many followers.

  • Collaborate with influencers

    You must figure out about the top influencers relating to your business and regularly visit their page to gain inspiration from the content they post. You can also indulge in a conversation over the messenger with them and get to know them better. You must also regularly interact with the audience. Followers develop connections with you if you interact with them or revert to their messages.

    Interacting regularly is also a way to receive feedback about points that you need to take care of in your upcoming post.

  • Make use of viral websites

    If you feel that your content is unique and can go viral, numerous websites can help. Many sites like Buzzfeed and Reddit help to make your content go viral within no time. So, you must focus on creating something different that can easily grab the attention of your target audience. Make sure that you play within your niche, use trending hashtags, and regularly try to get your content published on such websites.

  • Try sales closure options

    Instagram helps to build up a conversation. It is like two-way traffic. You need to be sure about the result you want out of posting the content on your feed. You may add a call action button at the end of the post that can easily convince the people about the reliability of your brand and share the post further to make it viral.

  • Aesthetic looking feed

    You will always want your content to be unique and stand out in the crowd of millions of posts. To achieve this, you must figure out the aesthetics of your feed, the color palette, the kind of images, captions, and fonts that you will use. You must never copy others. The Instagram grid needs to look aesthetic, and the consistent visual posting must narrate a story. Putting up feed and stories consistently helps build trust and gain genuine followers.

  • Figure out the best time to post

    To become famous on Instagram, you need to figure out the best time to post your content. You must analyze the time when the followers use Instagram the most. It will also give you a lot of time to interact with your target segment.

    Simultaneously, you must also figure out the kind of content being appreciated by the audience. You must find out your best-suited posting slot. You must also have posts ready in advance to plan to create excellent content and captions that people like. This helps you gain genuine subscribers.

  • Make use of local news

    The local news of your area, city, or state can be a game-changer when it comes to gaining popularity. Any content talking about the local news will help you develop a deep-rooted connection with the followers. They will not only appreciate your posts but also make you famous.

  • Update your profile timely

    A profile is like the first impression you set in front of people. No one will like to see an old or fake profile. A unique profile is synonymous with carrying yourself with poise. It helps people know about your account, the kind of posts you will put forward, and defines your style. People always tend to explore the real side of you, so the profile needs to be both expressive and impressive. Try and use your photo so that people can relate to you personally.

    Mostly the people who visit your profile are non-followers. If your Bio and profile are convincing enough, they too become your trusted and genuine followers. If your profile is unclear, incomplete, or does not appeal to them, people would not follow your account.

  • Your content must be unique

    Content is the key to reaching the desired goals. You must always plan and keep a calendar ready to know about all that you need to post. You can mark all the important dates, events, and celebrations happening for the month in the calendar. When you prepare your content beforehand, you feel confident as you have ample time to correct any glitch. It is one of the smartest moves to plan and relax.

  • Set goals step by step

    Becoming Instagram famous is not a one-day job. It is logical to set goals step by step. For instance, you can set a target to achieve 1000 followers first and then later aim at the second milestone. Now you can enjoy your success at every step and more towards the ultimate goal.

  • Haters are everywhere

    It is a well-known fact that haters are all around on social media. They keep waiting to post a remark in a mean way and use harsh words to let you down. You must instill in your mind that you must learn to ignore such haters. It might be difficult initially, but you must understand that they want to act like a roadblock in your path to glory.

  • Try and collaborate with brands

    Connecting with brands is also an easier way to become Instagram famous. If they like your work, you can collaborate with them and help drive traffic to both their and your page. You must also start following accounts of brands that are relevant to your business. When you follow someone, there is a good chance that they will also check out your posts, and if the content is compelling enough, they might just approach you.

  • Use a personal photo as the profile picture

    Your profile photo is the first thing anyone would notice if they come across your account. Even before watching your story, scrolling through your posts, or visiting your profile, a profile picture is the one that makes the first impression.

    So it becomes mandatory to put your best face forward. Instagram is a platform where people wish to interact with each other and establish connections. They want to know the real person behind the page. So it is always beneficial to personalize your profile picture.

  • Keep updating your Bio

    After the profile picture is the turn to view the Bio of an account, your Bio gives people a general idea about you as a person and what the account holds for them. Any new visitor on your page must know about who you are and what you deal with after reading the Bio. Add color and emojis to make it attractive. Bio is a great place to add keywords and links to your new projects.

