Gone are the days when Instagram was used for mere leisure and fun. It was often regarded as a gateway from hectic schedules and life. In recent times, it has been observed that it has become an inevitable platform for business where goods and services are shared and exchanged. It’s like the new generation app wherein you tend to have different priorities enabled by it.

One can easily explore new places, indulge in fashion, lifestyle, food, name it, and you get it. Unlike other apps, Instagram preserves privacy and does not involve interruption from unnecessary people that can slide into your DM with non-beneficial intentions.

Having a large number of followers works wonders most of the time to promote your business and brand. Advertisements and endorsements are easy when you have a larger audience viewing you. Perhaps, it is the first step in the beginning with any business on Instagram. Imagine having just 50 followers and one trying to promote handmade customized soaps. Do you think there’ll be a good sale? Maybe once or twice, but not every time.

Hence, in a long and sustainable business environment, one needs to focus on ways to lure more and more followers, just like how you attract more and more customers.

As you run through this article, you will understand the different ways to grow Instagram followers for business and a professional environment.


  • Buy Instagram likes and followers
  • Create interesting content
  • Play with your content
  • Use the weapon on hashtags
  • Update your Instagram Bio
  • Follow the footsteps of Instagram influencers
  • Collaborate with the known
  • Make the best use of the story feature
  1. Buy Instagram likes and followers!

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  2. Create interesting content!

    Rose has an account filled with excellent products, vouchers, giveaways, and competitions. Every week, she tries to develop an “n” number of interactions with her followers, which are ultimately her customers. Lily is also involved in the Instagram business, but the only thing she does is uploads pictures of her products. With just these few lines, who has a better catch in business and a better engagement with the audience?

    You might have guessed it right! It is definitely going to be Rose because she has gone the extra mile with her business tactics. Similarly, you too can flood your content with some eye-catchy giveaways, summer, monsoon, or winter gifts, come up with Christmas giveaways, and most importantly, increase excitement among your audience, conduct competitions on Instagram.

    Competitions are one of the fastest ways to increase your follower’s likes. People want something in return, and only then will they go the extra mile to click the like and the follow button. You can use this platform for a power-puffed competition and take in as many entries as you want in any field. In your criteria include asking the contestants to convince people to follow you. This is one of the quirkiest ways to increase your followers organically.

  3. Play with your content!

    Instagram wows the users visually. A picture is enough to speak volumes, and therefore, one needs to be pretty sure to articulate the right emotions from the post. For one to get genuine followers and likes, there should be similar emotions and feelings between the creator and the viewer. The content has to be created in such a way that it is felt on all levels by the audience.

    Avoid being plain and just posting selfies of you at work; get a bit exciting. For instance, you can be a home baker and use Instagram for your promotion and sale purpose. Here, do not focus on uploading a picture of your orders. Get some fun, upload short videos of you decorating the cake or spinning the eggs. Do not be monotonous and come up with Instagram reels and videos that will stop people from scrolling and paying interest in what you are doing.

    You can work in an MNC and yet want to catch up on your business partners and dealers on Instagram. Upload videos, pictures of your every day, like in the office. One could even share personal experiences of getting into a firm and living the life of a high-profile business server.

  4. Use the weapon on hashtags!

    Make your business more and more visible and viable via the use of hashtags. Recently Instagram has stated that you can follow someone through hashtags! What a fantastic way to increase followers. In this view, brands can quickly develop a hashtag message to keep trending and to encourage users to participate in this engagement.

    Invest in creating branded hashtags for your Instagram campaigns. This is one of the low-budget ways to attract some followers for you. These will attract your followers and their connection or followers, again getting you the followers you need. It is also essential to promote these hashtags online or offline. Print it everywhere you can. Be it on roads, boarding’s, your website, or emails. Make the best use of this opportunity as you can. Also, make sure to use relevant hashtags.

    You might be at another event where thousands of people have gathered, and there is always space to promote your business there. Be it workshops, seminars, football, or a cricket match, post your picture, and do not forget to use your relevant hashtags.

  5. Update your Instagram Bio!

    People often get attracted to accounts by merely reading the bio of individuals. Like Minded people click, and that’s what makes people follow each other. You could even create a separate business account to keep the personal-professional life separate. This way, you have a platform to communicate your business to your different follower base. Include a link to your business site in your bio. Creating a website is another excellent way of letting people know you exist.

