You may know the Instagram content is great, but imagine how better it will be if it seems like 10,000 users agree. No matter if you’re trying to be a social media celebrity or merely wanting to increase brand awareness on Instagram, it may look tempting to get shortcuts wherever you can to expand the audience, including buying the Instagram followers.

Instagram remains to be the top platform for all the niches — designers, restaurants, artists, influencers, real estate, musicians, the list can go on.

You require a strong Instagram presence to propel the business or brand to the level of establishment and credibility that it demands long-term success.

While there are a lot of elements to getting a developed Instagram platform, none of that would matter if you do not own the required following to view the content and engage with that. Ultimately, Instagram’s success is to attract new followers that will actively share, like, and comment on the content.

It appears simple in theory, but it can be very tedious. The most efficient way to grow the Instagram following is to involve actively with the users in the target audience, but it might be incredibly time-consuming, leaving very little time to focus on the essential tasks of Instagram like analytics, content creation, and hashtag strategy.

Depending on that service, the dummy accounts can be organic and working on automation to like and share content. Some might even be programmed to provide content. However, as those are not real people, they might not have an organic-looking following-to-follower ratio. As a consequence, the engagement that is produced will have a small impact.

Without the real followers to get engaged with the content, the posts are nearly hidden from everyone except the inauthentic audience.

Inappropriate Bot Comments on Posts

Sometimes you may receive comments from the fake followers – but these are in a different language to their own. You might have no idea what those say. You may find that the comments are ads for extremist political groups or sex toys. A typical tactic with bot accounts is to receive generic comments on the posts. Most of the time, you might not know if a comment is valid. The occasional problem you can spot is when the generic comments are inappropriate for a specific post. For instance, you might make a post announcing the death of a family member or pet.

Bought Followers Bring Spam with Them

While most of the purchased followers are completely fake, others are fronts for spam. By purchasing the fake followers, you will be opening up the account to lots of spam posts. It might not just be on the Instagram account also. If you provided the email address when you got the accounts, you’d be providing different opportunities to spread the spam. The spammers will have access to the followers to give the spam. Some followers may follow those, and when they discover the quality of these accounts, the genuine followers can unfollow.

Instagram Recognizes and Prevents Fake Followers

Instagram wants the members to receive the enjoyable user experience. Therefore this puts some effort in finding and destroying fake accounts. Instagram can make regular purges, searching false accounts. These have significant experience of detecting fake accounts and comprehend all the clues to look out for. You might not think that you paid much for the followers, but that will be too much if the followers disappear shortly after buying them.

Fake Followers Destroy the Credibility as an Influencer

If you need to resort to purchasing followers, then that is doubtful if you are a real influencer. This is certainly how any brands that could potentially hire will look at everything. Genuine influencers build the following organically. Of course, it will take some time. But there is a great danger that you can lose all the credibility if you try taking shortcuts. As referred above, there are engagement paths for real accounts. If the level of engagement is either below or above the paths, people may doubt the worth as the influencer. Indeed it can also result in issues for brands managing Instagram accounts. If people see that the account looks different in any way, they can start to query the worth as a business.

You Won’t Earn Money Using Fake Followers

Ultimately you have to ask yourself why you would need to buy the followers. Whether they are real or fake accounts, these people will not spend any money on your products. They will not refer people to you. If you hope to be an influencer, brands will prefer not working with you if you are buying followers (as they are easy to spot). Brands do not choose the influencers based on the number of followers. There are many tools open to help brands. The agencies and the platforms are particular about who they take on the books.


It may be difficult to resist taking the alternative of purchasing Instagram followers if you’re desperate to see the numbers climb, but you must hold back for several reasons. It may look harmless initially, but if buying Instagram followers, one must efficiently shoot in the foot in terms of Instagram performance and growth.