    If you’re a fashion influencer, tell people what style or brand you’re currently working with. Doing this gives a clear picture to the followers about what kind of content they can get in the feed and keeps people updated about the latest updates.

  • Define your target audience

    Once you’ve found your passion, it’s important to define your target audience clearly. The Instagram content reaches out to millions of people across the globe. You must focus on who your target audience is. The answer to the questions like, who will your brand impact? Where do they put up? What is their age? What is the time they spend on Instagram? etc., will help you define the content that needs to be delivered. This will help the content be relatable, and you end up gaining more followers for your account.

  • Be open and transparent

    You need to be real if you wish to last long and create deep-rooted connections. Honesty and passion are the driving forces always. Being transparent and open about what you do will help you connect better with your audience. One reliable connection is much better than fake followers, who will only diminish your account’s reputation. Trusted followers will always result in long-term partnerships and are more likely to engage with your brand.

  • Return the favor

    Your followers will always be appreciative if you interact with them and respond to their comments. When they see you commenting back, they feel connect and engage more with the brand. A strong and long-lasting relationship is always that of giving and take. Like and comment on their posts, too. The more you do so, the more your followers would reciprocate! The Instagram algorithm also favors such an authentic relationship.

  • Find your source of inspiration

    Being Instagram famous can turn out to difficult if you do not have enough content to post. Creating content is a regular task that needs your attention to fulfill the demands of the audience. To keep the content flowing, you need to derive a source of inspiration. It may be any other account on Instagram, a blog post, Pinterest, any magazine, or so on.

  • Plan ahead

    Being organized in your working style can lead to superb results. You can make the most out of events and special days if you pre-plan and organize your stuff. It also ensures that you have content to post regularly. The posts must be appealing and prove to be a visual treat. If you start to plan, you will have ample time to focus on the aesthetics too.

  • Choose brand partnerships that fit

    Brand partnerships are a major influence in any Instagram influencer’s career. It provides great exposure if you wish to become Instagram famous. As an influencer or as a brand, you must decide upon the right partnership. The partnership must positively aid your success. You must consider what your audience will relate to and how the collaboration will add to your brand’s image. You must strike a good deal that will be a win-win situation for all.

  • Don’t overdo the sponsored content

    Everything seems to be a fit if done in the right amount. Too much-sponsored content makes the audience feel detached from the brand. They also want a personal touch from time to time. They want to see the real you. Too much-sponsored content doesn’t go well with the audience, and it might lower your followers. The feed must never give a feel that you run only after money. The level of trust must always prevail.

  • Define your boundaries

    Though the audience wants to know your personal side and always wants to see the unfiltered side, you must know where to draw the boundary. You must never feel uncomfortable while posting any content. You are the best judge, and you need to decide what you wish to post on your feed.

  • You may opt to disconnect sometimes

    At times you are so stuck up in the world of social media that you tend to forget about the life outside of Instagram. Spending time with your loved ones can help you feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and sane. There is so much going on in the digital world, so much competition, and so much to cope with.

    All this can get onto your nerves. Get that balance of your mind and body back by doing a digital detox. Just relax, and you will be back with a bang.

  • Make mental health a priority

    Do not let becoming famous effect you so much that you lose your peace of mind. The world of Instagram looks all flashy and glamorous, but it is not always true. You must never be influenced by what’s going around. Do not lose your mental peace and never resort to any kind of depression or anxiety. What you are doing is the best, and you will surely climb up the ladder gradually. Find time for yourself and your family.

  • Share your account in other communications

    You must share the Instagram account on your website; put it in your e-mail signature and other newsletters. This increases your reach and lets people know about your handle. Offline marketing materials like business cards, packing slips, posters, etc., must also carry your handle name.

  • Create an IGTV series

    IGTV videos can be up to an hour long. You can take up a series of topics that are very interesting and relatable to people. The audience would watch your IGTV series and follow your account and stay glued to the next video.

  • Contests and giveaways

    Encouraging people to get involved by asking them to follow your account and tag their friends to be eligible for a giveaway helps them gain new followers. The tagged friends also see your profile and choose to follow the page. This is an effective way to build trust with new followers.

Wrapping Up:

These 30 ideas, tips, and plans can help you become famous on Instagram. You must always remember that Instagram is just a way to connect with your followers. Always be honest and develop a strong bond that you can cherish for life. Leverage the engagement that you get by increasing the engagement– Instagram can change your life if you are true to your audience. Keep posting and Stay True!