    One efficiently utilizes inexpensive ads and boosts performance, and admins usually have access to their performance metrics. One can also provide contact details, including website services, email address, working location, and even work timings. With just a click of a button, your users get a glimpse of what your organization is about and what you provide the services. Also, add a link to your Instagram accounts with the bios of different social media platforms. This will remind users to check out your Instagram account as well.

  6. Follow the footsteps of Instagram influencers!

    Instagram influencers are well-known people; they can include celebrities who have a large follower base and are very much appreciated by the audience for their taste in fashion, lifestyle, food, and travel. These influencers earn vast amounts through the various assignments they sign, including brand promotions, endorsements, and advertisements. Due to millions of followers, these individuals can easily change or influence peoples’ perceptions about specific products or services. They become trendsetters because everyone wants to be a part of the trend and get viral. And you very well know, you do not have to be a celebrity to be a trendsetter.

    So if you want to be a part of the crowd too, join the trend they set, and yes, do not forget to include your brand in it. For instance, “don’t rush dance video” is the new trending video on Instagram, and you too can come up with exciting engagement, like a group that does it best, wins 50% discount on your products. Interactions like these create a sense of interest among users, and they get encouraged to participate in your interactions. This makes them follow your account so they can await such engagements for the future.

  7. Collaborate with the known!

    It is time for some action. Try to contact some influencer or a celebrity that would help you promote your organization. It does not necessarily have to include TV stars, but any local personality having a huge fan base can also do wonders for you. Such collaborations open new windows as their followers get to add on to your followers. It is a great way to increase your audience organically.

    Have a passion for music? Collaborate with the best musician in town and create a video. Upload it and see the appreciation you will get. It’s natural to get a bit extra attention when you are associated with a well-known individual. People begin to recognize you, and it’s a wise step towards success. So, try on your luck today and knock on doors to find your well-known passionate personality. One can associate with a professional photographer or content designer to make your content look afresh and eye-catchy.

  8. Make the best use of the story feature!

    Instagram story is a great feature that offers one to upload photos, videos, and texts that remain 24 hours. It provides other features such as filters, boomerangs, reels, goes live, etc. One can easily make use of this feature to make announcements about giveaways or announcements about the arrival of new products.

    Well-known celebrities usually come to live to announce their new projects or ventures or even have an online interview to increase the hype surrounding them. If you, too, wish to get some authentic recognition, make the best use of the story feature.

Now that you are well-versed in increasing your Instagram followers for business let us ponder why there is a need to increase Instagram followers?

  • The more the number of followers, the more will be, the more recognition!

    Your only goal is to increase your reach so that your products and services are available to an audience at large. This is one of the prime reasons you need a strong customer base that you will ultimately get through your followers.

  • The more the number of followers, the more income will be!

    If thousands of people follow you, imagine how easily you will run out of stock. It might sound overwhelming it is not possible without an existing customer base.

  • The more the number of followers, the more will you be vocal!

    Be it your business-related stuff or issues such as the inequalities happening in your region. You can be vocal and heard at the same time. Speak out your thoughts, be a part of the campaigns, and do as much as you can to bring a change.

  • More the number of followers more will be the propaganda!

    Instagram is a great platform to advertise your products; it is a great market to find customers and give your competitors a tough time. It removes the burden of spending massive amounts simply to propagate your business.

A guide to beginners!

What are Instagram followers, and do you have to follow them?

Instagram followers are the users that follow your account and to whom your posts, stories, reel, and content reaches. You necessarily do not have to follow your followers back. It is solely your decision to follow another user back and also to permit a user to follow you.

How do you know if a user is following you?

The followers’ list will be displayed on your homepage. Every time you get a request, it will be notified to you.

How do you get Instagram followers?

Well, a list of points has been described above. Use any of these to get the fame you deserve but most importantly, if you are at an easy way to gather some followers investing in buying Instagram likes and followers is the best way to work quickly and get set on the field as fast as possible.

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Final note!

Now that you are well-versed in finding the right followers to get the suitable customer base for your business, get a start and be ready to create some magic. Browse through Buylikesservices.com today for the best deals available without any second thought. Once you have the right amount of followers, you can easily focus on creating the right content to grab your audience’s attention. Use the tips given for a safe and smooth ride. Instagram is a great platform to showcase one’s talent, and if you have the opportunity and the resources, why not make the best use of it?