When it comes to moving ahead, the world has always been agile. You’ll blink, and there will be a new invention. Our world is now full of more worlds. Confusing? Well, not really. Think about where exactly most people feel the most themselves. Where are their safe spaces? Yes, we all have learned by heart the cons of the internet and social media. And we also know that like most things in the world, it’s a matter of perception and how we use what we’ve been gifted here as well. Social media does not rigidly have to be a bad thing. It can be used to our advantage, and in fact, for the collective good – if we choose to use it in that way.

If you know the most effective hacks of using Instagram, you can also use them for growing your business. Or for plain growing yourself, the way social media influencers do. From art to marketing, from religion to adorable frog gentlemen, all you have to do is type in the search box. Instagram is most likely to have it already. And you can have that space too! If you’re reading this article, chances are you want that space, which is why here are ten ways to increase real followers on Instagram.

  1. Have a plan

    Alright, so maybe if this was not 2021 and we were not yet familiar with terms like COVID-19 or even Instagram Influencer, you having no plan about your account would land you somewhere in the spectrum of being semi-famous. But hey, you’ve already watched The Social Dilemma, and you know that there is something called The Algorithm. Except for those who’re intentionally staying away from Instagram, everyone is on it -yes, even that blue-eyed cat your neighbor cannot stop gushing over. You’re not their only option, which is why you must know what exactly you want your fame to be because of. Step one – settle on a niche. Create an ideal image in your head. And then follow the next steps.

  2. Timing

    There is not enough stressing over this. It would be best if you learned when you should post a video, upload a story, or even be an active contributor to other people’s engagement and reach. You could write a beautiful T. S. Eliot kind of poem, and it would go unnoticed like the major issues in the world if the timing is not right. Apart from the right timing in the clock, you also need to figure out what days your followers are most active and at what time your post is most likely to receive attention—schedule, schedule, schedule.

  3. Bio

    This little section of your Insta handle can do wonders. It captures your personality, your quirks, or if you’re dealing with the more formal kind of business, it conveys the right information. Things your bio should achieve: tell the users about what you do, what they’ll get from your account, and lastly if you’re worth coming on their feed. This obviously does not have to be done in the most boring or stern way -feel free to use your wit and language skills to leave an impression. Interestingly, followers will likely draw an instantaneous conclusion that they’re interested in exploring your feed further if you get them right here.

  4. Research

    If you’ve observed how other content creators are often cribbing about the algorithm, it’s time to find out why they’re right. Instagram’s algorithm often undergoes huge changes, translating into your reach and engagement doing their version of somersaults. Keeping an eye on the algorithm is essential -you cannot get real, loyal followers without knowing it. For any issue to be tackled, the first step always needs to be acknowledged. You can apply the same logic here. Once you know how the algorithm works, you can find a way to use it to your advantage instead of being terrified of it.

  5. Your voice

    When we talk about your voice on Instagram, nobody is referring to you recording your lilting lullabies. If it’s a brand you’re promoting, find the brand voice and let it be heard. If you’re an artist or a content creator, or an influencer, decide what kind of tone you want people to hear you in. Are you the chirpy kind? The serious but informative kind? Do you want sarcasm to lay your point across? If you’re conflicted between more than one trait, that is a piece of amazing news. Because it simply means that you have an opportunity to combine them and create a unique, unforgettable voice through your account.

  6. Captions

    Ah, the gloriousness of captions will never cease to amaze all those who like to read. These serve as the snippets of your imagination, and your followers get to see what you represent more vividly. Captions are also the smoothest way of giving clear descriptions about your product. Writing grammatically correct sentences without errors is crucial if you want to build an image that people take seriously. In case you were unaware, captions also help your content reach people with disabilities, and should be written while keeping that in mind as well. Many times people stick around for the captions even if your posts are low-quality, blurry pictures. So if you care about your followers, they will reciprocate.

  7. Hashtags

    Hashtags are a lot more famous because of Instagram. They were there years ago, and they’re still here -just as important. You know using the right hashtags is important if you want to attract more followers. But how does one go-ahead to do that? Start by looking for the right hashtags, which would appeal to the users of your niche. When you start putting a hashtag, Instagram shows you how many users are following this tag. Your job is to ensure that you do not choose an ultra-popular hashtag -because your post will drown. But you must also not use anything that nobody has any clue of, say, something with just a hundred followers because that defeats the entire purpose.

  8. Promotion

    You could be the best at what you do and yet be criminally underrated because you have no visibility. Sheer talent cannot get you to the heights you aspire for. It’s a lot of hard work as well when it comes to selling yourself. If you do not promote your page, it is not a sign of humility. It’s just a disadvantage because your content could have reached the people it should have but did not because you did not promote it. For getting more Instagram followers, talk about it everywhere –from your Twitter handles to your Whatsapp chats, from your Facebook posts to real-life conversations, seize every opportunity for promoting your account.

  9. Be Consistent

    Dedicate a journal or use an app, but write down some of the essential changes you plan on bringing in your life for the account. This is how big projects are done. Chalk out the strategy for your social media, and be consistent with its application. This creates a routine, and not just your followers, but even the algorithm warms up to how much you post and what kind of content you’re posting. When you’re consistent with what you’re doing, people start taking you seriously. Other brands and influencers will start considering you as a serious option for collaborations, product reviews, and promotions, which equal to triple awesomeness.

  10. Engagement

    There is no way to circumvent or navigate around this. If you’re not ready to engage with your followers or other accounts, you better learn to do this stat. Start conversing with your followers since that encourages them to make the decision of buying from you. Humans are wired to respond to attention, and if you give that to your followers, they will warm up to you. This is a crucial step for creating brand loyalty. Keep some time aside for individually responding to your followers’ comments and queries.

    When they engage with you, not only will the algorithm push your post towards a larger audience, but new followers will see that they’re coming to a trustworthy account. Leave comments on other creators’ posts, put stories asking people what they want, and use the lovely way of utilizing your captain’s last lines to prompt them to leave a comment on your post.


To put it most straightforwardly, having a large Instagram following, or the lack thereof, can make or break you. From cults to government policies, basic social psychology has long been employed to attain previously unreasonable-seeming goals. Influence, conformity, manipulation tactics… are all things that have been the acting force behind various things in the world. Be confident about what you’re doing, and don’t let mistakes prevent you from experimenting with your content or style. People are attracted to changes and transitions. If you manage to break free from the restriction of the same monotonous brand personality, you’ll create waves in the social media world.
Lastly, do what works for you the best –from scheduling to the kind of photos you post, see what a hit is and what is a miss.