It’s been seen by the U.S. social media statistics that Tiktok has surpassed Instagram. TikTok has been recorded as one of the most favorite social media apps for U.S teenagers. When the survey of the best social media app was conducted among the teens, it was recorded that 34% of the teens found Snapchat as the most preferred app. In comparison, the other 29% of teens admitted that TikTok had given them the definition of what a perfect app is actually.

In Piper Sandler’s report, TikTok has been reported as the 2nd favorite social media app that completely surpassed its Instagram. A clear report states that almost 40% of users on TikTok are teenagers and that they have entirely admitted that TikTok has given them so many reasons to love it. Many questions have been coming across in the local people’s minds about the sudden popularity of TikTok.

The news of TikTok being the most popular app has reached Facebook. To surpass its popularity, Facebook has released Instagram’s reels in August that have gained quite a favor, but that too has not yet been able to cross the teen’s love for TikTok in America. Facebooks’ Instagram reels are just a duplicate version of TikTok that allows the audience to create and edit short videos that can perform lip-syncing, dancing, singing, or showcasing other types of talents. The owner of TikTok is China’s Byte Dance. The recent news reports show that just a few months back, the former president of the U.S Donald Trump gave access to Oracle and Walmart to handle 20% of TikTok’s American data.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is an IOS and a social media app that promotes creating and sharing of short-videos. The initial name of TikTok was Douyin in September 2016. TikTok was found in China that seems to be filling a void that Vine has left.

So, let’s begin with getting some of the apparent reasons that prove the popularity of TikTok over Instagram in teenagers.

  1. TikTok’s simple premise:

    TikTok’s ease of use has helped it become one of the most popular apps among teenagers, significantly it surpasses Instagram. TikTok’s simple premise encourages the use of its simple features and short-video making to the teens. It majorly focuses on lip-syncing, comedic arts, dancing, singing, acting, etc. The simple yet useful features of TikTok encourages users, especially teens, to make short videos that promote good messages and hidden personal talents. The queen of TikTok Charli also admits that the most extraordinary feature of TikTok is that it is straightforward to use and creates a lot of right kinds of stuff.

  2. Virtual currency feature:

    TikTok provides its users a virtual currency feature that can also be gifted to the other users of TikTok as virtual gifts, like many other gaming apps and sites such as Twitch. The statistics show that since 2018, American users have spent over $23.1 million over gifting virtual coin gifts. This is a feature that is more preferred and is something different than what Instagram offers its users. This creates a competition among the users of TikTok to gain more and more virtual currencies that enhance the use of TikTok over Instagram reels among teenagers in the U.S.

  3. TikTok allows linking products:

    Another feature that enhances the usage of TikTok over Instagram reels is the hashtag challenge that will enable companies to connect all their products to a website through a sponsored linking process. This hashtag linking campaign allows the in-app feature that is much easier to use than that of Instagram. This feature encourages the usage of TikTok over Instagram among the teens in the U.S. Top brands like Chipotle, Wallmark, GymShark, Mucinex have all created their substantial marketing firms using this TikTok hashtag linking campaign.

  4. TikTok promotes online sharing:

    TikTok allows the users to create short videos that influence and promote connectivity to the world. Teenage is an age of stress and storm, has been stated by science and human psychology. Teenagers generally feel demotivated and alone due to the effect of their age. TikTok allows better sharing and spreading of the thoughts that promote connectivity among the youngsters. This simple sharing feature of TikTok allows more teenagers to use it as compared to Instagram.

  5. The videos’ diversity:

    It was back in 2008 predicted that the video industry would go to the top in the upcoming years. Due to hectic schedules and work, people often don’t get enough time to learn new things. TikTok, an exclusive video-making app unlike Instagram that is not made only for video purposes, promotes sharing the talents. This feature enhances the users to learn new things very quickly and in significantly less time. This has automatically spread the outburst of TikTok use over Instagram.

  6. Promotes creativity:

    TikTok encourages creativity and stimulates the enhancement of sharing and learning ideas that allows people to showcase their hidden talents efficiently and effectively.


Both the platforms of Tiktok and instagram are popular among the teens, but Tiktok being more quirkier seems to have hit the right cord with the younger audience.